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Four 'mega dumps' in a month spark fears of hidden data hacks

The user credentials of hundreds of millions of hacked Myspace and Tumblr accounts have turned up online in separate databases. The hack appears to have occurred several years ago and could be related to the recent release of LinkedIn user details.

Taking your band digital Special

You’ve spent the last year rehearsing in your garage with your bandmates and perfecting your sound. Now it’s time to get your band out from behind closed doors and into the public’s eye. But how do you go about doing this?

From MySpace to Nextag — Ted Dhanik helping evolve online media

West Hollywood - Ted Dhanik is the Chief Executive Officer of Engage BDR, an online media company. He co-founded the company in 2007 and is responsible for managing sales, business development, strategic marketing, client relationship management and content acquisition.

New MySpace opens to public, timed with new Timberlake song

Previously limited to invite only last month, now the newly revamped MySpace is open for all to join. The website's open membership launch coincides with the release of Justin Timberlake's new song. Timberlake is a financial backer of MySpace.

Myspace Tom shames critic on Twitter

"Myspace" Tom Anderson, who was everyone's first friend on the social networking site, received a message from a fellow Twitter user, and Anderson replied with a zinger that may have been the reason for the heckler deleting his Twitter account.

Myspace quietly releases new revamp, invite only

Back in September Myspace had given a glimpse on what can be expected on the network's major overhaul. Now it seems the company has put the new network live. At this time membership is invitation only.

Myspace unveils new redesign, will this one be the charm?

Myspace has announced yet another redesign as it continues its quest to reinvent itself and become a more visible player in the social media market.

MySpace will relaunch at the end of the year

MySpace has plans to relaunch. The once most popular social networking website plans on relaunching sometime later this year.

Tom Anderson, co-found of MySpace, calls MySpace a cesspool

Tom Anderson, the co-founder of MySpace, recently found himself in a censorship debate, where he criticized the social networking website.

Murdoch admits Myspace was a 'huge mistake' for News Corp

Los Angeles - News Corp held their annual shareholders' meeting yesterday and reportedly sparks flew. This past year has not been a good one for the corporation, due to scandals and financial disasters.

What's Myspace planning?

This week Myspace is unveiling their plans to become the top online music destination, with new owner, Specific Media, sharing specifics.

News Corp. sells MySpace to Specific Media for $35 million

News Corp. is unloading its struggling social media hub to the largest online advertising networks in the U.S. for $35 million. The selling price is a far cry from the $580 million News Corp paid for MySpace in July 2005.

MySpace loses more than 10 million users in one month

Social networking site MySpace lost around 10 million users in February. The site, popular with music bands and artists as well and individuals, has seen its membership plummet from 73 million people to 63 million worldwide.

News Corp to sell MySpace by mid-year, huge layoffs planned

While Facebook is set to receive $500 million in fresh investment, News Corp is planning to sell MySpace by the middle of 2011 - signaling that no two social media networks are alike.

Poll: Americans worried over personal data on social media sites

According to a new poll from Rasmussen Reports, Americans are using social networking sites broadly - but are concerned about the security of the personal information they share on these sites.

MySpace relaunch, an all new entertainment and trends site

The total lockdown of MySpace in recent months, an unprecedented silence for any major site, has now been explained. MySpace is reinventing itself as a “social entertainment site”, according to a new statement from Australian MySpace boss Nick Love.

MySpace users can now synchronize their updates to Facebook

AFP has reported that MySpace will now allow users to synchronize their updates with Facebook. Instead of competing with Facebook, MySpace now plans to act as a companion to the giant social network.

Study - Increase in strangers trying to meet kids offline

Kids Worldwide Speak Out on CyberSafety -Not All Fun and Games Online. A new report found 6 of 10 kids continue to have negative online experiences from cam exposure, nudity, violence and having strangers befriend them trying to meet them in real life.

Mom convicted for hacking son's Facebook, changing passwords

Arkadelphia - An Arkansas mom found guilty of harassment charges for hacking into her son's Facebook account. The teen who wants a no-contact order said his mother hacked his account, changed his password and posted slanderous, vulgar comments on his wall.

Pennsylvania courts rule on students' freedom of speech on Web

The state of Pennsylvania's U.S. Circuit Court came to two different conclusions in two cases Thursday, but both involved suspending students for MySpace use.

Op-Ed: MySpace to integrate Facebook Connect in 2010?

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. It's a cliché I would avoid like the plague if it weren't for the fact we're talking about MySpace potentially bowing down and using Facebook Connect on its site.

'Spam King' Must Pay Facebook $711 Million

Social networking site Facebook has been awarded $711 million in damages against a man previously sued by rivals MySpace and known as the "Spam King".

Seven months gone, Stephen Watkins waits for sons to be found Special

Stephen Watkins has been searching for his sons for more than seven months. His sons Alexander and Christopher Watkins were allegedly taken from their Ontario home in Ontario by their mother. There is still no word on the boys.

MySpace confirms it's acquiring iLike

Social networking giant MySpace has today confirmed in a conference call it is acquiring music sharing site iLike, but won't disclose any financials of the deal.

MySpace proposed restructuring will slash 300 international jobs

MySpace is restructuring its international operations in order to refocus personnel with a reduced area of territories. MySpace believes it will be able to retain a robust global consumer presence by doing this.

Myspace to Reduce Staff by 30%

Web-based social networking giant Myspace is undergoing a massive restructuring in an attempt to return to its original team-oriented system.

The White House on Myspace?

While on the frontier of a global connection via the Internet, I wonder are we ready? Are we ready to have the White House on Myspace?

Fox News Brings Citizen Journalism site 'uReport' to MySpace

Fox News and MySpace, both News Corp-owned companies, have partnered to welcome the citizen journalism social media platform uReport to MySpace.

Legal Question in NJ: Is 14-Year-Old Girl a Child Pornographer?

A 14-year-old girl takes explicit nude pictures of herself and posts them on MySpace for her boyfriend to see. New Jersey prosecutor grapples with the question: is the victim also the perpetrator?

Facebook changes design, again

After heaps of criticism from users, the designers of Facebook took a look at the Facebook interface and decided on a change. Again.
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News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch attends the Oxfam/MySpace Rock for Darfur event with his wife Wendi De...
News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch attends the Oxfam/MySpace Rock for Darfur event with his wife Wendi Deng and MySpace Co-founders Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe.
Oxfam America
Screengrab from promotional video showing Myspace s redesign
Screengrab from promotional video showing Myspace's redesign
The front page of MySpace
The front page of MySpace

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