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Moon News

Russia announces 'full-scale Moon exploration' by early 2030s

Moscow - Officials with the Russian Federal Space Agency have announced plans to begin full-scale Moon exploration within the next 15 to 20 years.

Thousands mark Moon death anniversary in S. Korea

Charumok - More than 20,000 followers of the Unification Church gathered in South Korea on Tuesday for the second anniversary of the death of their "messiah" and church founder Sun Myung Moon.

Saturn jumps in for a photobomb of the moon

Sydney - In a rare moment of celestial fun, the sixth planet from the sun decided to drop in for a photobomb of Earth's moon on Monday night.

Scientific discovery changes how we view the moon

Most of our readers probably think of the moon as a circle, or perhaps as a "big pizza pie" as one song puts it. Researchers have now found that it is actually shaped like a lemon.

'Good luck and Godspeed' — 45 years after the Apollo 11 launch

Cape Canaveral - At 9:32 a.m. eastern time, three American astronauts left the confines of earth, speeding into space, destined to land on the moon and cement their status as American heros.

Super Moon will rise on July 12

The first of three consecutive "Super Moons" will rise above the Earth's skyline on Saturday July 12, 2014. Get your cameras ready.

New radar images reveal what lies beneath Moon's surface

Charlottesville - A joint effort using the resources of two of the world’s largest radio telescopes has revealed previously unseen features deep below the surface of the Moon.

Mountains on Saturn moon are 'celestial debris'

Mountains at the equator on Iapetus, a moon of the planet Saturn, may have come from space rather than being formed on the surface of the satellite.

USA should be prime viewing for Tuesday's red moon

There's going to be a red moon rising over North America early Tuesday morning, only it's not exactly red but only looks that way.

Saturn's moon hides an icy ocean

A body of liquid water has been discovered beneath the surface of Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons. The tiny moon is a potentially hospitable home for extraterrestrial life.

We may go to Jupiter by 2025 and find life there

NASA hopes to launch a mission to Jupiter's moon Europa, the solar system's most likely heavenly body to hold alien life, by 2025.

Photo Essay: The night sky Special

The night sky is filled with wondrous sights, which have inspired many generations to reach for the stars and discover what lies beyond.

China's 'Jade Rabbit' lunar rover declared dead: Media

Beijing - China's troubled Jade Rabbit lunar rover has died on the surface of the moon, state media reported Wednesday, in a major setback for the country's ambitious space programme.The country's first moon rover "could not be restored to full function", the st...

'Goodnight, humans': China's Jade Rabbit moon rover posting

Beijing - Chinese Internet users flooded the country's social media networks on Monday with condolences for the troubled Jade Rabbit moon rover, which experienced a "mechanical control abnormality" over the weekend.

The moon is getting bigger

The moon is apparently getting bigger. This relates to moon dust, where powdery particles resting on the moon’s surface could form a layer up to 1 millimeter thick every 1,000 years.

Tidal rhythms of sea creatures

Some marine creatures have internal rhythms that cycle with the tides, influenced by the moon. These cycles are independent of circadian rhythms.

Frog takes giant leap from NASA space rocket

At the launch of a NASA's LADEE unmanned moon orbiter, it was to be a frog that stole the show. That's one giant leap for frogkind.

NASA to explore lunar atmosphere with unmanned 'LADEE'

As part of an unmanned mission, NASA is set to send the car-sized Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) to the Moon to learn about it's atmosphere, and how it may be similar to that of other planets in the solar system.

First mission to Moon's south pole announced to start in 2016

ILOA and Moon Express, Inc. announced Thursday that they will send the world's first mission to the south pole of the Moon to open the possibility that the public will be able to access images from the Moon online.

New moon discovered in orbit around Neptune

The Hubble Telescope has discovered a previously-unknown moon in orbit around Neptune, according to an announcement Monday by NASA.

There were two moons orbiting Earth, scientists claim

Scientists said the smaller moon have only survived a few million years before it collided with the one we see today, leaving just one. Landscapes on the current moon are the remains of the smaller moon from the collision.

US legislators propose bill for national park on Moon

Two US lawmakers, Donna Edwards (D-Md.) and Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas), have proposed a bill to establish a national historical park on the Moon comprising of all artifacts left on the lunar surface by Apollo 11 through 17 missions (1969-1973).

New private moon telescope to offer online views of Earth, space

San Francisco - Are you ever interested in what the Earth looks like at 1 p.m. EST on a Saturday? Well, now you might have the chance to view our blue marble online when a privately-funded telescope gets sent to the moon in two years.

