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Best Buy revealed the price of Motorola's Google smartwatch

Motorola is expected to reveal more information about its Moto 360 smartwatch next month, but it looks like Best Buy has already beat them to it.

Specifications for budget Moto E smartphone from Motorola leak

Specifications for an unrevealed Motorola handset called the Moto E have appeared online that detail the device's hardware.

Motorola chief departs for Dropbox

San Francisco - The head of Google-owned maker Motorola, Dennis Woodside, announced Thursday he is leaving the smartphone maker to become chief operating officer at the online storage firm Dropbox.The news comes just two weeks after Google said it was selling the Moto...

EU regulators to rule on Samsung, Motorola disputes in April

EU regulators will rule on antitrust cases against Samsung Electronics and Motorola Mobility in April, the European Commission said on Monday as it seeks to end the so-called patent wars between smartph

Flagship Motorola smartphone headed for Europe

San Francisco - Motorola announced Tuesday that its flagship Moto X smartphone is heading for Europe.Moto X will arrive in France, Britain and Germany with the start of February, according to the Google-owned firm.

Motorola Moto X coming to AT&T on August 23rd

The American assembled Motorola Moto X is coming to US carriers as early as the end of August. AT&T customers will have exclusive access to this phone on the 23rd of August.

Moto X smartphone will be 'always listening'

Google's smartphone company Motorola has unveiled a phone that is "always listening" for the owner's voice commands. The mobile is the first new design since Google's $12.5bn takeover of Motorola last year.

Op-Ed: Samsung scheduled to release the Galaxy S5 as early as late 2013

Can Samsung get away with releasing the Galaxy S5 just six months after the Galaxy S4 launch? Whether yes or no, it looks like Samsung may actually be doing so.

20% of Motorola Mobility workforce to be cut by Google

New York - Google is expected to cut around 4,000 Motorola Mobility staffs with an aim to streamline the wireless business mobile-phone making business process.

Microsoft ordered to remove Xbox, Windows 7 from German market

A German court ruled Wednesday that Microsoft infringed on patents owned by Motorola Mobility and ordered the company to remove its Xbox and Windows 7 products from the German market.

Samsung, HTC, and others hit with Carrier IQ lawsuits

A discovery on most major smartphones has led to a scandal in the tech industry, leading to three major lawsuits against most smartphone providers.

Google to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion

Google has announced plans to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in cash. The deal gives Google a stronger foothold in the mobile industry, putting it directly in the handset business, and positions Google to better compete with companies like Apple.

Op-Ed: Motorola introduces a PC-in-a-pocket Special

The ATRIX smartphone represents its maker’s desire to blur the line between a PC and a smartphone, but it succeeds only by removing some needed hardware

Google Music coming to Android, to compete with Apple's iTunes

Google's competitor to iTunes will launch sometime in 2011 with the next generation Android release, the Guardian reports from Barcelona, home of the Mobile World Congress.

The hottest tech of the year: Part 2 Special

Smartphones: The biggest tech revolution of the year was created by the Apple iPad, which is really just an extension of the iPhone, which itself is an extension of iTunes.

Motorola announces slew of new Android phones

Today marked the start of the Cellular Telephone Industries Association Enterprise and Applications trade show, and Motorola was busy showing off a large number of new Android-powered devices expected to ship soon.

Motorola Droid X to get Android 2.2 tomorrow

Motorola has teased about a summer launch of an Android 2.2 "Froyo" update for the Droid X. The update has been officially announced, and will arrive tomorrow.

NTP sues Apple, Google, HTC, LG, Microsoft, Motorola over email patents

Richmond - The company that successfully sued Research in Motion for $612.5 million in 2006 is back in the patent lawsuit game. NTP has filed suit against Apple, Google, HTC, LG, Microsoft and Motorola over claims the companies are infringing on an email patent.

Sales of Cheap, Fake Cellphones Expected to Double

The sale of cheap imitation brand-name mobile telephones is expected to double, hurting such cellphone giants as Nokia, Samsung and Motorola, and possibly threatening the safety of unwary consumers.

On heels of Motorola's Droid, Dell enters smartphone market

Following on the heels of the much-hyped Motorola Droid, Dell announced on Friday its intention to enter the smartphone market in China and Brazil.

Northern Michigan University get campus-wide WiMAX

Northern Michigan University was one of the first campuses to offer campus-wide WiFi to its students, now they are setting up a campus-wide WiMAX network

Google cuts jobs for first time

For the first time in its history, Google has announced it is eliminating 100 jobs worldwide. It is not clear how many US or UK jobs would be affected.

Motorola Launches New 5-megapixel Camera Phone

Motorola is set to unveil a new 5 mega-pixel camera phone, in partnership with Kodak. The phone has a new technology which is said to take brighter, more vivid photographs.

Is Palm up for sale?

Engadget says Palm, Inc., might be available for sale.

Motorola plans 3,500 job cuts

Motorola to cut 5% of it's workforce.

Motorola to Buy Netopia for $208M

Cell phone maker Motorola Inc. said Tuesday it is buying Netopia Inc., which provides DSL gear and routing equipment to telecommunications companies, for $7 per share, or $208 million in cash.

Motorola's Good deal

Motorola Inc.'s purchase of BlackBerry rival Good Technology, unveiled Friday, marks the firm's second attempt in two months to bolster its sales to businesses

Sprint announces Motorola SLVR L7c

MOTOSLVR L7c is both Motorola's first CDMA SLVR handset and Sprint's first candy bar style high-speed EVDO consumer phone. The attractive MOTOSLVR L7c operates on Sprint's Power Vision(SM) Network enabling downloads of the latest news, music and entertain

Motorola sued for Bluetooth headset hearing loss

A California man is suing Motorola because he said the company knew its Bluetooth headsets could cause “serious hearing loss,” but did not warn customers.

Nokia Adds Memory to Sleek-Looking N91, But it's Still an Overpriced Clunker

Nokia's N91 wasn't popular with critics, but its new phone looks friggin awesome. Nokia hopes it will help the company compete against a competitor's phone named after a certain nameless blade (hehe). Then again, it's really expensive and kinda clunky.
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Motorola Image

Motorola and Google s Moto X smartphone
Motorola and Google's Moto X smartphone
Motorola s lapdock  with the ATRIX smartphone plugged in behind the screen.
Motorola's lapdock, with the ATRIX smartphone plugged in behind the screen.
The Moto 360  Motorola s upcoming smartwatch
The Moto 360, Motorola's upcoming smartwatch
Motorola Flipout
Motorola Flipout
The Motorola XT860 4G handset
The Motorola XT860 4G handset
Courtesy Motorola
Motorola announces a new type modular phone concept called  Ara  which is going to be the greatest t...
Motorola announces a new type modular phone concept called "Ara" which is going to be the greatest turn in smartphone history. Motorola called it an open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones, that can gives the power of choice to the users to decide which smartphone components do they want in their hands. Ara consists of what we call an endoskeleton (endo) and modules, the endo is the structural frame that can hold all the modules. looks like the concept of phoneblok is bec
Motorola Flipside
Motorola Flipside