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New York goes a record 11 days without a murder

New York - New York had gone a record-settling 11 straight days without a murder as of midnight, police said Friday.The mid-winter lull broke a record set last year when the city went 10 days from February 13 to 22 without a homicide."No murder yesterday.

Spain's 'angel of death' receives 127 year sentence

Girona - Joan Vila Dilmé, the security guard who was tried for killing eleven elderly residents in a nursing home, has received a sentence of 127 years for his crimes. He had told the court that he was "ending their suffering."

Female neo-Nazi murder trial begins in Germany

Germany is engrossed today in the opening of the trial of the woman dubbed the "Nazi bride,” who has been charged with complicity in multiple, racist murders.

Emile Dubois — A serial murderer or a miraculous soul? Special

Santiago - On March 26, precisely 106 years ago today, Emile Dubois, a Frenchman found guilty of killing four people in Chile, faced the firing squad. His memory has endured in the faith of the people who consider Dubois a martyr of injustice, a hero and a saint.

Was Jack the Ripper actually a woman?

Has the 124-year-old cold case been solved by a British author and his historian father who not only claim that a woman committed the grisly 1888 murders in Whitechapel, but also name the suspect?

Are US food aid politics starving North Korean children?

A vital weapon in the U.S.'s arsenal enduring stockpile is food, a peace will offering of food aid combined with sanction suspensions to North Korea. Meanwhile, children of all ages are dying of starvation as both countries battle over political rhetoric.

FBI reports US violent crime fell in 2011, fewer murders, rapes

Washington - The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation reports murders, rapes and other violent crimes declined sharply in the first six months of 2011. And that's a continuation of a trend over the past 4.5 years.

Op-Ed: Looking into the eyes of evil

In a few days, exactly one week as I write this, our family will look once more into the eyes of evil and hope that our long journey for justice will be ended.

Levi Bellfield's murder trial begins

A report on the opening day of the trial of convicted murderer Levi Bellfield and the background to the case including the legal aspect.

Mexican resort town Acapulco scene of deadly attacks

Acapulco - An evening of deadly attacks in Acapulco, Mexico resulted in at least 15 people being killed on Saturday. With the increase of violence Americans are being asked to bypass the resort as a vacation spot.

Police in Edinburgh try to quell gay connection fear in 3 deaths

Edinburgh - Police in Edinburgh are trying to quell fears that three recent deaths in the city are linked because the victims were all gay men.

Col. Russell Williams facing additional charges

Belleville - Col. Russell Williams, the former base commander of Canadian Forces Base Trenton alleged to have murdered two women late last year, is now facing 82 additional charges.

UN reports that five journalists killed in Honduras in March

An ambush of two radio journalists last week in Honduras raised the monthly death toll to five for the month of March in the South American country.

Ugandan rebel group rejects massacre accusation

Nairobi - The rebel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has rejected a report that its members had massacred more than 300 villagers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Sheriff kills self and three others in Oregon

Gresham - On Friday February 12 Clackamas County Sheriffs responded to a shooting call at M & M Restaurant in Gresham, Oregon. They found four victims, including one of their own, an off duty sergeant.

Third gun murder in five days in Toronto

Guns have become the weapon of choice in Toronto Street murders. The third shooting victim in five days was named by police on Wednesday. A total of four people have been shot since Oct. 30, with three fatalities.

Police investigating Phillip Garrido in death of 10 prostitutes

Police are investigating the home of a man accused of holding a kidnapped girl captive as a sex slave for 18 years, looking for evidence to connect him to the unsolved murders of 10 prostitutes. A search warrant has now been executed on his home.

Mexican radio newscaster's body found in shallow grave

The body of Juan Daniel Martinez was found in a shallow grave in Acapulco Tuesday night. Martinez was the lead newscaster for W Radio covering local issues including crime. He had been reported missing on Monday.

Names of murder victims in Fayetteville, Tennessee released

Authorities have identified five of the six victims from the murders Saturday in Fayetteville, Tennessee. The murders in the small town have been said to be a domestic crime.

Suspect Arrested in Tennessee Murder Spree

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations and the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office have arrested a Tennessee man in connection with six murders this murder in Lincoln County.

Five people found dead in Lincoln County, Tennessee

Reports indicate five people have been discovered dead in Lincoln County, Tennessee. Police are on the scene and a suspect has been taken into custody.

New Orleans Is Murder Capital Of The United States

New Orleans may have reduced the number of violent crimes by 17 percent last year but they still hold the title of the most murderous United States city.

WWII Mass Grave Discovered in Former Yugoslavia

A mass grave containing the remains of 4,500 soldiers has been found in Croatia, according to a report in the Hungarian Népszava newspaper.

Taliban kills 3 for being spies in Pakistan

Three men have been killed by pro-Taliban militants in Pakistan after being accused of spying for the CIA. The bodies had video tapes with them, a first for the Taliban in the region.

Frank Garcia Alleged Shot Four Dead In Two New York Counties

Four people were shot in upstate New York when a former hospital worker went on a two-county rampage. The man was arrested after the second set of murders at a restaurant in the area.

Going To Mexico Could Be Deadly For Americans

Going to Mexico for vacation may be playing with your life. More than 200 Americans have been killed there since 2004. It's the deadliest country to be in other than war zones for American citizens.

Teen Who Murdered His Family May Be Tried As A Juvenile: Critical Hearing Postponed

The critical hearing scheduled to determine if Nicholas Browning would be tried as a Juvenile was postponed. In February of this year, the teen, who was 15-years-old at the time, confessed to murdering his entire family while they slept.

Steve Wright Charged In Murders Of Prostitutes In Suffolk

49-year-old Steve Wright has been found guilty on the charges of murdering five women in Suffolk. Wright said that he had sex with four of the women that he said worked as prostitutes. However, he denied killing the five women.

The story of Corpse Wood Manor

December 12, 1982 was an eventful night for 17-year-old Kenneth Brock and 30-year-old Tony West. The events of this night would haunt them for the rest of their lives along with the residents of Summerville, Georgia.

Six Found Dead In Surrey Apartment Complex

The Vancouver area apartment that housed six murder victims was teeming with investigators today as the search for clues begins. While the police are asking the residents to lock their doors they are certain that this was not a random attack.
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