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Mold News

Fungi onboard ISS survives high doses of ionizing radiation

New research presented at the 2019 Astrobiology Science Conference shows that mold on the International Space Station is capable of surviving high doses of ionizing radiation. This finding is important for future deep space missions.

New health warning over mold found on nuts and corn

New research suggests that mold that can grow on common foodstuffs like nuts and corn can lead to ill-health effects through triggering a weakening of the airways.

GoGo SqueeZ recalls products after mold is found

GoGo SqueeZ issued a voluntary recall of some of its applesauce pouches because GoGo SqueeZ found what it describes as "common mold."

Canadian workers were affected by fungal infection

The U.S. CDC has confirmed that builders renovating an old house in Quebec, Canada contracted fungal spores from the building. The reason was that the workmen were not provided with the correct equipment.

Mold could trigger Parkinson’s disease

A compound found in some fungi, one that gives mold its musty smell, can cause changes in fruit flies’ brains that mimic those of patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Wal-Mart eye drops recalled from sale

Eye-drops, made up of carboxymethylcellulose sodium 0.5 percent solution, and sold under the Wal-Mart CVS brand as an ophthalmic solution, have been recalled from the market place.

Summer cold? It's more likely to be an allergy

A scientist is of the opinion that most ‘summer colds’ are actually allergies to grass pollen and mold carried in the air.

UV light keeps strawberries fresher for longer

A new technique has been developed, aimed at keeping strawberries fresher for longer. The method uses a controlled 'pulse' of UV light, directed at the fruit.

Call for investigation into meningitis deaths

Detroit - The Michigan Court of Appeals is set to hold a multi-county grand jury to investigate whether New England Compounding Center (NECC), which is linked to a recent meningitis outbreak, broke state laws by distributing tainted medicines.

Fisher-Price recalls 800,000 baby sleepers

The US government issued a warning as 800,000 Fisher-Price Newborn Rock`N Play Sleeper, recliner seats, were recalled due to possible mold risk.

Op-Ed: Gerritsen Beach residents ask for winterized FEMA trailers

New York - A petition is being addressed to Governor Cuomo, Mayor Bloomberg and FEMA Coordinator Mike Byrne, asking them to please send unused and winterized trailers to the residents of Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, who are still homeless from Hurricane Sandy.

Mushrooms grow in woman's apartment carpet

Sacramento - One woman in Sacramento, California need not go to the grocery store for mushrooms. Her crop may not be edible, but she has her own homegrown variety.

Gooey substance inside Vitamin Water tested and found to be mold

Several consumers in the U.S. have complained about a gooey substance found inside bottles of Vitamin Water they've purchased. One consumer brought his to a lab and the results are in. The liquid beverage was found to contain bacteria and mold.

Woman unhappy with Dairy Queen's response to moldy hot dog bun

Ponoka - A Canadian woman is upset with Dairy Queen. She says the company has not adequately responded to her complaint after her daughter was given a rancid hot dog which came inside of a moldy bun.

Chicago's mold count rises to an all time high

Grant Park - Kathy Oalde was busy gardening on Monday when she started feeling ill. Her chest started to feel heavy and her eyes itched intensely. Oalde, 64, took an allergy tablet, but the congestion she felt drove her into her air-conditioned Melrose Park home.

Note Found Inside a Secret Room Brings Nightmare to Family

A South Carolina couple found a hand written note inside a secret and unknown room, right behind a bookcase in their home. What they found was not a treasure, it was a nightmare.

Looking for Web fun? Watch Mold Grow On Cheese

English firm West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers has turned a web camera on a rack of its maturing cheddar.

Mouldy Situation

Family has no other choice except to deal with black mold

Mold, maggots in New Orleans homes left to rot

More than a year after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, thousands of homes damaged by flooding still stand empty, stained by black mold and some of them infested with maggots.

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Mold Image

Common orange lichen  Yellow scale lichen or Shore lichen
Common orange lichen, Yellow scale lichen or Shore lichen
Norbert Nagel
Sample of penicillin mould presented by Alexander Fleming to Douglas Macleod  1935. Front three-quar...
Sample of penicillin mould presented by Alexander Fleming to Douglas Macleod, 1935. Front three-quarter view, grey background.
Science Museum London / Science and Society Picture Library
The Sippee cups affected by this recall.
The Sippee cups affected by this recall.
Mayborn USA
File photo: The mucor mold
File photo: The mucor mold
James Lindsey

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