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Muslim News

U.S. Muslim leader condemns Orlando attack, slams extremists

Washington - The head of a prominent US Muslim advocacy group has strongly condemned the nightclub massacre in Florida, calling members of the Islamic State group an "aberration" amid allegations the gunman was inspired by the jihadists.

U.S. Muslim girl identified as 'Isis' in school yearbook

Los Angeles - A California school has recalled its yearbook after wrongly identifying a Muslim student as "Isis," an acronym for the extremist Islamic State group.

Karadzic verdict 'most important since Nuremberg': Bosnian Muslim leader

Sarajevo - Bosnia's Muslim political leader on Thursday said Radovan Karadzic's genocide conviction was the "most important verdict" since the Nuremberg trials for prominent Nazis.

Philippine Muslim rebels warn IS seeks foothold in south

Kuala Lumpur - The Islamic State group is trying to establish a stronghold in the violence-racked southern Philippines, the head of the nation's biggest Muslim rebel organisation warned Monday.

Thousands flee deadly fighting in southern Philippines

Manila - At least six people have been killed and more than 20,000 displaced during a week of fighting between Islamic militants and security forces in the southern Philippines, authorities said Friday.

Violence fears in Philippines after Muslim peace setback

Manila - Philippine lawmakers failed Wednesday to pass a crucial bill aimed at ending a decades-long Muslim insurgency that has claimed tens of thousands of lives, igniting fears of fresh violence.

Gambia outlaws female genital mutilation

Gambia has joined at least 20 African countries to ban the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), an antiquated tradition involving the partial or full removal of the female genitalia.

Will the UK government ban Donald Trump? They responded

The UK Government has responded to a petition signed by more than half a million people who called for the government to stop businessman and US presidential candidate, Donald Trump from entering the UK.

Bloody Christmas in Philippines as Muslim guerrillas kill 10

Manila - Muslim guerrillas killed 10 civilians in the majority Catholic Philippines over Christmas, the military said Sunday, with some Christians in the affected areas now too scared to sleep in their homes.

Suspicious fire at mosque on Christmas Day

Houston - Investigators with the Houston Fire Department are investigating a possible case of arson at a mosque in southeast Houston on Christmas Day.

Philippine Muslim guerrillas murder seven in Christmas eve raids

Manila - Seven Christian farmers were killed on Thursday as Muslim guerrillas launched a series of attacks in the troubled southern Philippines, the military said.

Racist women urinates in front of praying Muslim family

Plymouth - On Sunday, a court in England heard how two women dropped their pants within feet of a Muslim family praying in public park.

Paris mosque urges Muslims to join 'anti-terror' protest Friday

Paris - The Great Mosque of Paris urged French Muslims on Tuesday to gather at the country's most important mosque Friday to say "No to terror" and "We are all Paris!".

UK Muslims seek own path in countering jihadism

London - Feeling unfairly targeted by the government's anti-radicalisation drive, Britain's Muslim community is rallying to find its own response to extremism and take a greater role in the fight against terrorism.

Australian mosque leader tells violent Muslims to leave country

Sydney - The leader of the Sydney mosque attended by a 15-year-old who killed a police worker has called for an end to violent extremism, saying Friday that Muslims who reject Australian values should leave the country.

Muslim teen arrested for clock gets White House invite

Chicago - A Muslim teenager arrested after a Texas teacher mistook his homemade clock for a bomb won invitations to the White House, Google and Facebook in a surge of public support.

Muslim flight attendant suspended for refusing to serve alcohol

Detroit - A Muslim flight attendant was suspended from her job at ExpressJet after a fellow employee complained about her refusal to serve alcohol. On Tuesday, Charee Stanley filed a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Palin comes down on analyst's side in dispute over Muslim comment

Anchorage - Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin publicly ridiculed the ESPN sports network Friday for suspending baseball commentator Curt Schilling over an anti-Muslim comment he made on the website Twitter.

Hostages race to freedom as Philippine troops battle militants

Manila - Two Philippine coast guard men held hostage by Al-Qaeda-linked militants sprinted through gunfire to freedom as government forces raided the extremists' hideout, killing 15 of them, the army said Thursday.

Death toll reaches 16 in bombing at Hindu shrine in Bangkok

Bangkok - Sixteen people were killed and more than 80 injured Monday when a bomb exploded near a Hindu shrine in central Bangkok, authorities in Thailand are reporting.

