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No more corruption, Spanish king tells parliament

Madrid - Spain's king on Thursday urged an end to the graft scandals that have long plagued his nation, as he opened a new session of parliament after nearly a year of political paralysis.

Europe's royals enjoy strong, but fragile, support

London - The adoration felt by his people for the late king of Thailand was unique, but several modern monarchs have proved remarkably adept at maintaining public support for what many see as an outdated institution.

Young royal blood must wait as Queen celebrates landmark

London - Queen Elizabeth II's longevity has helped anchor Britain during an era of unprecedented change, but has also left the royal family an ageing institution.

Royal baby belies problems of the ageing Windsors

London - The birth of a princess on Saturday demonstrated the enduring strength of Britain's rulers, consolidating four generations of a family now more popular than ever, but cannot hide the weaknesses of an ageing institution.

Sweden, Saudi Arabia to resume normal diplomatic relations

Stockholm - Saudi Arabia and Sweden have agreed to resume normal diplomatic relations two weeks after they were unexpectedly interrupted by a row over critical comments from Stockholm.

Queen Elizabeth slated to visit Game of Thrones set

Belfast - Staying hip with the times, the British monarchy tweeted Wednesday that two members of the Royal Family will be making pit stops at film sets during their next tour.

Peoples' referendum moves through Spain

Madrid - A peoples' referendum is currently sweeping through Spain. It started on Saturday June 14, and runs through to June 19 to ask Spaniards their opinion on how they would like their country to be run.

'No more monarchy' protests hit the streets of Spain (Video)

Madrid - Yesterday morning, King Juan Carlos I announced his abdication from the throne. By that evening, thousands were in the streets, demanding an end to the monarchy and a return to the republic.

Op-Ed: The archaic stupidity of monarchial reverence

So, a new monarch has been born. Reluctantly, I know this; and only because the tv screens at my gym won’t shut up about it.

Glenn Beck warns that Obama may create a monarchy

Glenn Beck has warned that Obama may form a monarchy in America, a monarchy that could lead to Americans getting their heads chopped off.

Thai activist jailed for 11 years for monarchy insults

In the latest case involving Thailand’s strict lese-majeste legislation, a high-profile activist and former magazine editor was sentenced to 11 years in prison, after being convicted for defaming the royal family.

A Government Rises From Exile

Honolulu - Whereas the Kingdom of Hawaii, having been in exile for one-hundred seven years due to an unlawful overthrow of its government, has exercised perfect right to reestablish its proper station as an independent nation within the community of nations.

British Queen celebrates Diamond Jubilee - 60 years on throne

The U.K., and other parts of the world, are celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee today as Elizabeth the Second marks 60 years on the throne. She came to the job on Feb. 6, 1952 at the ripe old age of 25.

Pippa Middleton offered £3 million for porn role

Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton's sister, has sensationally been offered £3 million to star in just one scene in a porn film.

Queen Elizabeth joins Facebook with official page

London - A new Facebook page called “The British Monarchy”, being launched on November 8, will provide up-to-date information on the Royal Family.

Op-Ed: Is The United States Becoming A Monarchy?

The United States is supposed to be a representative Democracy, but in more and more cases we are seeing more cases of nepotism and legacy in our government. What's going on in the U.S. Senate? Is it turning into the House of Lords?

Op-Ed: G. G. Will Convince Canada To End Monarchy

With a long winter setting in Canada a monumental and historic decision sits in abeyance. The outcome could finally advance the architecture of the federal government's framework.

Prince William Prepares For Last Military Station

Prince William is set to wrap up his military secondment this year that are in preparation for his role of King. The Prince is set to learn defense ministry work.

Nepal Abolishes Monarchy in Favor of Republic

Nepal's 240 monarch dynasty came to an end by an overwhelming vote put forth by the constituent assembly and dawns the title of Democratic Republic.

Prince William Flies 'Training Missions' to Girlfriend's House, Bachelor Party

Prince William is being blasted in the British press for landing a chopper in girlfriend Kate Middleton's backyard. He was already in hot water over using a Chinook to fly himself and brother Harry to a stag party on the Isle of Wight.

Nepal's Monarchy To Be No More

The government of Nepal has agreed for the firs time that monarchy should be abolished. For over two centuries, the country’s government was a Monarchy. Gyanendra became Nepal’s king after the palace massacre of 2001.

Queen Elizabeth Goes the YouTube Way

Queen Elizabeth II and the English Royalty have started a special channel on YouTube to broadcast royal events. The channel named Royal Channel is already in the top 40 most-viewed channels.

A Royal Descent: More Than Half of Canadians Think Monarchy Ties Should End

A poll released Monday finds that 53 per cent of Canadians think the country should end its formal ties to the British crown. While the idea of separating with royalty is not new, don’t expect to see it happen anytime soon.

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The Facebook Page for the British Monarchy
The Facebook Page for the British Monarchy
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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leaving Westminster Abbey.
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