NASA: 56,000 mph meteor hits Moon, biggest explosion ever (Video)

NASA is reporting that a meteor smashed into the Moon on March 17, 2013 at a speed of 56,000 mph, sparking the biggest and brightest explosion ever observed and creating a crater 65 feet wide (20 meters).

First lunar eclipse of 2013 marked for April 25

Stargazers, prepare for the first lunar eclipse of the 2013 season. Many flock to websites in the hopes to find visibility and viewing information.

'Vulcan' overwhelming choice of names for Pluto's smallest moons

Mountain View - Star Trek fans have reason to celebrate after learning their choice for the name of one of Pluto's smallest moon is the overwhelming favorite.

Little 'Kayla Loves the Moon' is a YouTube hit

Kayla is a little over 2 years old. Her dad says anytime there is a clear view of the Moon she would cry excitedly "The Moon! The Moon!" The video shows one of the special moments little Kayla freaks out over the Moon.

Russia is back in the Space Race with a new lunar program

According to the Russian space agency, Russia's next unmanned mission to the Moon will launch in 2015, with a total of three lunar exploration missions planned over the next five years.

Mystery orb crashes as geophysical actions continue

Astronomical and geophysical activities increase as “Mayan doomsday” prediction nears. Asteroid came nearer to Earth than the Moon, while mystery orb crashes. Geophysical actions proliferate throughout Chile, Iceland, and New Zealand.

New data from NASA's GRAIL probes show Moon's battered history

Scientists have long known that the moon and other rocky bodies in the inner solar system were pounded by impacts early in their history billions of years ago, but new evidence shows that the intensity of the impacts was greater that previously thought.
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Moon Image

Representation of a Russian Moon space ship at the margin in the Moon s orbit
Representation of a Russian Moon space ship at the margin in the Moon's orbit
An airplane flies past where Venus can be seen
An airplane flies past where Venus can be seen
International Observe the Moon Night
International Observe the Moon Night
Picture: InOMN
Moon over the Samaran monastery
Moon over the Samaran monastery
Europa has a unique composition of ice that intrigues scientists.
Europa has a unique composition of ice that intrigues scientists.
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Screenshot from Bjork s new music video Moon
Screenshot from Bjork's new music video Moon
YouTube screenshot
Sunlight grazes over a small dome in the central part of the Compton-Belkovich complex on the far si...
Sunlight grazes over a small dome in the central part of the Compton-Belkovich complex on the far side of the moon in this image from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. The dome was likely formed by rare, viscous lava on the moon.
A screengrab shows China s first moon rover  Yutu  or Jade Rabbit  separating from Chang e-3 moon la...
A screengrab shows China's first moon rover, Yutu, or Jade Rabbit, separating from Chang'e-3 moon lander early Dec. 15, 2013. The six-wheeled rover separated from the lander early on Sunday, several hours after the Chang'e-3 probe soft-landed on the lunar surface
Via Xinhua
NOv 12 2011 Nova Scotia
NOv 12 2011 Nova Scotia
New image of Aristillus Crater on the Moon as imaged using radio-astronomy
New image of Aristillus Crater on the Moon as imaged using radio-astronomy
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
March 26  conjunction  of Moon-Venus-Jupiter
March 26 'conjunction' of Moon-Venus-Jupiter
NASA/JPL-Cal-tech (courtesy of
Venus  as seen from Fairfax County  Va  just outside Washington DC
Venus, as seen from Fairfax County, Va, just outside Washington DC
New findings assert that the moon is closer to a lemon than a pizza pie.
New findings assert that the moon is closer to a lemon than a pizza pie.
Crescent Moon March 26  2012
Crescent Moon March 26, 2012
Full Moon photograph taken 10-22-2010 from Madison  Alabama  USA. Photographed with a Celestron 9.25...
Full Moon photograph taken 10-22-2010 from Madison, Alabama, USA. Photographed with a Celestron 9.25 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
The lunar eclipse on Dec. 21  3 am ET
The lunar eclipse on Dec. 21, 3 am ET
The moon surface transmitted to Earth by the Chang e-3 space probe carrying China s first lunar rove...
The moon surface transmitted to Earth by the Chang'e-3 space probe carrying China's first lunar rover prior to landing on the moon on December 14, 2013
Beijing Space Centre
Full Moon  views of the craters.
Full Moon, views of the craters.
LROC WAC color shaded relief of the lunar farside.
LROC WAC color shaded relief of the lunar farside.


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