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Mouse News

'Over half' of all wireless mice vulnerable to 'Mousejack' attack

A warning has been issued after security researchers discovered many wireless mice are vulnerable to attacks that could give hackers control of a computer. Wireless mice usually work over unencrypted connections, putting them at risk of attack.

Review: The Inateck HB4009 'Magic Hub' is one unique USB expansion

Most USB hubs have a very simple purpose. They allow you to add more USB ports to your computer by connecting a dongle to one of the existing ports. The Inateck HB4009 has some rather different functionality though including clipboard and mouse sharing.

Customer wants refund after seeing mouse in Burger King

Paddington - A customer recorded himself asking for a refund at a Burger King in London, after he spotted a live mouse in the ceiling.

Man says McDonald's coffee cup contained a dead mouse

Ron Morals, of Fredericton, said that he got a cup of coffee from a local McDonald's on his way to work, and discovered a dead mouse in his cup.

Gross! — Rat dines on vending machine snacks

Barcelona - Well that's disgusting. Video footage of a rat eating a package of biscuits inside a Barcelona subway vending machine has the Internet buzzing.

Scientists regrow mouse thymus

Using a simple genetic formula, scientists have been able to coax a shrunken mouse thymus to regenerate. This is the first report of the regeneration of a whole, aged organ by a single factor.

Mapping the mouse brain

New research charts the entire brain of the mouse at the cellular level. The collected data is the most comprehensive analysis of an animal's brain to be published.

Wonder polymer could treat heart attacks

Medical research has shown that the injection of microscopic particles of a plastic-like material protects mice from cardiac tissue damage following a heart attack.

Doug Engelbart dies at 88: Mouse inventor, early email developer

San Francisco - Douglas C. Engelbart died at 88 after his health deteriorated over the weekend. Engelbart invented the computer mouse, helped develop early email and word processing programs, and contributed to the invention of the Internet, among other technologies.

Japanese scientists clone mouse from drop of blood

Using just circulating blood cells in the tail of a donor mouse, scientists at the Riken BioResoure Center were able to create a clone of the mouse.

Mouse brain rendered transparent for neurological research

Researchers have developed a method for rendering the brain of a mouse transparent. This non-destructive process is designed to allow scientists to better visualize brain conditions such as autism.

Teeth grown from mouse cells

Researchers say that the possibility of growing new teeth on a patient's jaw is rising because of a hybrid of human gum cells and mouse stem cells.

Video: Animal lover releases mouse to wild, hawk snatches mouse

The video shows an animal lover carefully releasing a mouse he had captured back to "freedom" in the wild rather than kill it. But nature plays a nasty prank on him. Within seconds of releasing the mouse, a hawk swoops down and snatches it up for dinner.

Review: Tech for Christmas (part 7)

Keyboards and mice: All keyboards and mice are not created equal. Certain tasks require a certain kind of keyboard or mouse, while other tasks require something else entirely.

Man makes a cash withdrawal from ATM, gets a mouse with his money

A man recently went to get some cash out of an ATM and got a surprise withdrawal. After he pulled out his cash from the machine in Ersboda, located in northern Sweden, Gholam Hafezi didn't get a receipt, but did get much more than he'd anticipated

Video shows mouse inside bag of McDonald's Big Mac buns

Philadelphia - A disturbing video recorded by a former McDonald's employee showing a mouse running around inside a bag of Big Mac buns has gone viral after the man, who was fired for poor performance, gave it to a Philadelphia Fox news station.

Op-Ed: Mouse survives, one to hospital and one in jail for rape

The good news perhaps, the mouse survived. The bad news, one person goes to the hospital and one person is in jail for rape. Drinking and shooting may not be a good idea.

Op-Ed: When a mouse or keyboard is not your friend

Input devices can actually cause a painful case of repetitive-strain injury. The best thing to do is to use more than one of each.

World War II heroine 'White Mouse' Nancy Wake dies

London - Nancy Wake, the World War II heroine who was called "White Mouse" by the Gestapo because she was so elusive, died on Sunday at the age of 98.

Company fined after dead mouse found in bread

Kidlington - Premier Foods was ordered to pay almost £17,000 after a man found a dead mouse in a loaf of bread made by the UK company.

Controversy surrounds study where mice are made to suffer pain

Montreal - A lot of questions were raised after mice were purposely subjected to various methods of pain during a study at McGill University in Montreal. Researchers claim inducing pain on the animals is key to understanding pain responses.