Op-Ed: The Democratic case against Myanmar population control

The US State Department and women's rights group have banded against Myanmar population control, as its been become clear the legislation limits the religious rights of minorities and Muslims.

Tense standoff outside U.S. mosque over cartoon protest

Phoenix - Anti-Islam protesters -- some of them heavily armed -- faced off against religious rights demonstrators outside a U.S. mosque, in a tense but peaceful standoff.

Philippines wants 90 Muslim rebels charged for bloody ambush

Manila - The Philippine Justice Department on Wednesday recommended murder charges against 90 Muslim rebels, even though such a move could jeopardise a peace process championed by President Benigno Aquino.

French Muslim leader calls for doubling of mosques

Le Bourget - One of France's top Muslim leaders has called for the number of mosques to double over the next two years to remedy a shortage of places of worship for the country's millions of faithful.

Islamic militant group leader captured in Philippines

Manila - Philippine security forces have arrested the head of a small Islamic militant group who was involved in protecting one of the United States' "most wanted terrorists", the military said Monday.

Op-Ed: ISIS and Apocalyptic Islam — The threat and how to overcome it

The non-Muslim world, approximately 6 billion of us, is facing a challenge from fatalistic voices and actions born of Apocalyptic Islam — and we need to take action against this challenge.

Op-Ed: Why aren’t Islamic State terrorists Islamic terrorists?

The White House Summit on Combating Violent Extremism ended last week with much politically correct discussion, but no definite plan on how to combat violent extremism, and certainly no willingness to define it.

Op-Ed: How Giuliani's statements about Obama make us less safe

Rudolph Giulani, of 9/11 fame, offered us a profile in courage on that fateful day when the World Trade Towers was bombed, even as today his behaviors make us less safe in an insecure world.

FBI says DNA shows top militant likely among dead in Philippine raid

Manila - The FBI has said that DNA analysis indicates one of the world's most wanted terrorists, Bali bomber Zulkifli bin Hir, was likely killed in a Philippine police raid last month that also claimed the lives of 44 officers.

Islamic State marauders release 200 captives

Irbil - Scores of Yazidis being held captive by Islamic State were released Saturday in the Iraqi city of Irbil, Kurdish military officials reported.
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Muslim Image

Muslim women praying
Muslim women praying
Deutsche Islam Konferenz 2010
Deutsche Islam Konferenz 2010
Egyptian demonstrators sitting to make letters that spell  No to Mubarak
Egyptian demonstrators sitting to make letters that spell "No to Mubarak"
Many on both sides were engaged in conversations (some at times were quite tense) at the al-Quds Day...
Many on both sides were engaged in conversations (some at times were quite tense) at the al-Quds Day rally in Toronto.
Screenshot of Terry Earsing s comment that appeared under his photo of two Muslim women wearing trad...
Screenshot of Terry Earsing's comment that appeared under his photo of two Muslim women wearing traditional garb.
Demonstrators at Cairo s Tahrir Square
Demonstrators at Cairo's Tahrir Square
The woman wears a shawl in the style that many Muslims do.
The woman wears a shawl in the style that many Muslims do.
Muminah billah
Egyptians kneeling to pray while tanks appear in the background  in Cairo
Egyptians kneeling to pray while tanks appear in the background, in Cairo
Somalia: Army of African Union soldiers.
Somalia: Army of African Union soldiers.
Somali Foreign Correspondents Association
Interviews with 60 Muslims in the UK  North America  Europe and Pakistan have revealed that night dr...
Interviews with 60 Muslims in the UK, North America, Europe and Pakistan have revealed that night dreams are being used to make choices on issues like marriage, business, career development and politics.
Having low expectations might precipitate a self fulfilling prophecy in which Hijabis  not expecting...
Having low expectations might precipitate a self fulfilling prophecy in which Hijabis, not expecting to get job offers, may behave less confidently in employment interviews, which in turn will actually result in fewer job offers.
Ed Yourdon
A supporter of Israel speaking (right) with one of two Orthodox Jews at the al-Quds Day rally at Que...
A supporter of Israel speaking (right) with one of two Orthodox Jews at the al-Quds Day rally at Queen`s Park in Toronto.
nasir sayed