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Monkeys News

New research seeks to identify location of brain consciousness

In a quest to identify the location of brain consciousness, scientists have stimulated areas vital to consciousness in monkeys' brains. In doing so, the researchers found this process is sufficient to wake the monkeys up.

Chinese scientists create monkeys with human brain genes

Fpo - Chinese scientists have implanted human brain genes into monkeys, in a study intended to provide insights into the unique evolution of human intelligence.

Scores of monkeys killed in Rio yellow fever panic

Rio De Janeiro - Fears of spreading yellow fever are behind the illegal killing of scores of monkeys in Rio de Janeiro, complicating efforts to fight the virus, authorities say.

Monkeys killed in UK safari park blaze

London - A British safari park's entire troop of 13 Patas monkeys was killed in a fire that ripped through their shelter on Tuesday.

Rare, preserved monkey blood found in amber fossils

The actions of two monkeys grooming each other, some 20-30 million years ago, appears to have been the precursor to the first fossilized red blood cells ever recovered from a mammal. The blood cells are preserved in amber.

Monkeys contracted bacterial pathogen from humans

Warwick - There are many cases of zoonotic infections, where pathogens are transferred from an animal to a person (Ebola virus is an example.) However, no cases, until now, have been reported the other way around (human to animal.)

India's emerging solar power tech at risk from monkeys

Interest in alternative forms of power generating technology continues and countries with high levels of sunshine are ripe for solar power. One such country is India, although the use of solar power carries a risk: monkeys.

Loud voices mean less sperm, at least for monkeys

Cambridge - Howler monkeys are famous for their loud voices. The loudest of these screaming monkeys might be hiding a reproductive inadequacy for the loudest monkeys have the lowest sperm counts.

Toxic biscuits kill 14 monkeys in India

Kolkata - Fourteen monkeys have died after snatching and then eating biscuits laced with rat poison in eastern India, officials said Monday.

Seed munching monkeys aid forest regrowth

The dispersal of tree seeds by New World primates is essential for the continuation and regeneration of the world’s forests, according to new research between primatologists and plant geneticists.

Monkeys trained to steer a wheelchair

Washington - A brain-computer interface has used the brain activity of monkeys to allow them to steer a wheelchair towards a food reward.

Ebola cure confirmed in monkeys

Winnipeg - Scientists have confirmed that the new Ebola cure used to save two American doctors is 100 percent effective in monkeys.

Animals in Madrid theme park enjoy treats in the heat (Video)

Madrid - Summer in Spain can get pretty hot and the animals in Madrid's Faunia animal theme park feel the heat too. To help them keep their cool, zookeepers have come up with some novel frozen treats for the animals.

Marburg virus drug shows promise

Monkeys infected with lethal doses of Marburg virus, as part of a laboratory study, were rescued by an experimental siRNA-based therapeutic.

Fukushima radiation linked to Japanese monkeys’ blood count

Fukushima - A new report suggests that Japanese monkeys have suffered health issues likely attributable to the Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011.

Gorillas use scent to communicate with others

Gorillas use the emission of an odor to communicate, a new study finds. Odor changes based on the relationship of the animal putting out that scent and the one smelling it can signal different emotions.

How monkeys avoid cross-species breeding

Species in a tightly knit genus of Old World primates use tell-tale facial characteristics to avoid cross-species breeding, according to a new study.

Monkeys can do math

A new study has shown that monkeys trained to recognize number values can add-up and do simple sums. The researchers think that being able to estimate has survival value for monkey populations in the wild.

Does calorie restriction lead to weight loss?

A study on monkeys, drawn from a 25-year study of diet and aging, indicates a significant reduction in mortality and in age-associated diseases among those with calorie-restricted diets.

Another batch of GM monkeys born

More monkeys with edited genomes have been born in a research lab. Scientists hope that the genetic editing techniques can one day be used to eliminate genetic diseases in people.

Genetically altered monkeys born

Twin monkeys have been born, but not in the conventional sense. These are the first primates born whose genomes were edited using a novel CRISPR technology (a type of genome editing).

Marina Chapman British housewife raised by monkeys in Colombia

A British housewife, Marina Chapman, claims she spent five years raised by monkeys in the Colombian jungle. She says she was kidnapped for ransom in the 1950s when she was five and abandoned in the jungle where she lived with a colony of capuchin monkeys.

Major drug bust leaves zoo stocked with bananas for monkeys

Antwerp - In an unprecedented drug bust in the region, an approximate €500 million (US$ 650 million) cocaine seize has been made at the Belgian Port of Antwerp. On the plus side, because of this seizure, some animals will be well fed.

Pantless, drunken lab tech found surrounded by escaped monkeys

Augusta - Georgia Health Sciences University Police Officers were not expecting such a sight when the walked into a locker room on campus. What they fould was a lab tech, pants down, drunk and surrounded by escaped monkeys.

Drill monkeys will struggle to adapt to climate change

A scientific team have used DNA studies to predict how a certain type of monkey will fare as the climate changes through global warming. The findings are of a concern for the conservation of the Drill monkey, and may have wider research implications.

Monkeys given hot red wine to ward off the cold

A warming tot of mulled wine is just the thing to keep the freezing temperatures at bay, as monkeys at the Karaganda zoo, who enjoy a tipple, would agree.

Wildlife shelter goes bankrupt, 112 monkeys get new home

Dilley - A group of animals, formerly residents of a San Antonio-based wildlife shelter, have found a new home after the shelter they previously lived in went bankrupt.

Monkeys steal sunglasses from London Zoo visitors

London - A few recent visitors to the London Zoo had the sunglasses stolen right off of their heads by a gang of squirrel monkeys, but keepers now have a plan to deter the thieves.

Athletes in Commonwealth Games guarded by trained monkeys

Monkeys are providing protection for athletes competing in the Commonwealth Games in India, after complaints that roaming animals and even a cobra were found in competitors’ accommodations.

Report: Taliban training monkeys to fight against U.S. soldiers

Kabul - A Chinese news publication has reported that the Taliban are training monkeys to shoot and kill American soldiers. As one publication stated, either the news outlet was pranked or has nabbed an outrageous scoop.
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Swimming monkeys near Swayambhunath  also known as Monkey Temple.
Swimming monkeys near Swayambhunath, also known as Monkey Temple.
YouTube screen grab
Japanese Macaques (Macaca fuscata). Jigokudani Hot Spring  Nagano Prefecture  Japan
Japanese Macaques (Macaca fuscata). Jigokudani Hot Spring, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Macaque monkeys in India are a revered species so legislators are going to great lengths to distract...
Macaque monkeys in India are a revered species so legislators are going to great lengths to distract them.
Martin Wright

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