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Mother News

Woman had her child blow in breathalyzer, so she could start car

Apopka - A Florida mother has found herself in trouble after a body cam video shows her having her 4-year-old child blowing into a breathalyzer.

USA: The worst place in the developed world to be a mother

The U.S. is the most dangerous place in the developed world to become a mother, says a Save the Children report. In the world's richest country, the chance of dying in childbirth and levels of child mortality are not far removed from the third world.

Baltimore mother smacks rioting son, on camera

Baltimore - A mother in Baltimore is being praised after she spotted her son taking part in rioting in the city's street and took action.

Elephant love – Mother and baby reunited in display of affection

An incredibly moving video of a mother and baby elephant reunited in a beautiful display of love, joy and affection has surfaced on the web. Watch as they caress and flap their ears in excitement, after having been parted from one another for 3 years.

ISIS feeds mother her own son, claims fighter

A mother on a rescue mission was allegedly told by the Islamic State that she had just eaten her own son, after the group fed him to her.

Alleged Australia child killer 'coping as best she can'

Sydney - An Australian mother charged with killing eight children will have her case heard in January, a court said Monday, as she struggles to come to terms with what happened.

Mother charged with murder of eight children in Australia

Cairns - The mother of seven of eight children killed in Australia was charged with their murder Sunday, police said, describing it as the most tragic episode in their career as a makeshift memorial saw an outpouring of grief.

Mother arrested for murder of eight children in Australia

Cairns - Australian police said Saturday they had arrested the mother of all but one of eight children reportedly stabbed to death in the northern city of Cairns, as vigils were held to mourn the tragedy.

A woman shared a bed with her dead mother's corpse for five years

A woman in Germany shared a bed with her mother's corpse for five years. When social workers discovered the body, it had already mummified.

Ottawa gunman made video before attack

Ottawa - The shooter who rampaged through Canada's parliament took a video of himself just before the attack and was inspired by ideological and political motives, police said Sunday, contradicting the claims of his estranged mother.

How a mother's love prevailed: The Suzan Hughes story Commissioned

Suzan Hughes, long-time ex-wife of deceased Herbalife founder Mark Hughes, recently won a 12-year legal battle against the trustees of her late husband's $399 million estate.

Mother drives with baby in trunk to avoid being cited

A 19-year-old Florida mother drove with her five-month-old infant in the trunk of her car to avoid being cited for not having a car seat.

Mother’s diet can influence obesity in her young

Ramat Gan - By studying rats, researchers have unearthed an epigenetic link between a mother's diet and an offspring's risk of future obesity. This link relates to the blocked expression of a gene which goes onto trigger overeating.

Mother who gave daughter 'abortion pill' sentenced to prison

A mother in Pennsylvania has been sentenced to up to 18 months in prison for obtaining 'abortion pills' online and giving them to her teen daughter to end her pregnancy.

Mother gets arrested for using F word in store

A 22-year-old mother from North Augusta, South Carolina, is facing charges after she used the F word inside a Kroger grocery store.

Mother arrested after letting her 7-year-old go to park alone

A mother says that her seven-year-old son is old enough to go to the park alone, but St. Lucie, FL, police disagree with her. She now faces a charge of child neglect.

Mother killed by own car, with toddler in driving seat

Paris - A mother in the Parisian suburb of Herblay was cleaning her car Tuesday, while her two-year-old son sat playing with the steering wheel. Police are unsure of what exactly happened, but the car rolled and crushed the woman, killing her instantly.

Mother's funeral turns into party, and her corpse held menthol

New Orleans - Miriam Burbank's two daughters said that their mother, from New Orleans, was full of life, so they wanted to make sure her funeral was lively.

Bride attaches 1-month-old newborn to wedding gown

Jackson - A Tennessee couple is under fire after the bride attached her one-month old infant to the train of her wedding dress and allegedly dragged her down the aisle.

High birth weight may signal later health risks

New research suggests that being born big may mean a higher lifetime risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other ill-health conditions.

Sandy Hook truther steals memorial sign

Any parent will tell you nothing is worse than losing a child. Yet, the latest bizarre behavior by the so-called Sandy Hook "truthers" could only make coping harder for Lynn McDonnell and other parents.

'Burger King Baby' reunites with biological mom through Facebook

A women who was abandoned as a newborn 27 years ago in a Burger King bathroom was finally able to reunite with her birth mother this week, after a nearly month-long search on Facebook.

Viral video: Baby refuses to leave mother after birth

A mother had given birth to a baby by Cesarian section, but every time the medical staff tried to take the baby away for cleaning and checking over, the child continued to cling to the mother.

Mom removes 'offensive' t-shirts from store by buying them all

Orem - A mother who was disgusted with t-shirts for sale at a mall featuring prints of nearly naked women on them, decided to do something about it: Buy them all.

French woman discovered living with corpse of dead mother

In what seems to be becoming a trend these days, a reclusive woman in Mael-Carhaix, Brittany in France has been discovered to be living with her badly decomposed mother, thought to have died quite a few years ago.

Tennis great Billie Jean King's mother dies in Arizona

The mother of American tennis great Billie Jean King, who stayed near her ailing parent rather than join an official U.S.

Shopper gives birth in busy Primark store

London - A shopper gave birth in a crowded Primark store in the Lakeside shopping center in Essex after suddenly going into labor.

Woman finds wrong body in mother's coffin

Warwick - A Rhode Island woman was horrified to discover the wrong body inside a coffin that should have held her mother's remains. Her mother had passed away while visiting the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean.

Video shows mother and police put van full of kids in harm's way

Taos - A New Mexico State Police dash-cam video released on Friday to KQRE News Channel 13 shows a bizarre incident that occurred on Oct. 28 outside of Taos, NM.

Op-Ed: 'How I Met Your Father' actually gets pilot

As stated in a press release Friday afternoon, CBS announced that they have given a pilot production commitment to the 'How I Met Your Mother' spinoff, actually titled, 'How I Met Your Father.'
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A Roman medallion of Olympias  Alexander the Great s mother
A Roman medallion of Olympias, Alexander the Great's mother
Mother and child display of joy and affection
Mother and child display of joy and affection
YouTune elephant news
Police handout photo of Kellie Park
Police handout photo of Kellie Park
Police handout
Mother and child in display of affection
Mother and child in display of affection
YouTube elephant news
Darlene Jacobs votes with her son Tim
Darlene Jacobs votes with her son Tim
Darlene Jacobs
A baby clings to its mother after birth
A baby clings to its mother after birth
Naomi Watts and Samuel L. Jackson in  Mother and Child
Naomi Watts and Samuel L. Jackson in 'Mother and Child'
Caitlin Tiller photo banned from her high school yearbook
Caitlin Tiller photo banned from her high school yearbook
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MC Abdominal rapping with his mother on the track Courage
MC Abdominal rapping with his mother on the track Courage
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Naomi Watts and Samuel L. Jackson in  Mother and Child
Naomi Watts and Samuel L. Jackson in 'Mother and Child'
Darlene Jacobs votes with her son Tim
Darlene Jacobs votes with her son Tim
Darlene Jacobs
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Ethiopian woman with child
Elephant Nature Park
Elephant Nature Park
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Emblem 2d: "Nutrix ejus terra est." of Michael Maier, Atalanta Fugiens, circa: 1617/1618 Earth Mother image from an alchemical text.
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