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Belarus polls showed 'lack of respect' for democracy: monitors

Minsk - Parliamentary polls in Belarus lacked respect for democracy and denied basic freedoms to voters and candidates, international vote observers said Monday, after the opposition failed to win a single seat.

Lack of 'equal' conditions at Turkey polls: OSCE

Ankara - International observers on Monday said voters enjoyed a genuine choice in Turkey's twin presidential and parliamentary elections but denounced the lack of "equal" conditions for candidates to campaign.

Turks mobilise to ensure fair play in tight poll

Istanbul - One hundred people listen to presentations crammed into a room in Istanbul, defying the oppressive summer heat and attentively taking notes. Their aim -- to ensure Sunday's elections in Turkey are not marred by election fraud.

Essential Science: How effective are wearable devices?

Wearable health technology has grown considerably in recent years, from devices for babies to joggers. How effective are these instruments? New research casts doubt on the overall effectiveness of many devices.

Samsung unveils giant 49-inch ultrawide monitor for gamers

Samsung has unveiled a new computer monitor with a huge 49-inch diagonal size. The gigantic screen has an ultrawide aspect ratio of 32:9 and takes in a slight curve to fill your vision. Samsung hopes to convince gamers to try out the monitor.

Researchers find the key to tripling display resolutions

Researchers have discovered a new method of tuning the sub-pixels used on modern computer monitors that could enable immediate dramatic improvements in the resolutions of displays. It's claimed the development could double or triple quoted pixel counts.

Complains pile up about $1,300 monitor that won't work near Wi-Fi

LG has admitted that an issue with its flagship monitor leaves the display unusable if placed within two metres of a Wi-Fi router. The Apple-endorsed UltraFine 5K appears to lack electromagnetic shielding, making it susceptible to interference.

Hackers can force your monitor to permanently display images

Security researchers have demonstrated a technique that allows hackers to manipulate the pixels of computer monitors to change the displayed image. It could allow a new breed of malware to emerge, fooling users by displaying messages that bypass their PC.

High performing and low cost, new LED lights coming soon

A new type of light-emitting diode (LED) has been created using both inorganic and organic components. This could herald a new generation of brighter (and cheaper) lights.

Explosion near UN monitors' HQ in Damascus wounds three

Damascus - A bomb exploded on Wednesday, 10 meters away from the Damas Rose Hotel in Damascus, Syria, where UN monitors are currently headquartered. Three people were injured.

Canadian Government monitors political commentary on internet

Ottawa - The Conservative Government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been caught monitoring political comments on Internet chat rooms, and employing respondents to correct the commentators, and their "misinformation".

LCD makers probed for price fixing

[i][/i]Several LCD makers are facing new regulatory probes in the US, Japan, and Korea for anti-competitive practices. Samsung, Sharp, NEC, AU Optronics, LG Phillips, and Chi Mei Optoelectronics are all being examined for allegedly working together to ...

Thrifty lighting: Are OLEDs the monitors of the future?

DRESDEN (dpa) - Organic light emitting displays may be the next monitors in your future. Called OLED for short, organic light emitting displays practically illuminate themselves, which is one reason why their future is so bright. The displays use th...

HDTV Solutions to offer cutting-edge digital television products and services

HDTV Solutions, Inc., a provider of consumer and professional digital television-related products and services, recently announced their official launch at the high-profile "Herring on Hollywood" event in Los Angeles. In the months ahead, the com...

Sony Introduces New Exciting Products

a)- SONY ELECTRONICS DCR-PC5 Sony is taking quality digital video to new extremes in portability with today's introduction of its smallest Mini DV Digital Handycam camcorder. This new camcorder offers digital still image capability, using Sony...

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CPSC urges parents to immediately conduct a safety check on the location of baby monitors used near ...
CPSC urges parents to immediately conduct a safety check on the location of baby monitors used near infant sleeping areas.

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