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Music industry News

4 musicians who have embraced virtual reality technology

Virtual reality appears to becoming more and more mainstream, and is being used in various ways in the music industry. Here are four musicians who have embraced virtual reality technology.

Online radio royalty rates set to increase in the New Year

A panel of copyright judges have ruled Pandora and other Internet radio companies will have to fork over more to the artists and labels whose music they share.

Interview with Martine Cotton Special

The Australian music industry veteran has unveiled 'Music Industry Inside Out', an online database and professional development resource designed to help aspiring artists and young professionals get started in the business. She spoke to Digital Journal.

Op-Ed: Streaming music will not save the music industry... in some ways

London - Music streaming may appear to save the industry and bring a lot of artists to the public realm that may have not had a chance, but it turns out that people still go for the biggest and the best of the industry.

Sinead O'Connor to Miley Cyrus: 'I'll come visit you in rehab'

What started as motherly concern for controversial singer Miley Cyrus has exploded into an all out brawl as Sinead O'Connor posts a third "open letter" on her Facebook to the former Hannah Montana star-- threatening legal action.

Op-Ed: Grammys ban revealing outfits — What a joke!

Sydney - The annual freak show of the world’s routinely corrupt and criminal music industry, the Grammys, has become all coy about revealing flesh. Sort of strange, because most of these people would look quite normal in a morgue.

Op-Ed: Spotty music streaming site Spotify launches in Australia

Sydney - Swedish is a site which allows you to stream music ad-free. It pays a small amount of royalties to the record companies, and artists are the last thing on anyone’s minds. The launch of Spotify has Australian musicians very annoyed.

Hollywood record exec dead after street rampage

Los Angeles - John Atterberry, a record executive who worked with Jessica Simpson and The Spice Girls, was pronounced dead on Monday after being shot by a gunman in Hollywood, CA. He was 40-years-old.

Op-Ed: Gaga's avant-gardism keeps rhyming with plagiarism

Undeniably, Lady Gaga is talented. But each of her hits and her producer called Red One, became FAMOUS (title of a previous album) also through plagiarism controversies. Are they paying tribute to her icons or playing all of them at once?

Op-Ed: Will Lower CD Prices Save the Music Industry?

Universal Music Group (UMG) has announced they will be lowering the prices for physical album sales. The new suggested retail price will range from $6 to 10 and new releases will likely hover towards the higher end of that range.

Vice -President of Def Jam Records Found Dead

The music industry has lost one of its talented executives. New York City-based Def Jam Records says that its executive vice president Shakir Stewart, has died. The cause of death could not immediately be confirmed.

Economic Slump Doesn't Effect Concert Attendees Despite Hit On Overall Music Sales

Who said that all things are bad during a downward spiraling economy? Even though the music industry is experiencing a few bumps, people are going old-school as concerts like Bon Jovi and Tom Petty are topping the charts.

Op-Ed: Music industry strikes again, as eBay promo copy discs 'still their property'

Ever see one of those discs, stamped with “Promotional copy” or “Not for sale” on the label? They’ve been around since the vinyl days. Now Universal Music Group is throwing a tantrum about these things turning up on eBay.

Op-Ed: Death of Digital Rights Management, goodbye and good riddance

Well, well. DRM is gone, and all that posturing, blowhard stuff was pure hot air. No great surprise to music fans, but it might be the end of the irrational hype, too. Might even start a move to the 21st century in the music industry.

Op-Ed: Music industry Gestapo strike again- 'crackdown' on illegal downloaders

Just trips off the tongue, doesn’t it, “crackdown”. You can’t be protected against online crime, pedophiles, spam, phishing, ID theft, porn, sleaze, viruses, malware, adware… but you can be protected against music.

Op-Ed: Qtrax launch botched, record companies deny authorization and pigs don’t fly

The Hideous Hydra of the music industry hasn’t gone all soft and cuddly, well, not yet, anyway. Warners and other music labels have now stated publicly they haven’t authorized Qtrax. Greed Inc. isn’t exactly famous for freebies.

Op-Ed: EMI slashing staff, cutting costs, and looking for sponsors for releases?

Looks like the asteroid has met the dinosaurs. EMI, the ancient icon of the recording “industry”, is to cut a third of its staff. Recently taken over by a private equity firm, EMI is doing a total restructure. Perhaps "anachronism bypass" is closer.

Op-Ed: Single mother sued over Internet music downloads

Those famous altruists the music “industry” are at it again. A Minnesota woman has been ordered to pay $220,000 for sharing 24 files online, which would be worth about $24 retail. Nothing like a sense of proportion.

Digital Rights Management, or How a Tacky Idea Got a Lot Tackier

Seems the industry is determined to annoy music fans. Digital Rights Management, supposedly introduced to prevent copying of music, was always a lame effort.

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