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Mozilla executive shocked to learn what Alexa has been recording

A security executive working at Mozilla has said he was shocked to discover that recordings of his family had been made by Alexa and were being stored by Amazon. He adds that users of Amazon's Alexa need to be aware.

Mozilla: Why we need to protect our digital privacy

Growing movements to protect digital privacy, build more responsible artificial intelligence, and rein in the power of the eight big tech companies are cited as the most positive developments for a healthier Internet in a new report from Mozilla.

Firefox Monitor to alert users if accounts are hacked

Mozilla, the creator of Firefox, announced earlier this year the Firefox Monitor. This service tells users if their online accounts were hacked.

Mozilla launches virtual reality web browser

Mozilla has launched a new innovation - a reality web browser called Firefox Reality. Instead of manipulating com commands with a mouse, a user of a VR headset can operate the browser with a hand controller.

Mozilla exploring development of a voice browser

Mozilla, the free software group behind the browser Firefox is envisioning an entirely different browser that would be activated and operate by voice rather than keyboard, touch pad, mouse, or screen taps.

Mozilla announces grants for projects on how AI affects society

Mozilla recently announced the creation of seven new five-figure grants for "technologists and media makers who help the public understand how threats to a healthy internet affect their everyday lives."

Mozilla withdraws its ads from Facebook because of data scandal

Mozilla has announced it is suspending its Facebook ads in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. The company has also launched a petition that calls on Facebook to implement stricter default privacy settings to help users stay secure.

Mozilla sues the FCC in attempt to restore net neutrality

Mozilla has filed a petition in the federal court of Washington DC in an attempt to overturn the FCC's repeal of net neutrality regulation. It said the web is a "global, public resource" that is dependent on net neutrality to exist in its current form.

Firefox to issue warnings when a website has been hacked

Mozilla is developing a new Firefox feature that will show you an alert when a website has been hacked. The browser will tap into a database of historical data breaches to provide warnings about sites that have previously suffered a security compromise.

Op-Ed: New Firefox 57 browser could challenge Chrome

Mozilla released its new Firefox Quantum browser. The new Firefox 57 is much faster than an earlier Firefox browser, twice as fast. Mozilla promised the new browser would deliver a big bang and it does.

Firefox takes a Quantum leap with all-new version

Mozilla has announced general availability of Firefox 57, the long-awaited overhaul of the popular browser. The new version is claimed to be twice as fast as Google Chrome while using 30% less memory. There's also a brand-new interface design.

Mozilla's new 'Firefox Photon' design revealed in mock-up

Mozilla is working on a major overhaul of Firefox's interface that incorporates a more modern design and rectangular tab corners. It has been pictured for in a new mock-up showing the essential elements of the redecorated browser.

Mozilla buys online bookmarking app Pocket

Mozilla has announced it has acquired popular bookmarking service Pocket. The 10-year-old app is one of the original read-it-later browser extension services, letting you store interesting content from across the web into customisable reading lists.

Ex-Mozilla employee: 'Don't buy antivirus software'

A former Mozilla employee has spoken out about the dangers of using third-party antivirus software on Windows computers. He claims the programs do not necessarily protect your PC and can house serious vulnerabilities themselves.

HTTPS adoption reaches halfway mark, keeping users safe online

Last week, a milestone was reached in the use of HTTPS by websites and apps. For the first time, 50 percent of all page loads made by Firefox users were delivered over the secure HTTPS protocol. HTTPS prevents hackers tampering with website connections.

Mozilla celebrates 10,000 days of the web

Mozilla is looking for supporters to help it celebrate 10,000 days of the web. The company has created a Thunderclap campaign, allowing users to join it in appreciating what the web has achieved. It was proposed at CERN exactly 10,000 days ago.

Op-Ed: New Brave browser pays you to watch new safe ads

Sydney - Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla, has invented a new browser which is a lot nicer to online users, safer, and may even solve the Adblock problem for advertisers. He may also have saved Internet advertising from itself.

