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A Srebrenica mother's quest for justice

Den Haag - For many July 12, 1995, was just another day long ago, but it is forever etched in Munira Subasic's mind. It was the day she met Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladic, and the last time she saw her son alive.

No autism link to prenatal exposure to antidepressants

One concern is that mothers who take antidepressants while pregnant go on to have children who develop autism. A new scientific study disproves this.

Baby’s sex affects a woman’s immunity while pregnant

There has been anecdotal evidence for several years: that whether a woman is carrying a boy or a girl her health differs. Now medical evidence indicates that the sex of the baby affects the immunity of the expectant woman.

Women who hold a baby on the left side bond more closely

Women who hold their baby on their left side tend to bond more closely with their child than women who tend to hold their baby on the right hand-side, according to a new psychological study.

Why a mother’s voice soothes her children

The voice of a child’s mother provides psychological comfort and it lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol, according to new research of school-aged children.

Large national variations in breastfeeding rates

London - New figures, published by the medical journal The Lancet, show considerable variation between countries in terms of breastfeeding. The U.K. comes out very low.

Whooping cough transmitted by siblings

A new U.S. study has found that infants are more likely to catch whooping cough from their siblings and rather than from their mothers. This could change established health practices.

20 years of search and solitude for Srebrenica mothers

Sarajevo - It's been 20 years since Fatima, Rejha and Sabaheta lost their sons and husbands in the Srebrenica massacre -- but the grief is still as raw as if they disappeared yesterday.

Interview: Tony Ferrari talks 'Mothers' single and new music Special

Singer-songwriter Tony Ferrari opened up about his hit single "Mothers" and its success, as well as his future plans in music.

Review: Tony Ferrari charming on 'Mothers' single and music video Special

Singer-songwriter Tony Ferrari has released a single and music video for "Mothers," and it is absolutely beautiful and moving.

Insight into how a mother mouse hears her pup calling

New York - The hormone oxytocin activates neurons that trigger female mice to respond to the distress calls of lost pups. This has come from a new research study.

Watch 'Undercover moms go wild at sons sexually harassing them'

Lima - The video "Undercover mothers go wild at sons who sexually harass them," also titled "Whistling at your mom," is part of a Peruvian campaign against sexual harassment of women in the streets by men who cat-call and wolf-whistle when women walk past.

Pope tells moms it's ok to breastfeed in Sistine Chapel

Pope Francis recently baptized 33 infants, and told the mothers that they could breastfeed their children if they were hungry or cried.

Mothers can pass on stress to infants

Washington - A mother's stress could lead to changes in her offspring’s brains. This can eventually affect the physiology and behavior of the young.

Eight surprising facts about modern mothers Special

Chicago - In honor of Mother’s Day in the U.S. this weekend, the Fertility Centers of Illinois have provided Digital Journal readers with a current snapshot of present-day motherhood.

Stranger praises mom's parenting in a note left at Pizza Hut

Durham - In a heartwarming random act of kindness, a North Carolina man who was dining alone in a Pizza Hut decided to pay for a single mother's meal and left her a kind note praising her parenting skills.

North American moms want M&M's to change their recipe

M&M’s candies contain petroleum-based, artificial dyes that can trigger hyperactivity in sensitive children. M&M's are made without most of those dyes in Europe and one mother wants to know why they are still being used in North America.

Mothers are more sensitive to the 'new baby' smell

The brains of new mothers show a stronger response to infant body odor compared with the brains of women who aren’t mothers.

Diabetic pregnant mothers are at a greater risk from MRSA

Pregnant women with diabetes are more than three times as likely as mothers without diabetes to become infected with MRSA, according to a review of various medical research papers.

Postpartum depression linked to ‘unwanted pregnancies'

Women who carry unintended pregnancies to birth seem more likely to suffer postpartum depression than those who planned to conceive a child, according to some new research.

Op-Ed: Mothers Day — What do actual mothers think of this holiday? Special

Mothers Day has come again. Commercialized to pamper mothers, many companies make millions a year celebrating this time of year. Many wonder what women think of mothers day. That's why I interviewed four women for their opinion on Mother's Day.

Why obese mothers may be giving their newborns heart disease

A new study revealed obese and overweight mothers may be unknowingly giving their babies heart disease. Researchers found arterial thickening of these babies' hearts.

Illinois mothers attempt to break the world breastfeeding record

Chicago - According to numerous sources, mothers from Illinois are planning to break the world breastfeeding record on Saturday morning.

Meagan's Walk for cancer on Mother's Day in Toronto

Toronto - In 2001 little Meagan Bebenek died just weeks after her 5th birthday. Today her life is celebrated every Mother's Day as people take part in Meagan's Walk-Creating a Circle of Hope.

The U.S. cities that offer working moms the best deal

New York - High-powered executive women who also happen to have children don't all want to live in New York City. Forbes did some homework for them on the best places in this country to live, and came up with some surprises.

Mothers Infected With HIV Have Good Chance At Having Healthy Baby

In the past if a woman was diagnosed with the HIV virus doctors told her not to have children. That is no longer the case as HIV moves from being a death sentence to a managed disease.

Mothers protest over Facebook's ban of breastfeeding photos

More than 85,000 members have joined a group in protesting the Facebook’s removal of breastfeeding photos on the social network site. Some members also protested in front of the Facebook headquarters in California.

Op-Ed: Is Taking Away Mothers The Best For The Children Of Eldorado?

Is separating the children taken from the Eldorado ranch of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on April 3 from their mothers in their best interest?

New Plan in N.J. Would Mandate HIV Testing

Proposed plan in New Jersey would mandate HIV testing for pregnant women and new born babies.

Fashion show to honor mothers on May 13

“Celebrations” a fashion show incorporating A.J.’s Hair and Makeup and Tommy Hilfiger’s fashions is scheduled for 4 p.m. on May 13 at the Corning Museum of Glass.
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Mothers strip for an erotic calendar to raise money for their children s school bus.
Mothers strip for an erotic calendar to raise money for their children's school bus.

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