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Review: ‘Doctor Who — The Power of the Daleks’ is a must-see for Whovians Special

After being lost for 50 years, fans will be able to see the debut of the Second Doctor and the first ever “renewal” in ‘Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks.’

Review: This week delivers on odd mix of horror and family-friendly fun Special

This week’s releases include some wonderful stories of magic fantasy; performances that will knock your socks off; the final chapter in a messy corporate adventure; and an eye-catching new package for a fan favourite.

Review: ‘Manchester by the Sea’ delivers greatness via its performances Special

‘Manchester by the Sea’ is a genuinely compelling drama, featuring impeccable performances from the exceptionally strong cast with Casey Affleck leading the way.

Review: ‘Moana’ isn’t letting anything stand between her and her mission Special

‘Moana’ is an innovative, inspiring and striking tale about a young woman who stands her ground and risks everything to save her people from extinction.

Review: New on DVD for November 22 Special

This week’s releases include the trials of living in modern society; a loophole the made a couple of schmucks millions; the tales of legends; and one of the year’s most accomplished animated pictures.

Review: ‘London Road’ is paved with innovation and a few potholes Special

‘London Road’ is the inventive and lyrical telling of a true story that shook a rural community when they discovered a serial killer lived amongst them.

Review: ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ keeps the magic alive Special

‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ is the first laudable film in a series of prequels returning to the world of Harry Potter long before the boy and his friends were even born.

Review: New on DVD for November 15 Special

This week’s releases include a couple of mesmerizing stage productions on film; collectible editions of must-watch TV shows; the by-product of a crazy union; and an animated sequel that finds a new way down the same path.

Review: New on DVD for November 8 Special

This week’s releases include some very different martial arts films; a drama that never stops surprising; the anniversary edition of a classic; and one of the best cartoons not made for children.

Review: ‘Arrival’ is the sincerest type of science fiction Special

‘Arrival’ is a riveting science fiction narrative that convincingly narrates what an alien encounter could look like, depicting both the international and local challenges such an event would present, while remaining optimistic in its approach.

Review: ‘Loving’ is a rousing yet refined look at unplanned courage Special

‘Loving’ is the inspirational tale of a couple who were forced to fight to legitimize their love for each other and paved the way for other interracial couples in the process.

Review: ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ is a major push to the awards front Special

‘Hacksaw Ridge’ is a powerful movie that takes as much care in portraying its heroic protagonist as it does the horrors of war.

Review: ‘Doctor Strange’ would expect nothing less of his film Special

‘Doctor Strange’ is Marvel’s strongest movie in years, matching the best qualities of the studio’s first big picture success.

Review: Aliens score live at the Royal Albert Hall Special

London - To mark the thirsty years since the release of the groundbreaking science-fiction / horror move 'Aliens', the movie has been shown at London's Royal Albert Hall, scored by a live orchestra.

Review: Trying new things has mixed results in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a look at a franchise’s past and future; a hilarious salute to women; a noteworthy miniseries that raises important questions; a bleak challenge for a former child actor; and a slew of new features for a beloved comedy.

Review: ‘Inferno’ barely heats up the screen Special

‘Inferno’ is the third installment in the Robert Langdon film series, taking the scholar back to Italy but leaving his faculties elsewhere.

Review: New on DVD for October 25 Special

This week’s releases include the latest chapter in a series of horrific stories; Woody Allen’s latest project; a couple of classic tales of terror; and the newest apocalyptic adventure of an extended prehistoric family.

Review: ‘Ouija’ isn’t much better than a cheap parlour trick Special

‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ is a conventional horror movie with a relatively interesting story and adequate build-up that unfortunately gives way to what is essentially a special effects montage.

Review: ‘War on Everyone’ is inappropriately hilarious Special

‘War on Everyone’ is a contrary buddy cop comedy in which the duo spend most of their time looking out for themselves at everyone else’s expense.

Review: This week’s releases will leave their mark on audiences Special

This week’s releases include a great horror movie that’ll make your skin crawl; a new chapter in a superhero series; a scene-stealing performance; an adorable animated film from Down Under; and the complete collection of a time-tested series.

Review: ‘Under the Shadow’ is frightening before the monster even arrives Special

‘Under the Shadow’ combines the real terrors of war with the mythical horror of a supernatural monster that threatens a family.

Review: ‘The Accountant’ doesn’t make a mistake in adding up its assets Special

‘The Accountant’ is a slow-burning, intense thriller about a man of many conflicts who must use his talents to save his life.

‘War for the Planet of the Apes’: the height of Caesar’s journey Special

‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ is the apex of years of mistreatment and misunderstanding, and fans at NYCC 2016 got a sneak peek at what the climax will look like.

Review: This week’s releases confront the past for a better future Special

This week’s releases include updates of a couple of classic movies or franchises; a new TV series that’s definitely shaking up the usual formula; a return to form for a beleaguered actor; and the third chapter in a murderous film series.

Review: ‘Denial’s need for balance short changes more interesting story Special

‘Denial’ is a methodical courtroom drama that deliberates the importance of truth in all realms and the limits of free speech in the same spheres.

Review: New on DVD for October 4 Special

This week’s releases include a holiday gone terribly wrong; the concluding seasons of two gripping series and the complete collections of two others; possibly the quirkiest dramedy of the year; and an incredibly well-crafted horror movie.

Review: ‘Deepwater Horizon’ puts audiences at the centre of the disaster Special

‘Deepwater Horizon’ is a remarkably intense depiction of a wide-reaching disaster that focuses on the people at its epicentre.

Review: This week’s releases take the path less travelled Special

This week’s releases include an aggressively stunning display; a new reason not to go into the water; the latest drama in a musical empire; and special releases of classic Westerns and cult horror loaded with bonus features.

Review: ‘The Magnificent Seven’ updates the Western for modern audiences Special

‘The Magnificent Seven’ remake is a Western at heart but action movie by definition, plausibly redefining the main characters and adding a lot of explosions.

Review: It’s time to relive some old memories with this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include childhood favourites celebrating special anniversaries; a film that sheds light on another aspect of the Civil War; a spin-off of a popular TV series; and a misplaced silent film from a master filmmaker.
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