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Samsung's Galaxy S8 iris scanner fooled by a photograph

Samsung's "ultrasecure" iris scanner on its Galaxy S8 smartphone has been fooled using a photograph and contact lens. The method is alarmingly trivial to use and raises concerns about the safety of the biometric authentication technique.

LG X Venture takes on the great outdoors with a giant battery

LG has announced a new rugged smartphone built for people with more active lifestyles. The X Venture puts the emphasis on outdoor activities, including a dedicated app that displays a range of environmental and fitness metrics on one screen.

Project Treble will try to fix Android's broken update model

Google has announced a new initiative that could go a long way to resolving Android's longstanding update issues. The fragmented nature of the ecosystem leaves it up to individual manufacturers to release updates, meaning many phones never receive them.

Android passes the two billion active devices milestone

Google's Android is now used on over 2 billion every month. The operating system is now the largest in the world having surpassed Microsoft Windows last month. Alongside the announcement, Google unveiled a new set of features.

HTC debuts the first squeezable smartphone

HTC has unveiled its new flagship smartphone for the year. It's a high-end Android device with a unique party trick up its sleeve: you can squeeze it to interact with the display. The practical applications of the novel idea are currently limited though.

Instagram launches face filters, the last big Snapchat feature

Instagram is rolling out support for face filters, an augmented reality feature that lets you overlay your selfies with masks and props. Predictably, the implementation strays little from Snapchat's original, completing Instagram's clone of its rival.

Google's 'Fuschia' smartphone OS shown off in videos

Google's mystery operating system known only as "Fuschia" has broken its cover and made it onto the Internet. The UI has been compiled to run on existing phones, revealing an all-new design that's very different to Android's current look and feel.

Samsung's latest smartphone shuns Android for Tizen

Samsung has announced a new entry-level smartphone that runs the company's own Tizen operating system instead of Google's Android. It joins a growing number of Tizen devices and is intended to appeal to first-time smartphone buyers.

Is your mobile device spying on you?

Technologists have reported that malicious websites and dubious installed apps can be configured to spy on users of mobile devices by high jacking information collected from motion sensors.

Majority of U.S. homes have mobiles but no landline

Is the idea of a fixed landline and a mobile phone coming to a steady end? A new survey of U.S. homes indicates the majority of households have mobiles but no landline.

Microsoft is making phones 'but they may not look like phones'

Microsoft has once again reaffirmed its commitment to its smartphone business. Days after its phone revenue crashed to the floor in the company's latest earning call, CEO Satya Nadella has given another indication that something revolutionary is coming.

ZTE MAX XL offers a 6-inch display and giant battery for $130

ZTE has launched a new budget smartphone with some impressive hardware specifications. Despite being priced as a low-end phone, the MAX XL comes with a 6-inch display and a massive battery to put many flagship handsets to shame.

iPhone 8 will be two months late and face 'severe' supply issues

If you're planning to pick up a new iPhone before the holiday season you could be out of luck. Apple will start mass production of the hotly-anticipated iPhone 8 later than expected, causing massive supply issues that will stretch into 2018.

Samsung to release software update for Galaxy S8 red tint

Samsung has announced it is developing a software update for its flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone that should remedy reports of a strange reddish tint on the display. The company had previously denied there's anything wrong with the phone.

Italian court rules mobile phone caused tumour

Rome - In a potentially landmark case, an Italian court has ruled that excessive, work-related use of a mobile phone caused an executive to develop a benign brain tumour.

Google teams up with PayPal to make Android Pay more useful

Google has announced a new partnership with PayPal that will see the popular online payments service integrated into Android Pay. Mobile payment users will be able to complete in-store transactions using their PayPal account, adding a new way to pay.

Samsung Galaxy S8 owners report strange red-tinted screens

Early buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S8 are complaining the phone has a hardware problem. While the device isn't catching fire, some handsets appear to be shipping with oddly red-tinted displays. Samsung has denied there is anything wrong with the S8.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has facial recognition — but don't use it

Samsung's new Galaxy S8 is an amazing phone with a horrible flaw. Out of the slew of new features in the device, the Galaxy S8's facial recognition software is the biggest cause for concern.

