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Mozart News

Mozart junior: Curse of the 'missing spark'

Salzburg - Having famous parents can be a mixed blessing, but Austrian musician Franz Xaver Mozart had it tougher than most.

Want to lower your blood pressure? Listen to Mozart

New research indicates that listening to Mozart is as effective in lowering blood pressure as reducing salt intake from your diet.

Music may help prevent epileptic seizures, researchers find

Researchers studying epilepsy have made an interesting discovery, with a little help from music by John Coltrane and Mozart. For people with epilepsy, listening to music causes a rather unusual side-effect known as musical brainwave synchronization.

The Canadian Opera Company balances old and new Special

Toronto - The Canadian Opera Company moves into daring territory with its 2015-2016 season, announced this past week. A mix of old favorites and new works dominates a season characterized by bold new choices and old favorites.

Review: Second City/Toronto Symphony show mixes music, comedy into gold Special

Toronto - Classical music and madcap comedy may sound like a strange mix, but they do have a longstanding relationship with each other. Remember those great Bugs Bunny cartoons that introduced you to Rossini, Wagner and Strauss? Remember Victor Borge?

Second City joins forces with Toronto Symphony in upcoming show Special

Toronto - Two of Toronto's most iconic, enduring cultural institutions are teaming up in a new musical comedy show at the end of the month, and audience members at the Second City Mainstage received a preview of several of its sketches last night.

Missing Mozart sonata discovered by accident

Budapest - A Hungarian scholar has accidentally come across an original score by Mozart which had been thought lost since the maestro wrote it in the 18th Century.

Atom Egoyan schools opera audiences on love and fidelity Special

Toronto - Mozart's 1790 opera Cosi fan tutte revolves around a deceptively simple premise of altered identities. Dig deeper, however, and it's a thought-provoking work about relationships and the trust and deceit that color our romantic connections and illusions.

The Canadian Opera Company: Something old, plenty new Special

Toronto - The Canadian Opera Company announced its 2014-2015 season in a splashy evening event at the Four Seasons Center Wednesday night in Toronto.

The amazing music of 8-year-old Alma Deutscher

Alma Deutscher is an atypical eight-year-old girl – at least when it comes to music. The youngster who wears braids and skips rope is a composer.

Lavinia Ramirez is child Mozart in the making

With hands that are very small and fingers that span only a few keys at a time, Lavinia Ramirez is hailed as mini Mozart. Ramirez is only two years old and has to use a booster seat in order to reach the piano.

Previously unknown Mozart piece found in 18th century music book

A previously unknown work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has been uncovered in the state of Tyrol in Austria. The Mozart Foundation in Salzburg reported the music was discovered in the western Austrian state tucked inside a late 1700s music music book.

All-Mozart music season on BBC’s Radio 3, a most timely event

London - BBC announced 12 days of music completely devoted to broadcasting the works of the prolific musical genius. Every note that Mozart ever wrote, and additional Mozart related content, will air on Radio 3 between January 1 and 12.

Japanese company plays Mozart to its bananas

Tokyo - A Japanese fruit company has been playing Mozart to its ripening bananas, claiming it produces a sweeter product. In fact, a wide variety of food and beverages have been enjoying classical music, including soy sauce, udon noodles, miso and even sake.

Op-Ed: Mozart's music can break down sewage?

Sydney - A German company has discovered that the music from the Magic Flute and the Marriage of Figaro encourages bacteria to break down solid waste. No, the bacteria aren't music critics, apparently they just like Mozart.

Study: Mozart may speed up premature babies' weight gain

JERUSALEM - An Israeli study shows that babies listening to Mozart expend less energy. Scientists speculate that this could lead to weight gain.

Did Strep Throat Kill Mozart?

Many theories abound concerning the mysterious death of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at the age of 35. A new Dutch study suggests that he may have died from complications arising from strep throat. Read on even though the truth may still escape you.

The Mozart of Porn carries on online

The funky, seedy, bow-chicka-bow music of '70s porn films has become a cultural touchstone — even for generations too young to recall a time when people watched X-rated movies in theaters.

Mozart's entire musical score now free on Internet

The highlight of Mozart's 250th birthday celebration is the unveiling of all of his complete works available free on the internet.

Berlin Recasts Mozart's "Magic Flute" As Giant Penis with Silver Balls

Apparently in response to his recent previous censure from attempting to stage a Mozart opera involving the decapitate heads of various religious leaders, e.g. Mohommad, Hans Neuenfels has turned Mozart's Magic Flute into an adults-only affair.

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Mozart Image

A scene from the Canadian Opera Company’s new production of  Così fan tutte   2014.
A scene from the Canadian Opera Company’s new production of "Così fan tutte", 2014.
Michael Cooper
Sir Thomas Allen as Don Alfonso (at right) with the COC Chorus in a scene from the Canadian Opera Co...
Sir Thomas Allen as Don Alfonso (at right) with the COC Chorus in a scene from the Canadian Opera Company’s new production of "Così fan tutte", 2014.
Chris Hutcheson
A scene from the 2011 Salzburg Festival production of Mozart s  The Marriage of Figaro   which will ...
A scene from the 2011 Salzburg Festival production of Mozart's 'The Marriage of Figaro', which will be part of the COC's 2015-2016 season. "Mozart is key, like the core of the core," Neef says. "(His work is) the most human and he never judges his characters." ( L-R, Genia Kühmeier as the Countess, Katija Dragojevic as Cherubino and Marlis Petersen as Susanna)
Monika Rittershaus
W.A. Mozart. Detail of family portrait by Croce  ca. 1780
W.A. Mozart. Detail of family portrait by Croce, ca. 1780
Johann Nepomuk della Croce (1736-1819)
(l-r) Robert Gleadow as Guglielmo  Paul Appleby as Ferrando  Wallis Giunta as Dorabella and Layla Cl...
(l-r) Robert Gleadow as Guglielmo, Paul Appleby as Ferrando, Wallis Giunta as Dorabella and Layla Claire as Fiordiligi in the Canadian Opera Company’s new production of "Così fan tutte", 2014.
Michael Cooper
A section of a page from the manuscript of W.A. Mozart s Requiem  K 626. (1791)  showing Mozart s he...
A section of a page from the manuscript of W.A. Mozart's Requiem, K 626. (1791), showing Mozart's heading for the first movement.
Austrian National Library

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