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Moldova News

US bars powerful Moldovan oligarch over corruption

Washington - The United States said Monday it will refuse entry to politically influential Moldovan oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc over allegations of corruption.

Moldova ex-ruling party cedes power to halt crisis

Chisinau - Moldova's Democratic Party on Friday announced it would leave government after days of refusing to cede power to a new coalition backed by the US, EU and Russia, halting a crisis in the eastern European nation.

Moldova president scraps parliament's dissolution in standoff

Chisinau - Moldova's President Igor Dodon on Tuesday annulled a decree to dissolve parliament, enforcing a standoff between two governments that both insist on their claim to lead the eastern European country.

EU states back Moldova parliament in constitutional struggle

Paris - Five EU states including Britain, France and Germany on Monday threw their support behind Moldova's parliament as it negotiated a constitutional crisis pitting it against an interim president wanting it dissolved to hold new elections.

Moldova crisis deepens as new president calls snap vote

Chisinau - Moldova plunged deeper into crisis Sunday as a new, acting president dissolved parliament and called elections just after lawmakers appeared to have formed a government following months of wrangling.

Moldova parliament approves alliance government to end political crisis

Chisinau - Moldova's parliament on Saturday approved a new government that is an unprecedented alliance between pro-Russia and pro-European forces in a bid to see off a political crisis sparked by February elections.

OSCE slams 'strong indication of vote buying' in Moldova

Chisinau - The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe on Monday said the closely watched parliamentary election in Moldova was competitive but criticised "strong indications of vote buying".

Moldova faces turmoil with no parliamentary majority after vote

Chisinau - Torn between the EU and Russia, ex-Soviet Moldova elected a parliament with no clear majority, results showed Monday, potentially throwing the impoverished country into political turmoil.

Pro-Russian party leads in Moldova parliamentary vote

Chisinau - A pro-Russian party has taken the lead in parliamentary elections in Moldova, results showed Monday, but without the clear majority needed to avoid a hung parliament.

Ruling party accused of fraud as Moldova votes

Chisinau - Moldova held a parliamentary poll on Sunday, with both pro-Russian and pro-EU forces accusing the ruling party of massive election fraud.

In tiny Moldova, voters choose between Russia and Europe

Chisinau - Voters in Moldova head to the polls on Sunday for a parliamentary election reflecting the tiny ex-Soviet republic's longstanding division between pro-Russians and pro-Europeans.

Young Moldovans fight corruption as election nears

Chisinau - For Andrei Trupceac, the breaking point came when courts in his native Moldova overturned the results of a local election that had been won by an opposition candidate.

Review: Sword swallower delivers jaw-dropping act on 'AGT: Champions' Special

On January 7, internationally recognized sword swallower Alex Magala gave a jaw-dropping performance on "America's Got Talent: The Champions."

UN backs call for Russia to withdraw troops from Moldova

New York - The UN General Assembly on Friday backed a call from Britain, Canada, Poland and eight other countries for Russia to withdraw its troops from a breakaway region of Moldova.

Moldova bars Russian deputy PM

Chisinau - Moldova on Wednesday declared Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin persona non grata in the wake of a diplomatic spat that saw his plane barred from flying over Romania.

Romania blocks Russia minister plane to Moldova

Bucharest - Romania on Friday sparked fury in Moscow by blocking a Moldova-bound plane carrying a senior Russian minister entering its airspace because of an EU travel ban over the Ukraine crisis.

Moldova's 'frozen conflict' has lessons for east Ukraine

Tiraspolul - The country Nikolai Klimkin serves does not officially exist and has remained trapped in a limbo of impoverished stagnation for decades.

Moldova president warns NATO over closer ties

Brussels - Moldova's pro-Russian President Igor Dodon on Tuesday warned NATO that the closer ties it seeks with his strategically placed country could undermine its neutrality and threaten its security.

Moldova president hopes to cancel EU association agreement

Moscow - Moldova's president said Tuesday he hoped the ex-Soviet nation's association agreement with the European Union would be cancelled if his party obtains a parliamentary majority, paving the way for an alliance with Moscow.

EU, Moldova reaffirm ties after pro-Russian president elected

Brussels - The European Union and Moldova on Monday reaffirmed close ties which they said would not be affected by the recent election of a pro-Russian president.

Pro-Russian candidate wins Moldova presidency

Chisinau - Pro-Russian candidate Igor Dodon on Monday emerged as winner of Moldova's hotly disputed presidential runoff, branded an East-West tug-of-war.With 99.9 percent of ballots counted, Socialist Party chief Dodon had 52.

Moldovans face 'East-West' choice in presidential runoff

Chisinau - Moldovans were voting Sunday to choose between pro-Moscow and pro-European candidates in a runoff vote for the next president of the impoverished ex-Soviet country.

Moldova faces 'east-west' presidential run-off as pro-Russian candidate leads

Chisinau - Moldova's presidential election is set to go to a second round, preliminary results showed Monday, after the leading pro-Russian candidate failed to secure an outright win in the ex-Soviet state.

Pro-Russia candidate ahead in Moldova election

Chisinau - A pro-Russia candidate came out top in Moldova's presidential election, according to incomplete results issued early Monday which left it unclear whether he could beat his pro-EU rival in the first round.

Moldova struggles to reform economy hit by money laundering, theft

Chisinau - Europe's poorest country Moldova -- politically torn between former Soviet master Russia and the West --- has seen its economy ravaged by rampant corruption and a string of money laundering and theft scandals.

Economic woes abroad hit Moldova's migrant workers

Chisinau - With an economic crisis in neighbouring Russia and growing uncertainty in Europe, the hordes of migrant workers from ex-Soviet Moldova face a huge dilemma: whether to return home to grim prospects or ride out tough times abroad.

Pro-EU, pro-Russia forces head-to-head in Moldova vote

Chisinau - Ex-Soviet Moldova will cast ballots Sunday in a presidential election viewed as a tug-of-war between supporters of European integration and advocates of closer relations with former master Moscow.The crisis-hit country of 3.

Moldovan rappers chime with protests over elite graft

Chisinau - Mani is a TV producer by day, but in his "second life" the business management graduate dresses up as a mobster to rap about corruption among Moldova's ruling elite.

'Last chance' for Moldova after mass protests: PM

Bucharest - Moldova's new Prime Minister Pavel Filip said Tuesday that his government faces a "last chance" to regain public trust as the country a battles deep political crisis, calling for calm from protesters demanding his resignation.

40,000 rally against government in ex-Soviet Moldova

Chisinau - Some 40,000 opposition demonstrators on Sunday took to the streets of Moldova's capital Chisinau calling for early elections as a political crisis continues to rock the tiny ex-Soviet state.
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