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Leaked spy cables show Mossad rejected Netanyahu Iran nuke claims

A trove of leaked secret intelligence documents has revealed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's 2012 claim that Iran was a year away from building a nuclear bomb was roundly rejected by his own foreign intelligence agency.

Op-Ed: Is Snowden trying to incite world against U.S., UK and Israel?

Numerous Islamic websites and a number of other independent sites have reported in the last few days that former NSA and CIA agent Edward Snowden has now allegedly revealed that British, American and Mossad worked together in training the leader of ISIS.

Nelson Mandela trained by Israeli Mossad agents in Ethiopia

Israel's state archives has published a 50-year-old letter from the Mossad spy agency claiming it trained Nelson Mandela in hand-to-hand combat, weaponry and sabotage.

Chief of Iran's cyber warfare program found shot dead near Tehran

Tehran - Mojtaba Ahmadi, the chief of the Cyber War Headquarters in Iran, was found shot-dead. dead in a wooded area near of Karaj, north-west of Iran's capital, Tehran. It is not clear if this was an assassination.

Report: Mossad recruiting Algerian youth

According to a report issued on Wednesday by an Algerian newsletter, Mossad, the Israeli spy agency, has begun to recruit Algerian youths to fight alongside the Syrian opposition, in the battle against Bashar al-Assad.

Mystery shrouds death of Aussie dual citizen in Israeli jail

Canberra - Australia's foreign minister, Bob Carr, has confirmed that prisoner X, Ben Zygier, worked for the Israeli government, probably Mossad the intelligence service.

Op-Ed: Prisoner X killed by Mossad for leak to Australian security?

Sydney - A new, and dubious from the start, theory has emerged from the fracas over the death of Australian born “Prisoner X”, Ben Zygier. The allegation is that Zygier was killed for revealing details of Mossad operations to Australian security agencies.

Israel admits jailing mystery foreigner known as Prisoner X

Israel has confirmed it imprisoned the Australian-Israeli man known as Prisoner X in the maximum security Ayalon prison and that he died in custody.

As censorship cracks, Israel and Australia explain too little

Melbourne - Israel's security forces admitted, after gag rules were relaxed, that an Australian from Melbourne, held under a false name for security reasons, died in prison more than two years ago, apparently by suicide, however, curious wrinkles have emerged.

Report: IDF, Mossad rejected orders to prepare for Iran attack

Two years ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Mossad intelligence agency to prepare for an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

Yatom: 'We could destroy parts of Lebanon to stop rockets'

Danny Yatom the former chief of Israel's Mossad intelligence agency said that Israel could potentially destroy parts of Gaza and Lebanon in order stop rocketing in the event of war.

Iranians 'confess' to killing nuclear scientists on state TV

Tehran - Iranian state television has aired the confessions of several Iranians alleged to be part of a group that killed four Iranian nuclear scientists. The Iranians confessed they were trained by Israeli intelligence.

Former head of Mossad suggests countdown is on to Iran attack

The former head of Israel's spy agency says Iran should be very worried for the next 12 weeks. The warning comes as Israeli leaders say time for diplomacy and sanctions is running out.

Top Hamas operative assassinated in Damascus

Damascus - Hamas senior officer and operative, Kamal Ranaja, known as Nizzar Abu-Mujhad, was murdered in his Damascus apartment in the Qudsaya neighborhood last night.

Israeli Mossad chief held secret talks with top U.S. officials

Washington - Israeli Mossad chief Tamir Pardo, was on a clandestine visit to Washington and held secret talks with top U.S. officials. The information was revealed by comments made during a public hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Iranian scientists victim of Israel's Mossad?

Tehran - Mossad behind assassination of Tehran's nuclear experts and scientists last week, says the Time magazine quoting "Western intelligence sources".

Israel's computers crash after hacker group vows retaliation

Tel Aviv - Israel suffered the biggest computer systems crash in its history Sunday, paralyzing government websites and sabotaging online payments. The cyber activist group Anonymous claimed responsibility, though Tel Aviv insists a technical error is to blame.

Op-Ed: Time to review post-9/11 mentality and face reality?

9/11 Truth: As more evidence obliterating the Government's 'official' 9/11 fairy tale emerges, demands for investigation into the truth about what happened that day are growing. When do we review the post-9/11 mentality and face reality?

Op-Ed: Who is Geert Wilders?

The anti-Islam, peroxide blonde Dutch politician and leader of the Party For Freedom (PVV) is currently on trial for charges relating to hate incitement. The question on most people’s minds is who is this man called Geert Wilders and what drives him?

Hamas leader Mahmoud al Mabhouh drugged and suffocated

Dubai - The Hamas leader who was found dead in his hotel room last month was drugged and then suffocated to death say police in Dubai.

In Israel, intelligence agency Mossad now more popular than ever

After the hit on a Hamas leader, assumed to have been executed by Mossad, T-shirts with the agency's logo are selling out at stores in Israel, and the agency website is being hit by a flood of applicants.

A secret Mossad-CIA meeting about Iran

Can a meeting between the Israeli Mossad and the American CIA be called secret if the Iranian press knows and talks about it? Is it information or dis-information?

Op-Ed: Flight 253 and The Systematic Cover-Up of Fabricated Terrorism

The systematic cover-up of the failed Flight 253 'Underwear Bomber' plot has become glaringly obvious as mounting evidence makes it appear that the 'terrorist' attack was yet another false flag attack that failed

Times: Mossad hijacked arms-laden Russian ship headed for Iran

New details emerge about the Russian ship en route to Algeria from Finland, which vanished and was later recovered, with a number of alleged pirates arrested. A new report claims it was a Mossad sting operation.

Saudi Arabia would allow Israeli air strike on Iran

Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, has promised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Saudi Arabia would allow Israeli jets to strike Iranian nuclear production facilities.

Kidnapped or Defected? Top Iranian General Disappears

Disappeared in Turkey, now reported to have defected to the West. "This is a fatal blow to Iranian intelligence," said the source, explaining that Asgari knows sensitive information about Iran's nuclear and military projects

Israeli Mossad ‘assassinates’ Iranian Nuclear Scientist

US website reports that Mossad is responsible for deaths and injuries at Iranian nuclear facility.

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Ben Zygier, described as a gentle, considerate, father of two, immigrated to Isreal from Melbourne Australia.
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