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Canadian military police assigned Pokemon Go after fans invade bases

Montr - At least three military police officers were ordered to play Pokemon Go in Canadian bases across the country, after players invaded the facilities in a quest to catch them all.

France says US pulling back on digital tax deal

Paris - French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said Monday that US officials no longer wanted a global deal on taxing multinational technology giants, and that Washington might be preparing penalities over a digital tax implemented by France this year.

Q&A: Tactics to optimize the mobile customer support experience Special

One often overlooked piece of the customer experience is mobile customer support, but to drive sales business need focus on developing the best mobile experience according to Anand Janefalkar of UJET.

Facebook settles French 'censorship' case over vagina painting

Paris - Facebook has agreed to settle a years-long legal battle with a French teacher who sued after the social media giant shuttered his account when he posted a renowned 19th-century painting that features a woman's genitals, his lawyer said Thursday.

Cubans left frustrated by slow and costly internet rollout

Havana - Six months on from the euphoria that greeted full internet access for mobile phones on the communist-run island, frustrated Cubans complain it is too expensive, too slow and crippled by government censorship.

Elon Musk tweet may cost him job as Tesla CEO

New York - The standoff between US stock regulators and mercurial Tesla chief Elon Musk has taken a dramatic turn over a tweet that could cost the entrepreneur his job as CEO of the electric carmaker.

Study reveals why some people keep losing their phones

London - For many people losing a smartphone can be a cause of stress and frustration, especially for those who lose devices regularly. Those who often lose devices have certain characteristics, as a new study finds.

MobiCom 2018 to showcase latest innovations

MobiCom is one of the major showcases for innovations in mobile communications. This year’s event open sin New Delhi, India on 29 October 2018. Hot topics include virtual assistants and cybersecurity.

Sweden puts out emergency war pamphlet amid Russia fears

Stockholm - The Swedish government on Monday presented an emergency pamphlet to prepare millions of citizens in the event of a war, natural disaster or cyber attack amid soaring tensions between Russia and the Western allies.

Graphene will charge your phone in under 10 seconds

Grapehene, the material with a host of wonderful properties and many more potential applications, could hold the key to super-fast charging of mobile devices.

Digital technologies help telecoms to simplify services

To address an increasingly competitive sector, most telecoms companies are seeking to reduce their public-facing offerings. However, more simplification is needed and digital technologies should be at the front-line, a new report recommends.

Combination of features leads to new Android vulnerability

The unexpected combination of two legitimate permissions, designed to power desirable and commonly used features in popular apps, make Android devices vulnerable to attack.

The next big mobile development will be hand control

How far can mobile devices develop? It seems that the next innovation will be controlling mobile devices by hand gestures, according to technologists from Linnaeus University.

Children who use touchscreen devices sleep poorly at night

London - Many parents deliberate over when to give young children mobile devices. One piece of new research that could well make parents think further shows that kids who spend a lot of time on touchscreen devices sleep poorly.

Boy, aged 11, racks up $7000 bill for mobile games

Chorley - An young boy, unknown to him at the time, spent around $7,000 playing online games after accessing his family's iTunes account.

Super flexible mobile phones from new silver compound

Flexible electronics is part of the future state development of electronic devices. Key to this are flexible touchscreens and such technology may be possible from the discovery of silver wires, between about 10 and 40 nanometers wide.

New chip makes voice control possible across all devices

The day may come when any electronic device is accessed via voice control. This possibility has been progressed through the development of an advanced yet low cost computer chip.

Stop texting during mealtimes, pope tells youngsters

Vatican City - Pope Francis told youngsters Friday to get off their phones during family meals, warning that the death of face-to-face conversations can have dire consequences for society, even resulting in wars.

Worth an ounce of gold? Extracting metal from old mobiles

Edinburgh - Scientists in Scotland have come up with a novel means to extract gold from obsolete mobile devices. The technique will allow for more efficient recycling of old hardware.

Annual death toll from selfies stands at 49

In recent years the ruining of a good photograph with a semi-in-focus head shot of the person taking the picture has become popular. The activity, it seems, carries the risk of death in certain circumstances.

Apple iPhone to sport MySpace

In what is projected to be a huge boost for sales of both the Apple iPhone and the biggest online social networking site, MySpace, the two have paired together, to provide the service on the iPhone and iPhone 3G alike.

iPhone runs into major software trouble

Soon after the launch of the new iPhone 3G, the Apple iPhone seems to have run into trouble owing to certain software problems.

Gaming to be spotlight of Apple iPhone 3G

In what is proposed to be the next big thing for the new range of Apple iPhone 3G phones, 3D gaming has emerged as the clear-cut winner.

Sony Ericsson launches new 5 megapixel phone

Sony Ericsson, very quick to reverse all competition in its favour has released yet another high-end phone which features a 5 megapixel camera.

Motorola Launches New 5-megapixel Camera Phone

Motorola is set to unveil a new 5 mega-pixel camera phone, in partnership with Kodak. The phone has a new technology which is said to take brighter, more vivid photographs.

Samsung Launches L700 Mobile Phone

Samsung launches its new L700 phone in a bid to raise the standard of bar type phones widely available in the market. The phone is to be released this July.

Google Entering Cellphone Market With 'Android' Announcement on Monday

It's a move that will pit the company against both Apple and Microsoft: Google is getting its mobile fingers tapping with a free, open-source cellphone package to be announced Monday. When a giant makes a step this large, get ready for big footprints.

Mobile Phones Worst Invention Since Weapons

The UK mIrror releases results from research into what people do not like in the UK.

You're So Vain, You Probably Think This ScreenMirror Is For You

This ScreenMirror from Senko produces a shiny, reflective surface when your phone or iPod's backlight is off. As soon as your backlight comes on, you can see the screen and go about your business as usual.

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