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Muscular dystrophy News

Gene-editing technology repairs mutation for muscular dystrophy

A new way to deliver gene-editing technology inside has repaired the mutation that causes Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which is a severe muscle-wasting disease, in mice. The delivery system is CRISPR-Gold.

Parents can sue for 'wrongful birth' of disabled son, court rules

Portland - An Appeals court in Oregon has ruled that the parents of a boy with muscular dystrophy can move forward with an $11 million "wrongful birth" lawsuit.

New insight into inherited muscle diseases

Scientists have reported on findings that appear to determine what goes wrong during the formation and maintenance of muscle tissue and which leads to various inherited muscle diseases.

Nanoparticles treat muscular dystrophy

Researchers have demonstrated a new approach to treating muscular dystrophy. In studies using mice, the rodents showed improved strength and heart function when treated with nanoparticles.

Debate surges over case of creating a baby from DNA of two women

A team of British scientists has created 80 human embryos containing DNA from two women and one man. This could, in the future, result in fertility treatments for women who now have an inherited disease such as muscular dystrophy.

Women Are Superior In The World Of A Mice, This Is A Good Thing For People With Muscular Dystrophy

New studies revealed that in the world of a mice the women is actually superior than the male. All because of the Stem Cells in their muscles, this study can be use to cure muscular dystrophy on humans.

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