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Model 3 News

Tesla misses big on first-quarter earnings with $702 million loss

Tesla has fallen back into the red in the first quarter after last year’s profitable second half, the result of weaker deliveries of its namesake electric vehicles, reporting a much bigger loss than analysts expected.

Tesla deliveries miss by wide margin in first-quarter

Tesla Inc shares fell 11 percent on Thursday after a bigger-than-expected drop in first-quarter deliveries, led by declining demand for its luxury Model S and X vehicles.

Tesla raises prices and walks back plan to close most showrooms

Tesla is backtracking on its plans to close its showrooms. Additionally, Tesla will raise the price of its vehicles, with the exception of the Basic Model 3 sedan.

Tesla announces that all sales will be on the Internet in future

Just last week, Tesla announced that it was closing most of its showrooms in order to cut costs. Tesla will now sell its vehicles online rather than through stores with showrooms.

Tesla launches cheaper Model 3 - Wall Street not impressed

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made some splashy announcements Thursday, but Wall Street analysts were unimpressed after Musk announced a cheaper Model 3.

The world's most successful EV model may surprise you

The most popular electric vehicle in the world today is not made in the U.S. or China. Even though China’s BYD and Tesla continue to vie for top dog in sales, it is Japan's Nissan Leaf, which is the most popular electric vehicle of all time

Tesla faces problems with its first Model 3 deliveries in Europe

It is a year and a half after US Tesla customers began to receive their orders for the Model 3 until the first shipment of the models arrived at the beginning of this week at the Belgian port of Zeebrugge.

Tesla will cut workforce 7 percent as it tries to lower prices

Hawthorne - Tesla has announced plans to reduce its full-time workforce by 7 percent as it works to increase Model 3 production and cut prices in order to break out of the niche-car market to produce an electric vehicle that more people can afford.

Elon Musk breaks ground on Tesla's Shanghai factory

Shanghai - After four years of planning, Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory is becoming a reality. Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong celebrated on Monday the groundbreaking of the electric automaker's first non-U.S. factory.

Tesla likely to post 3rd quarter profit as Model 3 takes off

New York - When Tesla Inc posts third-quarter results on Wednesday, Chief Executive Elon Musk may show off a long-promised quarterly profit, as production of his Model 3 electric sedan takes off.

Tesla Model 3 gets 5-star rating from U.S. auto safety agency

Tesla Inc's Model 3 sedan has been awarded a five-star rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in tests that are standard for cars in the United States.

New Tesla factory in China will crank out 500,000 cars a year

Shanghai - Tesla CEO Elon Musk sealed a crucial agreement Tuesday to start building its second car assembly plant in Shanghai, except, he left out one crucial detail - how much it’s all going to cost.

Tesla makes good on Model 3 production target

Fremont - Late on Sunday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, in an email to employees said that the Tesla team had achieved its Model 3 production milestone of 5,000 units in a week, and achieved a new record on overall production with 7,000 cars in a week.

Elon Musk wins vote of confidence from Tesla shareholders

Tesla stocks rose more than 4 percent in premarket trading after the company revealed it is nearing its Model 3 weekly production rate and shareholders at Tesla's annual meeting backed Elon Musk as chairman and CEO.

Tesla reportedly facing accelerated rate of refunds for Model 3

Even though production of the Tesla Model 3 is up, a new report alleges that the automaker has refunded 23 percent of deposits for the electric car.

Tesla flies in six planes of robots in latest Model 3 push

Reno - Tesla Inc has flown six planes full of robots and equipment from Europe to California in an unusual, high-stakes effort to speed up battery production for its Model 3 electric sedan, people familiar with the matter told Reuters this week.

Tesla working on 'firmware update' fix for Model 3 'brake flaw'

Palo Alto - After Consumer Reports highlighted flaws in the Model 3's braking system on Monday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to downplay the report. Musk admitted there was a problem with the braking issue, but said it will be fixed with a firmware update.

Tesla says no need for capital as Model 3 production rises

In its first-quarter filing on Tuesday, Tesla quashed any speculation it might need to raise more capital this year, driving the company’s battered shares higher as it announced it built 2,020 of its cheaper Model 3 sedans in the last week of March.

Tesla's Model 3 production is reportedly nowhere near its target

As the first quarter draws to a close, numerous Tesla watchers are trying to figure out how many Model 3 vehicles the company is making.

Tesla's Model 3 is the millennial dream car

Tesla is the premier, aspirational car brand for millennials. The company's appeal is rooted in its ability to create a narrative that extends beyond traditional cars to renewable energy, space exploration, and self-driving vehicles.

Tesla making steady progress in Model 3 production after glitch

Tesla is denying reports that it continues to face major manufacturing issues due to a production bottleneck at its Gigafactory in Nevada, delaying the critical ramp-up of Model 3 production.

Tesla tells Model 3 reservation holders delivery dates delayed

Tesla reservation holders say their delivery window to receive the Model 3 has been pushed back by one month. Tesla has struggled to mass produce the highly-anticipated vehicle, citing issues with two production lines at its Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada.

Tesla is struggling to build the Model 3 — here's why

Tesla's third-quarter delivery numbers were both impressive and depressing. The carmaker is on pace to sell 100,000 vehicles annually for the first time in its 14-year history.

What it's like at Tesla when a new car is about to hit the street

Hokuto Ueda, a Harvard Business School grad who oversaw the launch of the Tesla Model S and the Gigafactory, describes what it's like launching a new vehicle at Tesla.

Tesla Motors unveils Model 3 — Electric cars for ordinary buyers

Hawthorne - Thousands of people lined up outside Tesla Motors dealerships across the country Thursday as its lower-priced Model 3 went on sale for the first time.

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The key for Tesla is producing an entry-level car in the mid-$30 000 range  which would put it in di...
The key for Tesla is producing an entry-level car in the mid-$30,000 range, which would put it in direct competition with major automakers.
Consumer Reports
NHTSA, Bloomberg
The first 30 Tesla Model 3s are delivered at the carmaker s factory.
The first 30 Tesla Model 3s are delivered at the carmaker's factory.
Tesla/Business Insider
The Tesla Model 3.
The Tesla Model 3.
Tesla Motors
Elon Musk
Tesla s brief showing as No 1 US car maker will go a long way in fueling sales of its affordable Mod...
Tesla's brief showing as No 1 US car maker will go a long way in fueling sales of its affordable Model 3, shown in image.
Picture of first Model 3 coming off the production line at the newly erected assembly line in Fremon...
Picture of first Model 3 coming off the production line at the newly erected assembly line in Fremont, California. It took three weeks to build, using minimal resources.
Elon Musk
Elon Musk

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