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More than 1,000 Mormons quit in Utah same-sex policy protest

Salt Lake City - At least 1,500 Latter-day Saints have resigned in protest of a new policy that prevents children of married same-sex couples from being baptized until they become adults, organizers of the movement said Sunday.

Mormon founder Joseph Smith had as many as 40 wives

Washington - The founder of Mormonism, which for decades allowed polygamy, had as many as 40 wives including one who was only 14, the US-based church has acknowledged.

'Miracle Girl?': Teen wakes from coma when family sings hymns

Provo - "An amazing miracle" has taken place deep in the heart of Mormon country, say family and friends of a brain-dead teenager who awoke from a coma after they sang hymns by her hospital bedside.

Op-Ed: Why doesn't Romney just prove that Sen. Reid is a 'dirty liar'?

Washington - It seems like every Republican in the world was on a Sunday talk show yesterday to say what a big, fat, dirty liar Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was for saying Mitt Romney paid no taxes.

Baptists debate Mormonism: Joseph Smith compared with Mohammad

Oklahoma City - Professor Mark McClellan of Hobbs College of Theology at Oklahoma Baptist University and Kevin Graves, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Oklahoma City have spoken on the theological differences between Baptists and Mormons.

Maine Debate: Whose God should be worshiped in the White House?

Bangor - Bangor Daily News organized a "Maine Debate," titled, "Whose God Should be Worshiped in the White House?" The debate was scheduled for 9 a.m. to noon, Tuesday.

Mormons are a cult says 75% of American Protestant pastors

LifeWay Research, a body affiliated to the Southern Baptist Church, recently conducted a phone survey which showed that three out of four pastors in America agree with Pastor Robert Jeffress that Mormons are not Christians but a "cult."

California's Mormon Community At Risk Of Division Over Proposition 8

As Proposition 8 is one of the costliest and most heated campaigns in California, it is revealed that it is dividing up the Californian Mormon community.

For The First Time, Men of the FLDS Speak Out

On CBS’ “Early Show,” three of the men from the Texas compound run by the FLDS have spoken out. This is the first time that any of the male members of the sect have publicly spoken.

Fasting Leads to Clues to Combat Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the cause of 30 percent of all global deaths and today scientists are finding that people who take a break from food for at least once a month are less likely to be diagnosed with clogged arteries.

Mormons Face Media Challenge With Olympic Influx

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (dpa) - Concerned leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints met in February in their Salt Lake City chambers to write up a decree changing they way people refer to the church and its followers.The members of First ...

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