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Murderer News

Reason for last week's botched Arizona execution still a mystery

Florence - An Arizona medical examiner said Monday that he could find no reason why a convicted murderer who was given a lethal injection last week took nearly two hours to die in a possible violation of the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Guy on dating show admits killing former wife and a lover (Video)

It seems honesty is not always the best policy when looking for love. This Turkish man admitted to the world on a TV dating show that he murdered his former wife and a subsequent lover, shocking the host as well as the studio audience.

Convicted murderer escapes from mental health center in England

A convicted murderer, who was sent to prison for life for stabbing a teenager to death, has escaped from a mental health center in England.

Prison Break: Spanish murderer performs shock escape trick

Madrid - Strongly resembling an episode of the US series "Prison Break," a Spanish prisoner, aided by two trusty accomplices, managed to escape while undergoing treatment at a Madrid hospital.

Inmate in Moscow’s Matrosskaya Tishina prison escapes with spoon

Moscow - The inmate is charged with two counts of murder and was characterized as “mentally abnormal and liable to escape” by the prison staff. This didn't stop him from escaping, however, using only a simple spoon.

Op-Ed: Suicidal murderer does not deserve pity

London - Sergei Zolotovsky has attempted suicide twice since the murders in 2010. As a consequence of the attempted suicide, he is paralysed from the waist down.

4 prisoners flee Kansas jail, 2 still at large

Minneapolis - A convicted murderer and another inmate remained at large after escaping the Minneapolis, Kansas jail where they had been transferred because of overcrowding at the state prison where they were originally being held, USA Today reports.

Son is suspect in Mothers murder

Gulfport - Altercation with mother may have led to murder. A woman found in a wooded area may have been killed and dumped there by her son.

Kevorkian suicide machine up for auction

New York - Dr. Jack Kevorkian's personal effects are being auctioned off later this month and guess what's included among the items.

Op-Ed: Do you know Albert Fish the real Hannibal Lector

We have all watched the movie Silence of the Lambs. "Hello Clarise," played by Anthony Hopkins. Did you ever wonder where that particular storyline got its roots?

Levi Bellfield murder trial – day two

A short report on the second day of the trial of Levi Bellfield at the Central Criminal Court for the 2002 murder of a 13-year-old girl.

Convicted murderer officially expelled from Canadian military

Russell Williams, the former colonel who was convicted of murder, has been officially expelled from the Canadian Forces.

Texas needs help in catching chainsaw murder suspect Special

Lewisville - Texas police need your help in finding Jose Fernando Corona. Corona is suspected of using a chainsaw to decapitate and dismember the body of his wife Maria Corona last week at their home in the city of Lewisville.

Escaped Murderer Found After 2 Days

Spokane - An Idaho inmate walked away from a correctional center on Sunday and wasn't located until Tuesday in another state. Police believed she was trying to visit her husband.

Police searching for murderer who walked out of Ontario jail

Convicted of shooting a Toronto man in 1989, Andrew John Wood simply walked away from the minimum security Frontenac Institution in Kingston, Ontario on June 13.

Convicted murderer escapes prison in Kingston, Ontario

A convicted murderer escaped from Frontenac Institution between 7:30 a.m and 11:30 a.m. Saturday morning. He is at large.

Op-Ed: South Africa Rejects Dalai Lama, Rewards Castro

South Africa, once seen as a shining beacon of national reconciliation, has reached its lowest point since the end of apartheid 15 years ago.

Suffolk Serial Killer On Trail As Police Find DNA On Bodies

It has been over a year now since the tragic murders of five prostitutes in Suffolk, east of England. Now, the trail of the prime suspect, Steven Wright (pictured left) begins

Brazil Uncooperative in Extradition of Suspected Murderer

Claudia "Cris" Cristina Hoerig shot and killed her husband in March 2007 then fled to Brazil before her husband's body could be discovered. Brazil is not cooperating with the U.S. in extraditing the fugitive.

Eric Smith: His Case Helped To Change Juvenile Laws

In 1994, Eric Smith became a household name around the world. At 13-years of age he brutally killed a 4-year old boy, leaving the world shocked and horrified. It was, in part, because of Smith that America decided to get tough on kids who commit crimes.

Convicted child murderer denied parole

It is great to see that there is one thing that the legal system has done to protect the people that it is meant to serve. At least there is one less child murderer out there.

New Brunswick: Convicted Murderer Still Loose

Gary Gormley has disappeared from Westmoreland Institution in Dorchester where he was serving a 12 year sentence with no chance of parole. Gormely did not appear for a morning head count.

Man Denies The Murders Of Five Prostitutes

Steve Wright, arrested for the murders of five prostitutes last December has denied the charges

Murderer denied parole in 1982 sex slaying

A family got parole denied for a murderer. He was denied it for the next two years. But the victim's family hopes a petition will help extend parole review period to five years.

Macdonalds murderer given day passes.

Sydney River Macdonalds murderer granted escorted day passes.

Stability in the Middle East

This is an editorial I posted on my website

Smosh - Axe Murderer

The Title says all.

Update: Escaped Murderer returns

Escaper murderer Peter John Peters who walked away from custody at a British Columbia prison Tuesday morning is back in custody

Frightening story: Murderer slips away from Prison

How is it possible that one of Canada's most wanted criminals can walk away from prison?

Suspected Rapper Murderer Caught During Housing Protest

Garelle Smith, 25, sits in jail without bond after tearing down a fence that surround the St. Bernard Housing Project.
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An official police mugshot of convicted murderer Learco Chindamo.
An official police mugshot of convicted murderer Learco Chindamo.
Metropolitan Police
José Bretón  convicted of murdering his two children  Ruth and José  standing with a poster for h...
José Bretón, convicted of murdering his two children, Ruth and José, standing with a poster for his "lost" children.
Woolwich  suspect  Michael Adebolajo seen speaking at the UAF organised rally in Harrow which turned...
Woolwich 'suspect' Michael Adebolajo seen speaking at the UAF organised rally in Harrow which turned violent.

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