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Review: The enemy is inside ‘The Great Wall’ Special

‘The Great Wall’ is a Chinese-American co-production that fails to successfully combine the two distinct storytelling styles.

Review: The Lego Batman movie offers thrills and spills Special

Hatfield - Both Lego and Batman are firmly established in popular culture; the former is associated with vivid colors and exhilarating play, the latter with dark undertones. How well do they come together as a movie?

Review: ‘A Cure for Wellness’ has gothic style that’s stretched for hours Special

‘A Cure for Wellness’ is a contemporary gothic mystery that confines its characters to a remote location, where help is both offered and unobtainable.

Review: Women and veterans are hot topics in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include true depictions of the consequences of war; female empowerment done the right way and wrong way; a technological revolution; and a realistic depiction of an alien encounter.

Review: ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ goes bigger and gets better Special

‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ marks the reluctant return of an unstoppable killer who discovers his retirement from being a badass no longer has everyone’s support.

Review: ‘Paterson’ is a subtle meditation on life’s brilliance Special

Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Paterson’ is a restrained reflection on life via a poet who finds inspiration in even the most rigid routine.

Review: Love & family are interpreted differently in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include an intense romance; families struggling with the day-to-day; the start of a prolific career; a great film made even better by 4K; and a few great series in their entireties.

Review: ‘The Salesman’ discovers justice can have its own consequences Special

‘The Salesman’ is Iran’s 2017 Oscar-nominated foreign language film about a couple that faces the ultimate test of loyalty and forgiveness after an unprovoked assault.

Review: ‘The Space Between Us’ fills with love, laughter & predictability Special

‘The Space Between Us’ depicts a sweet, young romance between the only human Martian and an Earthling whose first meeting takes them on a formulaic adventure.

Review: Limits are meant to be tested in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include several cult classics; an inspiring story of rising above expectations; the second chapter of taking care of business off the field; and an animated movie that strived to achieve more than the one before it.

Review: ‘Gold’ is filled with riches and rocks Special

‘Gold’ doesn’t require much mining to discover excellent performances from Matthew McConaughey and Edgar Ramirez, portraying two equal but different business partners finally striking it rich.

Review: ‘The Red Turtle’ accomplishes so much with such a simple approach Special

Oscar-nominated ‘The Red Turtle’ tells the enchanting story of an improbable, loving family and earns Studio Ghibli its sixth nod for best animated feature.

Review: This week’s releases throw expectations out the window Special

This week’s releases include very different takes on the Western; a romance that hits profoundly hard times; a below-the-radar animated feature; an attractive new release of a horror staple; and an even greater package for an artist’s triumph.

Review: ‘Split’ is an invigorating thriller that restores Shyamalan’s rep Special

‘Split’ is M. Night Shyamalan’s latest picture, which returns to his low-budget roots and is even more enhanced by the completely unexpected twist at the end.

Review: ‘The Founder’ exposes callous heart at beloved franchise’s centre Special

‘The Founder’ is the captivating and controversial origin story of the world’s most visited fast food restaurant, McDonald’s, in which Michael Keaton unsurprisingly excels as a ruthless man with big dreams.

Dog forced into rushing water while making A Dog's Purpose

Filmmakers for the Hollywood film 'A Dog's Purpose' have been criticized after footage shows them forcing a dog into water against its will.

Review: Horror comes in many flavours in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a chance to revisit a hero’s adventures; the crazy adventures of two funny women; a thoughtful exploration of beliefs; a well-crafted mystery thriller; and one of the best horror movies of last year.

Review: ‘20th Century Women’ is a tribute to all the women in our lives Special

‘20th Century Women’ is the inspiring story of three strong, imperfect women at different stages of their lives as seen through the eyes of a teenage boy.

Review: ‘Live by Night’ could have benefitted from greater focus Special

‘Live by Night’ is a personal drama masquerading as a gangster movie in which its protagonist’s journey of discovery is thoroughly depicted in an attractive manner.

Review: The unusual and the acclaimed cross paths in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include some very strange and fantastic adventures; an Oscar nominee; an understated action film; and a series of lessons wrapped in cuteness.

Review: This week’s releases have a lot of passion Special

This week’s releases include several documentaries chronicling various passions; the penultimate season of an acclaimed series; a horror reboot with new blood in front and behind the camera; and an amusing tale of PG rebellion.

Review: New on DVD for December 27 Special

This week’s releases include an updated version of a cult classic; the latest chapter in a man’s complex attempt at normalcy; the union of two great actors; and an unexpected romance.

Review: ‘Hidden Figures’ is a testament of our ability to create change Special

‘Hidden Figures’ is packed with inspiration as its poignant actors recount the ability for determination to overcome even the most stringent adversities.

Review: This week’s releases are all about the ties that bind Special

This week’s releases include families pulling together to get through tough times; an effectively updated Western; the whole story regarding a nationwide news item; and a slightly confused animated feature.

Review: ‘Rogue One’ adds to the franchise as a standalone powerhouse Special

‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ is an exceptional addition to the canon as it boasts an incredible cast, an even better story and widespread dedication to get it right while also distinguishing the film from all those that came before it.

Review: This week’s new releases accesses the library for best selections Special

This week’s releases include extended versions of a high profile movie and TV series; a fantastic kung fu picture; a sci-fi classic; an epic animated series; and a film that chooses its words carefully.

Review: This week’s new releases features familiar characters Special

This week’s releases include a very amusing depiction of what pets do when their owners are away; a new election conspiracy theory; a gritty drama about dreams and consequences; and a new LEGO cartoon.

Review: ‘Doctor Who — The Power of the Daleks’ is a must-see for Whovians Special

After being lost for 50 years, fans will be able to see the debut of the Second Doctor and the first ever “renewal” in ‘Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks.’

Review: This week delivers on odd mix of horror and family-friendly fun Special

This week’s releases include some wonderful stories of magic fantasy; performances that will knock your socks off; the final chapter in a messy corporate adventure; and an eye-catching new package for a fan favourite.

Review: ‘Manchester by the Sea’ delivers greatness via its performances Special

‘Manchester by the Sea’ is a genuinely compelling drama, featuring impeccable performances from the exceptionally strong cast with Casey Affleck leading the way.
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