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Review: Epic mural acclaims the cultural values of Latin American peoples Special

Concepci - Considered the most important collection of Chilean painting, second only to the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Art Gallery of the University of Concepción, holds an impressive mural and about 1800 works of the most prominent Chilean artists.

Op-Ed: Mural delights neighborhood while fighting off graffiti blight Special

San Francisco - A charming enclave that seems like a little town within a neighborhood is Lakeside Village, just off of 19th Avenue on the way to Stonestown mall.

'Visual Memory of a Nation' portrayed in the Santiago Subway Special

Santiago - The station “Universidad de Chile” of the Santiago Subway System encloses a monumental collection of murals depicting scenes from Chile’s ancient and modern history and is considered among the world's most artistic subway stations.

Photo Essay: 81st Street Station - Museum of Natural History, NYC Special

New York - The 81st Street Station of the NYC Subway contains dozens of glass mosaic murals of living animals in full colour, endangered or extinct land and sea creatures in grey or black, and fossil organisms embedded in the walls at various levels of the station.

Looking after one of the world’s largest outdoor art galleries Special

Victoria - There are 40 murals in the town of Chemainus, BC, five of which were painted thirty years ago and still remain crisp and bright thanks largely to the dedicated efforts of artist and photographer Cim MacDonald, curator of the collection.

The ‘magic’ of Chemainus: From sawmill-town to mural-town Special

Victoria - Chemainus, a small community in British Columbia, has transformed in three decades from a struggling single-industry town into a fascinating tourist destination with dozens of outdoor murals and sculptures showing the history of the North Cowichan Valley.

Photo Essay: Explosion of colors at Valparaiso’s Open-Air Museum Special

The city of Valparaiso in Chile, a major seaport in the west coast of South America, is characterized by its unique geography that includes a narrow area near the coast and at least 42 hills spread in a natural amphitheater surrounding the city.

Lyon Mural Art, Part 3: Giving art back to people Special

This article, the last in a three-part series, offers insights and more images to illustrate the future and worldwide nature of a unique group of artists who are dedicated to taking art out of the hands of elites and giving it back to people.

Lyon Mural Art: An Explosion of Colours and Talent Special

This is part three of a series of articles on the wonderful talent of Lyon’s wall artists, and it includes a tribute to Diego Rivera, the Mexican painter whose sumptuous mural paintings have inspired generations of painters all over the world.

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Chemainus Mural # 10   Company Store   Dan Sawatzky  1983.
Chemainus Mural # 10, "Company Store", Dan Sawatzky, 1983.
Chemainus Mural # 22 (right panel)   Leonora Mines at Mt. Sicker   Peter Bresnen  1988 (1991).
Chemainus Mural # 22 (right panel), "Leonora Mines at Mt. Sicker", Peter Bresnen, 1988 (1991).
Chemainus Mural # 19   Mill Street in 1948   Mike Svob  1986.
Chemainus Mural # 19, "Mill Street in 1948", Mike Svob, 1986.
Chemainus Mural # 4   The Hong Hing Waterfront Store   Paul Marcano  1982.
Chemainus Mural # 4, "The Hong Hing Waterfront Store", Paul Marcano, 1982.
Chemainus Mural # 20 (left panel)   World in Motion   Alan Wylie  1986.
Chemainus Mural # 20 (left panel), "World in Motion", Alan Wylie, 1986.
Chemainus Mural # 11   Temporary Homes   David White  1983.
Chemainus Mural # 11, "Temporary Homes", David White, 1983.
Chemainus Mural # 12   Native Heritage   Paul Ygartua  1983.
Chemainus Mural # 12, "Native Heritage", Paul Ygartua, 1983.
Chemainus Mural # 16   1884 Chinese Bull Gang   Ernest Marza  1984.
Chemainus Mural # 16, "1884 Chinese Bull Gang", Ernest Marza, 1984.
Chemainus Mural # 2 (right panel)   The Thirty-three Metre Collage   F. Lewis  N. Lagana & P. Marcan...
Chemainus Mural # 2 (right panel), "The Thirty-three Metre Collage", F. Lewis, N. Lagana & P. Marcano, 1982.
Chemainus Mural # 40. The Volunteers;  Ribbon Cutting Chemainus Style   Dan Sawatzky  2007.
Chemainus Mural # 40. The Volunteers; "Ribbon Cutting Chemainus Style", Dan Sawatzky, 2007.
Chemainus Mural # 13   Billy Thomas   Sandy Clark  1984.
Chemainus Mural # 13, "Billy Thomas", Sandy Clark, 1984.
Chemainus Mural # 2 (center panel)   The Thirty-three Metre Collage   F. Lewis  N. Lagana & P. Marca...
Chemainus Mural # 2 (center panel), "The Thirty-three Metre Collage", F. Lewis, N. Lagana & P. Marcano, 1982.
Artist Mike Ritch wanted the mural to be eye catching  so that people  walking by or on the M-Oceanv...
Artist Mike Ritch wanted the mural to be eye catching, so that people, walking by or on the M-Oceanview trolley would "take a second look," as they looked out the window. Until the mural, most of the wall space along the narrow corridor had been covered with graffiti for years. "Neighbors like the mural and I hope to do more," he said.
Chemainus Mural # 34   Letters from the Front   David Goatley  2002.
Chemainus Mural # 34, "Letters from the Front", David Goatley, 2002.
Chemainus Mural # 2 (left panel)   The Thirty-three Metre Collage   F. Lewis  N. Lagana & P. Marcano...
Chemainus Mural # 2 (left panel), "The Thirty-three Metre Collage", F. Lewis, N. Lagana & P. Marcano, 1982.
Chemainus Mural # 8 (right panel)   Chemainus 1891  David Maclagan  1983.
Chemainus Mural # 8 (right panel), "Chemainus 1891" David Maclagan, 1983.
Chemainus Mural # 26 (center panel)   Chemainus - The War Years - Circa 1915   Susan Tooke Chichton ...
Chemainus Mural # 26 (center panel), "Chemainus - The War Years - Circa 1915", Susan Tooke Chichton, 1989.
Chemainus Mural # 30.  The Lone Scout   Stanley Hiromichi Taniwa 1991.
Chemainus Mural # 30. "The Lone Scout", Stanley Hiromichi Taniwa,1991.
Chemainus Mural # 28   No. 3 Climax Engine   Dan Sawatzky  1991.
Chemainus Mural # 28, "No. 3 Climax Engine", Dan Sawatzky, 1991.
Chemainus Mural # 23   Chemainus Hospital   Doug Driediger  1988.
Chemainus Mural # 23, "Chemainus Hospital", Doug Driediger, 1988.

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