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Multiple sclerosis News

New treatment for MS recommended in Europe

The European Medicines Agency has recommended a new treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS). The new medication is called Mayzent, and it provides a much-needed therapeutic option for those with MS.

Op-Ed: Graphene fibres to replace pharmaceuticals? It’s happening

Wollongong - Spun graphene fibres are coming to deal with diabetes, heart disease and more, and they’re totally non-toxic. These things seem to be ideal for chronic diseases.

Toronto Hospital to create 'world's leading MS Centre'

Toronto - On Wednesday, St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Canada announced the creation of a $30-million multiple sclerosis center that will be the largest and most prestigious on Earth for both patient care and research.

MS patients seek inquiry into high case number in Ottawa

A multiple sclerosis sufferer, Jacques Dutrisac, is seeking to understand why 14 of his former neighbours, of a similar age, have all gone on to develop multiple sclerosis as adults.

Multiple sclerosis patients able to walk again after novel therapy

Liverpool - Wheelchair-bound multiple sclerosis patients are now able to walk again after a novel stem-cell therapy. The therapy uses a treatment normally reserved for cancer.

FDA agrees to review new ALS drug

Data surrounding a controversial new ALS drug has been requested by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The review may lead to the drug being released.

Should an experimental ALS drug be made available?

Biotech company Genervon has requested accelerated approval for its experimental ALS drug after a small but promising Phase 2 clinical trial. Will drug authorities allow its use?

Can existing drugs help to combat MS?

Edinburgh - Existing medications for conditions like depression and heart problems could hold the clue to treating multiple sclerosis, according to medical experts.

Review: Misdiagnosed — A new book about misdiagnosis and health Special

Imagine being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis…and then finding out it was nothing more than gluten sensitivity. This is, incredibly, what happened to one woman and she has used this experience to write a memoir.

Julie Roberts talks music and multiple sclerosis charity work Special

Country singer Julie Roberts takes some time from her busy schedule to chat with me about her latest endeavors in music and her work with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

French multiple sclerosis sufferer makes Everest skydive

Kathmandu - Marc Kopp, a multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferer from France, has officially become the first disabled person to skydive over Mount Everest on Sunday. He landed successfully and was taken to hospital for a check up, just as a precaution.

Suspect multiple sclerosis trigger found

A bacterium has been identified which may trigger multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic, debilitating disorder that damages myelin forming cells in the brain and spinal cord.

UPDATED Annette Funicello passes away at age 70

The beloved member of the Mickey Mouse Club and film star passed away today peacefully in her sleep after a long battle with multiple sclerosis at the Mercy Southwest Hospital in Bakersfield, California.

Study: MS rates highest in the world in Northern Scotland

University of Edinburgh researchers have found rates of multiple sclerosis are highest in the Orkney Islands, Scotland. The study results shows rates have increased since 1980.

Sharon Osbourne quits America's Got Talent over son's firing

America's Got Talent judge Sharon Osbourne has quit the show in the midst of a bitter feud with NBC. She claims the network fired her son over his MS diagnosis but NBC denies the charge.

Jack Osbourne is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

Jack Osbourne, a reality TV star and son of Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne, has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Jack has just become a father for the first time and has now spoken out about his diagnosis.

Study: Medical marijuana reduces symptoms of multiple sclerosis

A new study claims to have found evidence that smoking marijuana really does relieve symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). Patients have long said that marijuana helps relieve MS symptoms, but the claim had not been subjected to scientific test.

Does smoking pot ease multiple sclerosis symptoms after all?

A new study seems to confirm what people with multiple sclerosis have suggested for years: that smoking marijuana helps ease some of the painful symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Op-Ed: FDA Warning: New Multiple Sclerosis treatment?

The FDA issued an alert on the potential dangers of an unproven treatment for multiple sclerosis, but left out alternative treatments.

Drug giant Novartis under investigation following patient deaths

The pharmaceutical company Novartis is under investigation by the European Union following the deaths of 11 patients who took the drug Gilenya.

Montel Williams cited for drug paraphernalia

Milwaukee - Montel Williams, a prominent medical marijuana activist and former talk show host, has been cited for possession of drug paraphernalia, following an incident Tuesday at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Canadian dies out-of-country after experimental MS operation

It was on October 19 that Mahir Mostic, 35, of St. Catharines, Ontario, died in Costa Rica of complications from a controversial treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) performed in a Central American clinic.

Multiple sclerosis activity increases during spring and summer

A new study has shown that multiple sclerosis activity decreases during the spring and summer months. This could have mislead the progression of treatment for MS patients.

FDA on Novartis new multiple sclerosis drug -- safe & effective

Silver Spring - Finally the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a pill that it says is both safe and effective for controlling tremors and other symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Buffalo study on MS patients shows promise for new treatment

Neurology scientists at the University of Buffalo released preliminary findings of blind imaging studies of MS patients Tuesday, saying the results were encouraging.

McMaster to study CCSVI as cause of Multiple Sclerosis

The Italian Doctor who has been treating Multiple Sclerosis patients through angioplasty to widen veins in the neck was in Hamilton, Ontario Monday as McMaster University announced a joint study of Zamboni's theory and treatment.

New Guidelines on Assisted Suicide to be Issued in Britain

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) will this week issue guidelines on the circumstances in which someone could expect to be prosecuted for having assisted the suicide of a British person, either in Britain or abroad.

Research into Multiple Sclerosis Raises Hopes of New Treatment

Scientists at the University of Bristol in the West of England have discovered that a protein present in the human body can resist Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Right to Die Campaigner Enjoys Victory in British Court

A 45-year-old Multiple Sclerosis sufferer from Northern England won an important legal victory today when 5 Law Lords supported her argument that people must be made aware of any prosecution they will face for assisting the death abroad of a loved one.

New Research Uncovers First Oral Therapy For Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

An extension study out of Italy showed that nearly 70 percent of patients who took FTY720 (fingolimod) remained attack free for the 3-year study. Other approved therapies for Multiple Sclerosis are by IV infusion only.
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Multiple sclerosis Image

Cervical spine MRI with enhancement showing multiple sclerosis.
Cervical spine MRI with enhancement showing multiple sclerosis.
National Institute of Health
A champion of the experimental therapy  Dion Oxford talks about living with MS.
A champion of the experimental therapy, Dion Oxford talks about living with MS.
Screen grab: YouTube
High resolution image from a normal volunteer (left) and a patient suffering from multiple sclerosis...
High resolution image from a normal volunteer (left) and a patient suffering from multiple sclerosis (right).
UBC MRI Research Centre
Frenchman Marc Kopp  suffering from multiple sclerosis  is the first disabled person to tandem skydi...
Frenchman Marc Kopp, suffering from multiple sclerosis, is the first disabled person to tandem skydive over Mount Everest.
Funding for MS Treatment Clinical Trials - April 5  2011 - Winnipeg  Manitoba
Funding for MS Treatment Clinical Trials - April 5, 2011 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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