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Review: ‘She Who Must Burn’ is intelligent and pointed horror Special

‘She Who Must Burn’ is a thoughtful condemnation of extremists that doubles as an intense drama and engaging thriller. Shot in Vancouver, the film plays The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival.

Review: ‘James White’ is a no-holds-barred emotional rollercoaster Special

‘James White’ is an intensely emotional portrait of a young man who bottles up his own issues to help his mother during a difficult time.

Review: The red and green in this week’s releases aren’t the jolly kind Special

This week’s releases include a little horror for the holidays; an animated Oscar contender; another witty season of female-driven comedy; and possibly the greatest bad movie ever made.

Review: Ron Perlman and Rupert Grint conspire for ‘Moonwalkers’— Trailer

‘Moonwalkers’ takes a psychedelic trip into one of the strangest conspiracy theories in history. Was Stanley Kubrick hired to fake man’s first steps on the Moon?

Review: Saoirse Ronan sweeps viewers off their feet in ‘Brooklyn’ Special

‘Brooklyn’ is a charming tale of love and finding one’s home that is carried exquisitely by Saoirse Ronan who plays an Irish immigrant making a fresh start in the New York borough.

Review: Henry Rollins shows you why 'He Never Died’— Red Band Trailer

In the new film 'He Never Died,' Henry Rollins faces a dark past while working through anger issues. And it's kinda funny.

Review: This week signals the start of holiday release season Special

This week’s releases include new gory, lenticular Blu-ray packaging for a popular series; the conclusion of a series and another that just seems to be getting started; and a box set that significantly extends your viewing experience beyond the Shire.

Review: ‘Love the Coopers’ is smothered in sugary melodrama Special

‘Love the Coopers’ is the latest middling compilation of characters trying to navigate the holidays with their equally dissatisfied family members.

Review: ‘Heist’ plays to its actors’ strengths Special

‘Heist’ is the story of a good guy stuck on a bus in a bad situation, trying to keep it from getting worse and avoid jail time.

Review: New on DVD for November 10 Special

This week’s releases include an incredibly well-planned spin-off series; a less successful reboot; a stirring and unique post-apocalypse film; and a TV series that always seems to balance out.

Review: 'The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun’— Debut trailer

With a title as descriptive as ’The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun,’ one would expect the trailer to give away the plot. Wrong.

Film vs. Digital: Can there ever be a winner?

The film vs. digital debate has been waged for more than a decade with the latter gaining momentum. So why were two of the most anticipated December releases — ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ and ‘The Hateful Eight’ — still shot on film?

Review: 'Victor Frankenstein' tries to electrify with new trailer

With strong leads in James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe, can 'Victor Frankenstein' breathe new life into the old Monster?

Review: ‘The Peanuts Movie’ is the big screen reunion fans hoped for Special

“What once was old is new again.” This phrase can be applied to a number of trends in various industries of pop culture as former favourites are repurposed, rebooted and reimagined.

Review: Official 'Warcraft' movie trailer releases

Not long after teasing the masses with a 16 second look at the new 'Warcraft' movie, BlizzCon 2015 offers fans the full trailer.

Review: ‘Spectre’ isn’t the retirement party this Bond deserved Special

‘Spectre’ is the weakest of the Daniel Craig-era Bond movies, but when its predecessors have been so impressive that just means it’s good instead of great.

Review: Johnny Depp and 'Alice Through the Looking Glass'- Trailer

In the sequel nobody asked for, Johnny Depp once more dons the top hat and takes another trip into Wonderland with Disney's 'Alice Through the Looking Glass.'

Review: Sally Field stars in 'Hello, My Name is Doris' — Trailer

In her latest film 'Hello, My Name is Doris' Sally Field asks the question, "Should age determine how young you truly are?"

A lot of strong emotions about this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include the frontrunner for best animated film of 2015; a few anniversary releases; a reboot that actually works; and a solid mystery thriller featuring the team from ‘Mad Max: Fury Road.’

Review: What a wonderful world in 'Warcraft' — Trailer

After the announcement of the upcoming film, which seems like ages ago, Blizzard Entertainment, Legendary Pictures and director Duncan Jones finally unveil the first trailer for 'Warcraft.'

Review: ‘The Assassin’ presents a strong, silent female hero Special

‘The Assassin’ is a high-tension, female-driven action movie that balances action with aesthetic, and trusts in the ability of its lead actress.

Review: ‘Room’ begins where most stories about captivity end Special

‘Room’ is a powerful, award-winning drama that depicts the life of a mother and son during and after their captivity, and the difficulties presented by both circumstances.

Review: ‘Deathgasm’ hooks audiences right up until the big finish Special

‘Deathgasm’ is a heavy metal horror story that regales audiences with its loud and gory tale of a group of kids who mistakenly summon a world-ending demon.

Review: ‘The Hallow’ finds its monster in Irish folklore Special

The woodland creatures in ‘The Hallow’ create a tangible nightmare for a couple who discover not all folklore is to be taken with a grain of salt.

Review: TIFF retrospective screens Maurice Pialat’s most successful film Special

TIFF’s retrospective, “Love Exists: The Films of Maurice Pialat,” is a comprehensive look at the unsentimental French director’s body of work and includes his most successful picture.

Review: Retro is in for this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a comprehensive collector’s edition of a cult classic; an award-winning horror comedy; a compelling TV event from M. Night Shyamalan; and an indie darling.

Review: Offbeat comedy ‘Rock the Kasbah’ gets a little off-key Special

‘Rock the Kasbah’ is a quirky comedy starring Bill Murray as a music manager who finds his censored star in an Afghan cave.

Review: 'The Last Witch Hunter' is a compilation of oversights Special

‘The Last Witch Hunter’ forgets fantasy is about solid storytelling and instead focuses on the picture’s special effects.

Review: Time travel movie ‘Synchronicity’ keeps it all straight Special

‘Synchronicity’ is a competent time travel movie that distinctively concerns itself with personal choices over the fate of the world.

Review: ‘A Christmas Horror Story’ is a gift-wrapped Halloween treat Special

‘A Christmas Horror Story’ is an excellent horror anthology that takes on the cheery holiday with gleefully gory results.
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