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Monkey News

Baby snatched by monkey dies in Taj Mahal city

New Delhi - A baby died after a monkey snatched it from its mother's arms, Indian police investigating the incident in the city of Agra, home to the Taj Mahal, said on Thursday.

Baby believed snatched by monkey in India is found dead

New Delhi - Indian police say a 16-day-old baby boy believed to have been snatched by a monkey has been found drowned in a well.

Review: Brand of Julez delivers on new rock single 'Monkey' Special

Hard rock group Brand of Julez delivers on their new lyric video for their latest single "Monkey." Digital Journal has the scoop.

Morocco fights to save its iconic monkey

Chefchaouene - "If nothing is done, this species will disappear within 10 years," warns a poster on Ahmed Harrad's ageing 4x4 showing Morocco's famed Barbary macaque monkey.

China’s 'monkey king' picks Trump as next US president

A Chinese monkey described as the "king of prophets" has tipped Donald Trump for the US presidency, a tourism park said, after the creature successfully predicted the winner of football's European Championship final earlier this year.

It's a titi! New monkey species found in Peru

Paris - For nearly a century the carcass of a small, reddish-brown monkey from South America gathered dust in a windowless backroom of the American Natural History Museum in New York City.

Five arrested over India monkey kidnap

Pune - Indian authorities said Wednesday they had arrested five men over the kidnapping of a monkey after video footage emerged of a distressed primate being bundled into the boot of a car.

Daily Relief: Wednesday 2 April

A light-hearted look at the odd events happening in the world. Today includes a job application gone wrong, a clown fund-raising event, and a look at who won the award for the smelliest shoes in the U.S.

Monkey mind control

In a remarkable study, the brain activity of one monkey was used to control the movements of a second, sedated animal. Scientists hope that the method will allow an individual to control a paralyzed body or limb.

New species of marsupial discovered in Australia

Scientists in the Australian state of Queensland have discovered three new species of a rodent-like marsupial. With the species, the males fornicate until they collapse.

Mother and aunt Javan lutung monkeys fight over baby (video)

Berlin - A new addition recently arrived at Berlin Zoo when Annika, an endangered Javan lutung, gave birth to a baby. However, there was a certain amount of jealousy over the cute little monkey among the females of the family.

Video: Monkey doing push-ups and sit-ups like a boss

In a recently uploaded video, a monkey effortlessly does push-ups and sit-ups like a total boss. This really gives meaning to "it's so simple even a monkey can do it."

Iran's Kavoshgar space rocket reportedly launches monkey to space

Tehran - The Iranian Fars new agency is reporting that Iran successfully launched a live monkey into space on Monday. Fars described the achievement as a major advance in its missile and space program but the news is alarming the West and Israel.

The 'IKEA Monkey' to spend Christmas in animal sanctuary (videos)

Toronto - The well-dressed 'IKEA Monkey', seen ambling around the Toronto IKEA parking lot earlier in December, won't be spending Christmas with his family. Despite his owner's best efforts, he will remain behind bars.

Stylish Simian spotted monkeying around Toronto Ikea parking lot

Toronto - A monkey dressed in a miniature shearling coat and a diaper was spotted wandering around the parking lot of a Toronto Ikea store on Sunday afternoon.

New monkey found in Congo

A new species of monkey has been discovered according to claims made by scientists. The monkey lives in remote forests located in Congo.

Op-Ed: The mystery monkey of Tampa Bay

Tampa - What does a monkey and Tampa Bay have in common? Well, there's a monkey lurking on the streets of Tampa Bay, a mystery monkey just wanting to play.

NBC apologizes for monkey gymnastics after Gabby Douglas' gold

London - NBC has apologized for featuring an ad with a widely grinning monkey doing gymnastics after airing African American Gabby Douglas's gold winning performance. The debate continues over whether the timing of the ad was deliberate or entirely a mistake.

Monkeys can possibly 'read'

A recent study has indicated that monkeys can "read", or at least distinguish real words from a nonsense jumble of letters.

Video of monkey attempting to attack man at zoo goes viral

Memphis - A video of a monkey performing acrobatics has goes viral after it was uploaded to YouTube along with a description that claims the alpha male white cheeked gibbons was attempting to attack a man seen in the the clip through the glass at the Memphis Zoo.

Monkey goes missing from San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco - Officials say that a squirrel monkey, named Banana Sam, went missing Friday after vandals had broken into the zoo and cut open two holes in the wire mesh cage and also cut the chain on the perimeter fence.

Money-using monkeys give insight into human economics

Working with capuchin monkeys, a Yale research team managed to teach the primates to use currency and, in doing so, unlocked several mysteries behind human beings' sometimes odd behavior with money.

Illegal primate trade in Bali threatens species survival

Bali - The illegal primate trade has become big business in Bali, with many being caught in protected habitats, thus threatening the survival of many species.

Drunk baboons cause trouble in Cape Town

Cape Town - Baboons are raiding kitchens, damaging buildings, throwing things at people and killing animals in South Africa – and sometimes, they’re drunk.

Mother monkey saves baby from hungry dog after it's hit by moped

A monkey and her baby were crossing a busy street in New Delhi, India when the baby was struck by a man on a moped. The helpless animal became the target for a nearby dog.

New species of titi monkey found in the Amazon

A new type of titi monkey has been discovered in the Amazon but it is considered critically endangered due to deforestation and its small population.

Monkey in zoo befriends toad, carrying it around all day

Visitors at the Paignton Zoo in Devon, England were treated to the bizarre sight of a monkey lovingly carrying around a little toad one day.

Woman attacked by monkeys after trying to conquer fear of monkeys

When a British woman went to a Thai nature resort to overcome her fear of monkeys, she was viciously attacked by a pack of macaques.

'No soup for you!' Rare monkey meat for soup gets couple arrested

A couple in Indonesia have been arrested for selling rare Javan langur, also known as the silver-leaf monkey, meat for meatball soup.

Florida wildlife officials can't master elusive macaque monkey

Coined 'Florida's Most Wanted Primate,' the Rhesus Macaque monkey has been on the loose for the last year in Florida, starting to gain mythical status for its exploits, continually eluding capture.
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Monkey Image

A squirrel monkey
A squirrel monkey
YouTube screen grab
Rhesus Macaque monkeys in Agra  India.
Rhesus Macaque monkeys in Agra, India.
Thomas Schoch
Diana monkey (C. diana)
Diana monkey (C. diana)
Green monkeys have black facial skin with golden-yellow whiskers.
Green monkeys have black facial skin with golden-yellow whiskers.
Bjørn Christian Tørrissen
A pair of black howler monkeys (Alouatta caraya) vocalizing.
A pair of black howler monkeys (Alouatta caraya) vocalizing.
Steve Washington
That s definitely the kind of friendship you don t see very often. Cute though!
That's definitely the kind of friendship you don't see very often. Cute though!
Rhesus Macaque Macaca mulatta in Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary  Andhra Pradesh  India.
Rhesus Macaque Macaca mulatta in Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Javan lutung mother and baby
Javan lutung mother and baby
Poor Monkey tied to a tree by a chain....Are we on earth to do such nasty things? What a shame!!
Poor Monkey tied to a tree by a chain....Are we on earth to do such nasty things? What a shame!!
A common squirrel monkey at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha  Nebraska.
A common squirrel monkey at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska.
A capuchin monkey (Cebus Apella) remains in a cage at a primate rehabilitation centre in Peñaflor  ...
A capuchin monkey (Cebus Apella) remains in a cage at a primate rehabilitation centre in Peñaflor, 30 km southwest of Santiago, Chile
Martin Bernetti, AFP

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