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Muslim News

If Hobby Lobby was a Muslim-run business imposing Sharia law...

In a post on the website for his new play, Allegiance, the openly gay, former Star Trek actor George Takei commented on last week's Hobby Lobby decision by the United States Supreme Court.

Nigerian atheist said to be mentally ill for not believing in God

Mubarak Bala, a 29-year old chemical engineering graduate living in Nigeria, has been committed against his will to a psychiatric hospital in Kano state after he declared he didn't believe in God, much to the embarrassment of his family.

Controversy swirls around Islamic group in Australia

Sydney - A small, yet outspoken Islamic group known as Hizb ut-Tahrir created quite the stir this past week as its Australian media spokesman, Uthman Badar, planned to participate in a controversial discussion at the Sydney Opera House.

Sunni insurgents overrun oilfields in Iraq as US advisers arrive

Tikrit - Islamic insurgents seized several small oilfields and attacked an airbase in northern Iraq on Wednesday as US military advisers dispatched to keep the Baghdad government in power began to arrive.

Joint Christian-Jewish-Muslim worship center planned in Berlin

Berlin - The three main monotheistic religions of Europe are building a joint house of worship in central Berlin. The House of One, hopes to help unite the three religions by promoting dialogue and fostering understanding.

Op-Ed: NOAH 3D — A review for non-insane people Special

It's been banned in Muslim countries. Christian radio and TV can't stop debating it. People have insanely strong opinions on it. So what is the movie Noah 3D really like? Something really whack? We decided to investigate and write up our own findings.

Child bride murders groom and friends with rat poison

Kano - A fourteen year-old child bride from Nigeria feeds her husband and his guests a rice dish laced with poison, killing them.

Philippine Muslim peace deal to be inked 'end of March'

Kampong Bangkahulu - The Philippine government and Muslim rebels will sign a peace deal to end one of Asia's longest and deadliest insurgencies "by the end of March", Malaysia's prime minister said Friday after meeting his Filipino counterpart.Prime Minister Najib Razak sa...

Five injured in attack on Philippine church

Zamboanga - Five people were injured Sunday when motorcycle-riding men hurled a grenade into a church in the troubled southern Philippines in a city known for Muslim rebel activity, officials said.

Child soldiers among 53 dead as Philippine troops overrun rebels

Manila - Three child soldiers recruited by hardline Muslim rebels in the Philippines were among 53 people killed in a five-day military offensive in the restive south, an official said Friday.

Britain First takes fight to Abu Izzadeen’s front door

London - A team of Britain First activists described as ‘Kent Battalion A Company’ held a protest outside the taxpayer-funded home of the notorious anti-British Islamist Abu Izzadeen.

Lee Rigby trial: Adebolajo calls himself 'a soldier of Allah'

London - Monday, the Old Bailey trial of the two men accused of killing soldier Lee Rigby on the streets of Woolwich, continued with testimony by one of the accused. The defence case for Adebolajo began in the morning.

21 pro-Morsi women protesters released by Egyptian court

Alexandria - After last month's arrest of 21 young women protesting Egypt's interim government in favor of reinstating the ousted Morsi regime, an Egyptian court ordered their release on Saturday.

Op-Ed: The Re-History of the Muslim Brotherhood - Part 1

Recently, the Muslim Brotherhood has made news with their actions in Egypt. However, this is only another attempt in a long line of attempts to conquer.

New Sharia law: Muslim adulterers to be stoned in Brunei

Bandar Seri Begawan - The sultanate of Brunei announced on Tuesday it will implement a severe Sharia law penal code for its Muslim citizens in a few months.

Video: Britain First on the hunt for Anjem Choudary

Walthamstow - The patriotic protest group, Britain First, increases the pressure on anti-British Muslim extremists as it conducts door-to-door search for Anjem Choudary.

Video: Britain First on the front line against Muslim extremists

London - One of the most notorious Muslim extremists in Britain, Abu Izzadeen, has found himself on the receiving end of several campaigns by a patriotic organisation called Britain First.

Fox News airs fake story claiming Obama is funding Muslim museum

A fake news story from a parody website found its way on a "Fox & Friends Saturday" segment telling its viewers that during the government shutdown President Barack Obama is using his own money to keep a museum dedicated to Muslim culture open.