Will Google be able to analyze where you move your mouse online?

On Tuesday Google was granted a patent to allow the Web company to collect data on where users hover their mouse cursors on search result pages and advertisements.

Open source mouse yesterday announced the release of the OpenOfficeMouse, a multi-button mouse designed for applications

Woman clicks wrong box, transfers £2,000 to wrong person

A woman has accidentally transferred £2,000 to the wrong person online after clicking the wrong button on her online bank account.

Silicon Valley company produces one billionth computer mouse

Over the years, many have sounded the impending death of the computer mouse but so far it has survived like its namesake for nearly 40 years with no clear alternative. Logitech, a technology company in Silicon Valley, produced its one billionth mouse.

Rodent Found In A Package Of Hot Dog Buns; Company Asks Man To Mail Them Back

A North Carolina man shows his buns, hot dog buns that is. And baked right into one bun is what appears to be a mouse with ears, snout, tail and all. The buns were purchased at a local wholesale club, where the company asked him not to return the product.

Researchers Implant Camera Inside Mouse's Brain to Study Parkinson's

Researchers from Japan have implanted a tiny camera inside a mouse’s brain to study memory behavior. They hope the study will help them analyze and treat Parkinson’s disease and other illnesses.

Mouse Head Found in Steamed Vegetables

We’ve all heard the horror stories of finding band aids or flies in school cafeteria food. Now the trend has moved to hospitals, as a patient in Finland found an unappetizing mouse head in his steamed vegetables.

Hungry Mice Could Be Key To Obesity Studies

Scientists have started to measure how full or hungry a mouse feels, by means of imaging revealing how neurons behave in that part of the brain which regulates appetite. They hope to gain new insights into human obesity.

Mouse May Hold Clues to Human Ageing

A study by scientists at UCL (University College London) shows that mice lacking the insulin receptor substrate (IRS)-1 are more resistant to ageing than normal mice. The research adds to a growing body of work showing the importance of insulin signalling
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Mouse Image

Hermie retrieves his dinner.
Hermie retrieves his dinner.
Jason Wormal/Facebook
Microsoft s rapidly disappearing Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000  an old and faithful standby
Microsoft's rapidly disappearing Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, an old and faithful standby
Microsoft Corp.
Photo by tanakawho
Beth Saunders tried to imitate the colours in a mouse nest she found when she created this rug hooki...
Beth Saunders tried to imitate the colours in a mouse nest she found when she created this rug hooking.
Two lab mice
Two lab mice
House mouse.
House mouse.
H. Zell (CC BY-SA 3.0)
A rather cumbersome precursor to the modern mouse; this trackball was developed by three engineers w...
A rather cumbersome precursor to the modern mouse; this trackball was developed by three engineers working for the Canadian Navy in 1952.
Creative Commons
A Huntsman spider. This one  Palystes castaneus  is native to South Africa.
A Huntsman spider. This one, Palystes castaneus, is native to South Africa.
Jon Richfield
Mouse embryonic stem cells
Mouse embryonic stem cells
ChongDae-National Science Foundation employee
Lab Mouse
Lab Mouse
The interactive tool found at Inamo  allowing for different options to be selected or games to be pl...
The interactive tool found at Inamo, allowing for different options to be selected or games to be played.
A mouse being used for research/science purposes
A mouse being used for research/science purposes
by diabetesisfun
Surfing the Web
Surfing the Web
The Smartfish ErgoMotion Mouse  which is billed as having a unique  gravity-defying  mechanism.
The Smartfish ErgoMotion Mouse, which is billed as having a unique 'gravity-defying' mechanism.
SmartFish Technologies
A sign in the New York City subway advises passengers that rodenticide was applied.
A sign in the New York City subway advises passengers that rodenticide was applied.
Paul Lowry/Wikimedia Commons
Hawk snatches mouse
Hawk snatches mouse
Using the mouse pointer to bring up interactive content at Inamo  London.
Using the mouse pointer to bring up interactive content at Inamo, London.
Engineer Ben Wu manipulating his smartphone as a mouse
Engineer Ben Wu manipulating his smartphone as a mouse
YouTube screenshot
Accessing some of the interactive content with a mouse at Inamo  London.
Accessing some of the interactive content with a mouse at Inamo, London.

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