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Moving News

Q&A: FlatRate launches world’s first all-in-one moving app Special

FlatRate Moving, one of New York City's largest moving companies, has launched the “My FlatRate” app, which enables customers to book and manage the entire process of residential moving and storage through the convenience of their smartphone.

Man is arrested for jumping out of a moving airplane

Toronto - Early Monday Toronto's police got an unusual call. A man decided to jump out of a moving airplane leaving Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

U.S. warships moving toward Libya with tomahawk missiles

The U.S. Pentagon is moving two warships off the coast of Libya, the USS Laboon destroyer off the coast of Libya, followed by the USS McFaul within days. The move is due to the attack in Benghazi that killed four people, one the U.S. Ambassador.

Train engineer caught on video reading newspaper on moving train

New York - A train engineer in New York has been suspended after being caught on video reading a newspaper while his train is in motion. The video made on the Metro-North line was brought to the attention of the agency by a commuter.

Op-Ed: A new type of 'back to school' Special

I began readying myself for the new school year yesterday by packing. For me, it's a new kind of 'back to school' — I'm moving to a college campus.

Taxi driver charged for moving ambulance

Eastbourne - A motorist whose car was blocked by an ambulance decided to move the vehicle out of his way. This meant that when emergency workers preparing to take an ill baby to hospital headed for the ambulance, they were faced with empty space.

U.S. bank credit cards and the moving due dates scam

Many banks have deliberately designed billing systems to periodically generate payment due dates that are 5 to 6 days earlier than normal in an effort to catch automatic bill payers in a missed due date scam.

Moving Day Nightmares: A Bridge Too Low

Think you are having a bad day? I am sure that everyone of us has their fair share of moving horror stories, broken dishes, scratched wood work. But how about when your moving company destroys everything you own?

Prospective Property Buyer Stirs Controversy over Moving Cemetery

A prospective buyer of a 150-acre Hartland farm in Vermont has stirred controversy by proposing to move a small graveyard that sits on the property once the property has been purchased. Moving the cemetery would accommodate new house construction.

Charge Your Cellphone Just By Moving With M2E Kinetic Power

Cell phones are ubiquitous everywhere and they use considerable battery power and contribute enormous environmental waste. But thanks to M2E, the kinetic energy (movement) gets converted to electrical energy and powers the device.

Moving Your Eyes Improves Memory, Study Suggests

English researchers say if you want a quick memory fix, just move your eyes from side to side for 30 seconds. These horizontal eye movements cause the two hemispheres of the brain to interact with each other and improve memory.

Moving out of classroom, more undergraduates turn to research

In knee-high rubber boots, Jennifer Young peers out over a dozen or so sows and their litters, seemingly oblivious to the stench coming from their pens.

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ADDRESS: The northern end of the renovated Oakland Coliseum is seen during a football game in 2008.
ADDRESS: The northern end of the renovated Oakland Coliseum is seen during a football game in 2008.
BrokenSphere / Wikimedia
ACTION: The Oakland Athletics play the Cincinnati Reds at home in June 2013. The Athletics will like...
ACTION: The Oakland Athletics play the Cincinnati Reds at home in June 2013. The Athletics will likely be staying in Oakland for at least 10 years after the U.S. Supreme Court turned down legal efforts to force major league baseball to allow them to move to San Jose.
redlegsfan21/Wikimedia Commons
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