Photo Essay: Everyday life in the restive south of Thailand Special

Terrorist bomb attacks, shootings and beheadings – no this isn’t London, this is the restive south of Thailand, but it isn’t all that bad. To a large degree life carries on as normal.

Walmart fires man for anti-Muslim Facebook comments and photos

Hamburg - Wal-Mart fired its assistant manager, Terry Earsing, for posting anti-Muslim comments and photos to his Facebook Wall last Friday. CAIR found and reported the posts, which led to his firing. Earsing apologized saying the posts were a joke.

New York police label mosques 'terrorism organizations'

New York - In a move angering countless Muslims and civil rights activists, the New York Police Department has labeled mosques as "terrorism organizations," allowing informants to spy on imams and anyone attending prayer services.

Iranian Christian man imprisoned for distributing gospel

An Iranian Christian man who had converted from Islam was sentenced to ten years in prison for sharing his faith. His attorney is working on an appeal.

Abu Izzadeen allegedly threatens Britain First’s Paul Golding

London - The notorious anti-British Muslim extremist Abu Izzadeen who works at Yummy Yummy sweet shop at 158 Mile End Road has allegedly intimidated and threatened Paul Golding, chairman of the patriotic political movement ‘Britain First’.

Op-Ed: Islamic Ideology — The fuel that drives the Jihad engine

Islamic Ideology proclaims the entanglement of religious and governmental politics into every element of Muslim life. With no escape from God's judgment Muslims must atone for every action.

Two British women attacked with acid in Zanzibar

Zanzibar - Two British charity volunteers have been attacked with acid by two men on a moped in Zanzibar City, capital of the Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar.

Buddhist monastery protects Muslim refugees in Myanmar

More than a thousand Muslims are sheltering in a Buddhist monastery in Myanmar's northeastern town of Lashio after violence that killed one person and burned down Muslim properties.

Manhunt for Anjem Choudary begins as arrest deadline passes

Britain First had given the Metropolitan Police until Wednesday 6pm to arrest the anti-British, Muslim extremist Anjem Choudary. The deadline has now passed and Choudary is not thought to have been arrested, so Britain First have launched a manhunt.

In wake of beheading, 2,000 march in anti-Muslim demonstration

Newcastle - In the wake of the brutal Islamist-inspired beheading of a British soldier in London this week, right-wing protesters marched in the streets of Newcastle to demand an end to the 'Islamification' of Britain.

Gay Washington Imam marries gay Muslims at mosque

Washington - A Washington Imam has become a local hero amongst the gay community as he quietly conducts marriage ceremonies for gay Muslim couples.

Video: Pope Francis washes, kisses feet of Muslim woman prisoner

Rome - In what is being described as his most radical break with tradition so far, Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of 12 inmates at a juvenile detention center in Rome. Among the inmates were two women, an Italian Catholic and a Serbian Muslim woman.
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Muslim Image

People appear to be going about their lives as normal in the town of Yala in Thailand’s restive so...
People appear to be going about their lives as normal in the town of Yala in Thailand’s restive south.
A mosque in Queens  New York
A mosque in Queens, New York
Via Flickr user Paul Lowry
Muslim women praying
Muslim women praying
A supporter of Israel speaking (right) with one of two Orthodox Jews at the al-Quds Day rally at Que...
A supporter of Israel speaking (right) with one of two Orthodox Jews at the al-Quds Day rally at Queen`s Park in Toronto.
A Uighur Muslim woman stands courageously before
Chinese riot police sent to quell demonstrations b...
A Uighur Muslim woman stands courageously before Chinese riot police sent to quell demonstrations by thousands of Uighurs calling for the government to respect their human rights. The Uighurs are a minority Muslim group in the autonomous Xinjiang Uighur region. Chinese government efforts to put down the ethnic and religious protest resulted in more than 150 dead and hundreds of arrests.
United States Commission on International Religious Freedom
Deutsche Islam Konferenz 2010
Deutsche Islam Konferenz 2010
Demonstrators at Cairo s Tahrir Square
Demonstrators at Cairo's Tahrir Square
Somalia: Army of African Union soldiers.
Somalia: Army of African Union soldiers.
Somali Foreign Correspondents Association
A small boy plays outside the entrance to Sungei Golok railway station next to a motorbike and next ...
A small boy plays outside the entrance to Sungei Golok railway station next to a motorbike and next to a sign warning about the risks of terrorist bomb attacks from motorbikes.


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