Mozilla kills off Firefox OS for smartphones, refocuses on IoT

Three years after unveiling Firefox OS for smartphones, Mozilla has called time on the struggling platform that originally aimed to compete with the likes of iOS and Android. Its lack of market share has defeated it and led the company to refocus on IoT.

Brave web browser has automatic ad block, built by ex-Mozilla CEO

Brendan Eich, founder and ex-CEO of Mozilla, has announced a new web browser for desktop and mobile devices that blocks adverts by default, replacing annoying and intrusive ones with ads more applicable to the user.

Firefox web browser now available on iOS

Mozilla has publicly released a version of its Firefox web browser for iOS devices including the iPhone and iPad. Long-promised by the company and often-requested by fans, Firefox for iOS includes support for many of the browser's key features.

Microsoft caught recommending Edge when downloading Chrome

Microsoft has been caught trying to convince Windows 10 users to give its Edge web browser a chance by "recommending" it when making a Bing search for rivals Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It could be viewed as anti-competitive by some.

Mozilla to beef-up Firefox private browsing capability

Mozilla, the open source software firm, announced that it is testing a new tool to facilitate private browsing on its Firefox browser.

Firefox users urged to update after discovery of major bug

Mozilla is warning users of its Firefox web browser that they should update it immediately after a nasty exploit was found being actively used by hackers. It allows outsiders to search all of the files on your computer and then upload them to a server.

Mozilla blocks Flash in Firefox, calls for Adobe to kill it

Mozilla, creators of the Firefox web browser, have announced that they are now disabling all versions of Adobe's Flash plugin by default. Flash is known to be insecure and a haven for vulnerabilities that let attackers hack computers.

All four major browsers fail Pwn2Own exploit competition

All four major web browsers have failed to survive exploits at the Pwn2Own hacking contest running alongside the CanSecWest 2015 conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. Security researchers were testing them in exchange for cash.

Google targets annoying browser toolbars with new web protection

Google has enhanced its search protection algorithms to provide more protection against websites harbouring unwanted software designed to hijack a user's computer with unwanted browser settings or intrusive adverts on webpages.

Mozilla set to sell '$25' Firefox OS smartphones in India

Mozilla is taking the smartphone market head-on in collaboration with Indian companies Intex and Spice. The company is set to launch a $25 device in India.

AdBlock Plus Firefox plugin could consume gigabytes of RAM

One of the most popular Firefox plugins used by millions worldwide has been revealed by Mozilla to potentially consume megabytes, or even gigabytes, of RAM on users' machines while enabled during browsing.

Mozilla chief steps down amid controversy

San Francisco - The chief of Firefox browser maker Mozilla is stepping down in the face of controversy stirred by his support of a California bill to ban gay marriage.

Mozilla accuses Dell of charging for Firefox

Internet browser specialists Mozilla are investigating reports that Dell computers is charging users with new computers to install the Firefox browser.
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Mozilla Image

Pocket  now owned by Mozilla
Pocket, now owned by Mozilla
Mozilla / Pocket
Firefox 57  Quantum
Firefox 57 "Quantum"
Firefox Focus by Mozilla
Firefox Focus by Mozilla
Pocket  now owned by Mozilla
Pocket, now owned by Mozilla
Mozilla / Pocket
Firefox 57  Quantum
Firefox 57 "Quantum"
Gary Kovacs  CEO of Mozilla  at  48 Hours in the Valley
Gary Kovacs, CEO of Mozilla, at '48 Hours in the Valley'
Photo by Kris Krüg (@kk)
Firefox 57  Quantum
Firefox 57 "Quantum"
Firefox 57  Quantum
Firefox 57 "Quantum"
Mozilla is celebrating 10 000 days of the web
Mozilla is celebrating 10,000 days of the web
Firefox 57  Photon  design mock-up
Firefox 57 'Photon' design mock-up

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