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Monopoly News

Vivaldi CEO attacks Google for 'evil' monopoly over online ads

Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner has penned an attack on Google's alleged "misuse of power" online. In a sharply written blog post, he explained how Google appeared to cancel Vivaldi's ad campaigns after he spoke out about its data collection policies.

Monsanto shareholders approve $57 billion merger with Bayer

Monsanto shareholders on Tuesday approved a $57 billion merger with Bayer AG. The deal will create the world's largest seed and pesticide producer.

Review: Mokita & Cade charm on new electronic track 'Monopoly' Special

Mokita & Cade have released their music video for their new track "Monopoly" and it is melodically and vocally stunning.

Some special editions of Monopoly contain real bank notes

It has been revealed that some special anniversary editions of the popular capitalistic board game Monopoly contain real money in place of the fictitious fake paper notes normally used. One set contains over 20,000 euros.

Review: ‘The Truth About The NFL’

In this video, Canadian Libertarian Stefan Molyneux takes a look at the American National Football League from a slightly unusual angle.

Op-Ed: An antidote to Monsanto?

Whatever one thinks of Monsanto, the company's name is mud with significant tranches of the public the world over. Without taking sides, is it possible to resolve this problem?

Hasbro's Monopoly boardgame to replace iron with new cat token

Pawtucket - The polls are closed and Monopoly players have spoken: the boardgame will no longer have the iron token. Instead, it will be replaced by a cat. The feline design defeated four other contenders in the voting process.

Hasbro pegs new question: Which 'Monopoly' game piece should go?

Pawtucket - Hasbro is asking its players which one of the eight game tokens should get the boot? Players are getting asked to vote on Facebook as to which piece should be saved and what new one should be added to the popular board game.

Doctor Who: Monopoly of the Daleks

Hasbro, the manufacturers of Monopoly, are to release a new Doctor Who version of the popular board game, to coincide with the forthcoming 50th anniversary of the BBC’s science-fiction drama series.

Show jumping horse Monopoly dies at the age of 32

Monopoly, a horse who had been one of the top show jumpers in Canada for several years, with Beth Underhill riding, died on Nov. 16, at the age of 32.

Woman arrested for stabbing boyfriend during game of Monopoly

Santa Fe - A New Mexico woman went directly to jail without passing 'Go' or collecting $200 in a game of Monopoly that turned violent and resulted in her arrest for aggravated battery on a household member with a deadly weapon.

Op-Ed: Is there a power monopoly in Britain?

The British Government is taking on the big electricity and gas suppliers. Are the companies at the mercy of global energy prices, or are they operating a cartel?

Mind Sports Olympiad less than three weeks away

London - The Mind Sports Olympiad opens in London on August 20. If you are a dab hand at backgammon, or even if you aren’t, why not enter one of the tournaments?

World champion Monopoly winner crowned at Caesars in Vegas

The world champion Monopoly player won the final game at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas when his opponent landed on Pacific and North Carolina Avenue and could not afford the rent due.

Hasbro to unveil new online Google Maps-based monopoly

Hasbro is reportedly preparing to launch a new version of their hit game "Monopoly" online later this week featuring close integration with the Google Maps API.

DOJ Reviewing U.S. Telecom Companies' Abuse of Market Power

The Department of Justice has just begun a review to determine if larger telecom companies have abused the marketing power they have gained over recent years.

Op-Ed: The Good Side of Bottled Water

To some people, bottled water is the embodiment of evil. There is, however, a good side to bottled water. Consider how bottled water companies compete with local tap water providers, making them work harder to do their jobs effectively.

Australia's Great Reserve Bank Fraud, Part 3

The Reserve Bank must lower interest rates; the Coles/Woolworths duopoly must be broken down; and the Oil Price Parity Agreement abandoned. In part III we examine Australia's primary strategy to restore full prosperity and national sovereignty.

Op-Ed: Elitists Whine as Monopoly on Intelligence Melts Away

The strive to become elite has backfired in the faces of psuedo intellectuals everywhere as more "folks" call them on thier "bullshit."

Australia's Great Reserve Bank Fraud, Part 2

In the series' second article, we look further into the real causes of inflation, and how the Reserve Bank looks the other way. We expose massive oil fraud and Rudd's corrupt refusal to regulate monopoly.

Monopoly Was Rejected By Parker Bros.

Back during the Depression Charles B. Darrow had an idea. A simple board game that showed the haves and the have nots. Parker Brothers said no to the venture. Boy did they make a mistake. Monopoly is still the best selling board game in the world.

Monopoly tourney raises $877 to fight adult illiteracy

Jeff Hutchinson and Kevin Choate, both of Flower Mound, emerged as the two winners in the Monopoly Tournament held Saturday at the Lina Milliken Education Center.

BSkyB broadband to partner Google

Satellite television company BSkyB has said it will work with internet search giant Google in order to develop its broadband services and products.

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Monopoly Image

Mokita & Cade release  Monopoly
Mokita & Cade release "Monopoly"
Courtesy of Armada Trice
Monopoly board game.
Monopoly board game.
Microsoft’s small business blog argued that the new Xbox One is a tax-deductible expense.
Microsoft’s small business blog argued that the new Xbox One is a tax-deductible expense.
Monopoly  the board game.
Monopoly, the board game.
The latest Banksy installation at Occupy London
The latest Banksy installation at Occupy London
Beth PH
Monopoly  the board game.
Monopoly, the board game.
Monopoly  the board game.
Monopoly, the board game.
income tax space on Monopoly board game
income tax space on Monopoly board game

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