Samsung stops people remapping the Bixby button on the Galaxy S8

Samsung has put an end to Galaxy S8 customers remapping the handset's Bixby button to a function of their choice. The company has released an update that disables the existing unofficial workaround, leaving many owners with a useless button.

iPhone 8 to feature stainless steel and glass design

Apple is planning a major overhaul of the iPhone's design in recognition of the iconic smartphone's 10th anniversary. According to a report corroborated by multiple outlets, the highlights of the new design will be stainless steel sides and a glass back.

Op-Ed: One year on — Why I'm still using Windows 10 Mobile

It's been one year since Microsoft started rolling out Windows 10 Mobile to older phones. The platform has fallen below 1 percent market share and is nearing abandonware status. 12 months on, it still holds promise – if Microsoft gives it more attention

Samsung's Galaxy S8 to launch without Bixby assistant

Samsung has announced it is delaying the launch of Bixby, the company's anticipated rival to Apple's Siri. Bixby was meant to be released alongside Samsung's Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone. It will now be added in a future Android update.

Galaxy S8 pre-orders even higher than S7, S8+ model most popular

Any lingering doubts that Samsung's disastrous Note 7 launch would have a lasting impact on sales of its new S8 were apparently unfounded. The company has announced that its 2017 flagship phone has already racked up more pre-orders than its predecessor.

Report: Apple to axe another supplier, build its own power chips

Apple is said to have created a team of 80 engineers who are working to improve the iPhone's battery life by building a new dedicated power delivery chip. The part is expected to be ready next year and will replace existing modules sourced from the UK.

The way you tilt your phone could let hackers steal your PIN

Cybercriminals can calculate smartphone passwords and PINs by monitoring the ways in which devices are held. The warning comes from a group of security researchers who claim 70 percent of four-digit PIN codes can be identified after just one attempt.

Google's Pixel 2 to feature a curved display sourced from LG

Google is said to be planning to equip its upcoming Pixel 2 smartphone with a curved display. The move will follow Samsung's Galaxy S8 and the LG G6. Google will source its screens from LG in a significant deal worth nearly one billion dollars.

Minecraft gets its own virtual currency and in-app purchases

Minecraft is being updated with a new community marketplace that lets players purchase creations made by other players. Designs made by other Minecraft players can be purchased using a new virtual currency that can be bought through in-app purchases.

Facebook adds suggestions to its Messenger assistant

Facebook has updated M, the digital assistant inside its Messenger app, with the ability to make suggestions. The company is pitching the feature as a way to sustain conversations by suggesting relevant content that keeps messages flowing.

Samsung's folding phone delayed by two years as company refocuses

People looking to buy Samsung's rumoured folding smartphone may have to extend their wait. The company had been expected to unveil its first foldable device this year but has now delayed its plans until 2019 so it can develop other display tech first.

EU to end mobile roaming charges in June

Strasbourg - The EU will abolish mobile phone roaming charges from June 15 following a vote in the European Parliament on Thursday.
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Millennials panel at Emerging Media Convergence 2012
Millennials panel at Emerging Media Convergence 2012
Located just off of the Mobile Bay  in Mobile Alabama is the USS Alabama Battleship Park.
Located just off of the Mobile Bay, in Mobile Alabama is the USS Alabama Battleship Park.
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Located just off of the Mobile Bay  in Mobile Alabama is the USS Alabama Battleship Park.
Located just off of the Mobile Bay, in Mobile Alabama is the USS Alabama Battleship Park.
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Located just off of the Mobile Bay  in Mobile Alabama is the USS Alabama Battleship Park.
Located just off of the Mobile Bay, in Mobile Alabama is the USS Alabama Battleship Park.
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A propeller from the USS Alabama Battleship on display on the park grounds.
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