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Google Earth Timelapse shows 35 years of our changing planet

On April 25, Google announced several updates to its Google Earth Timelapse, a global, zoomable time-lapse video that lets viewers explore the last 35 years of our changing planet's surface - including its long-overdue arrival on mobile phones.

New Blackberry Key 2 phone to be launched this Thursday June 7

Multinational Chinese electronics company TCL will release the new BlackBerry Key 2 this Thursday, June 7th in New York. The new phone appears to be a refined version of the earlier BlackBerry KeyOne.

Blackberry CEO John Chen to stay on after company turnaround

Waterloo - John Chen can keep his job of chief executive officer(CEO) of Blackberry until at least November 2023. Chen is given the credit for rescuing the company when Blackberry appeared to be doomed when he came on as CEO in 2013.

TCL positive about reception of Blackberry KeyOne

Telephone Communications Limited (TCL), which attended the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC) had a positive message about the response to the BlackBerry KeyOne, which was launched at last year's MWC.

Italy declares man's brain tumor linked to his mobile phone use

The Italian court, in Ivrea, has ruled that a man's brain tumor is linked to his mobile phone use. This is based on extensive smartphone use. The connection is, however, questioned by experts.

Virgin Mobile soon to operate in Peru

Virgin Mobile will begin operations in Peru in the third quarter of this year after it secured a license from the government to operate in the country.

Smartphone bill saving for watching adverts

London - Would you agree to watch more adverts sent to your mobile device in return for a reduction to your monthly bill? This is exactly what retail group Tesco is implementing.

China testing 5G technology, aims for availability by 2020

China expects to commercialize the use of 5G technology in 2020 as test works are ongoing to come up with the first version.

Intel Corporation's head of mobile group plans to leave company

After less than a year as the head of Intel's mobile phone division, Aicha Evans recently announced her plans to quit. The semiconductor chip giant is still struggling to gain a foothold in the mobile applications market.

Talks for Telstra’s Philippine mobile entry collapse

Australia’s biggest phone and Internet provider Telstra has dropped the plan to partner with Filipino conglomerate San Miguel Corporation for a $1 billion investment in Philippine mobile industry.

Phone use a key factor in many auto crashes study finds

Blacksburg - Use of mobile phones while driving may be the single most important factor causing car crashes in recent years according to a new study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

Freeing Africans from tyranny one phone at a time Special

In Africa, where roads are often impassible and conflict has put whole swaths of territory off-limits, the Internet is playing a pivotal role in bringing people together.

Op-Ed: caféMac provides support to Apple lovers of Sonoma Special

Sonoma - As our society and everyday world becomes more dependent upon computer and mobile technology the need for reliable and trusted technicians reaches from major cities to small towns like Sonoma.

Government spy planes being used to collect cellphone data

In the last few days, an aerial spy network used by the Justice Dept and US Marshalls to collect cellphone information has been exposed.

Op-Ed: Are pollsters out of touch?

Denver - Polls, sales and collectors are being hurt by people getting off the grid. When cell phones first came out in large numbers, users did not have to worry about unwanted phone calls. That has all changed.

Third of UK suffers from mobile phone coverage problems

According to a report by Ofcom, the regulator of Britain’s mobile phone industry, at least 20 percent of the country faces regular problems with mobile phone coverage.

Volkswagen 'Eyes on the Road' ad inspires road safety (Video)

Some adverts can confuse and seem totally unrelated to whatever they are trying to sell. Others tell a story in a strong and meaningful way, like this Volkswagen ad promoting road safety.

Op-Ed: Government likely to ban mobile phone calls on planes

Although federal agencies that government aviation, transportation and communications are ready to permit the use of mobile phones on planes, passengers are unlikely to have to listen to annoying calls.

Op-Ed: NSA tracks 5 billion mobile phone calls daily

They aren't joking on U.S. comedy shows when they say no need to send Santa a list: the NSA already knows what you want. The Washington Post confirmed how the spy agency is monitoring phone calls. nationwide.

Rise of Indian women-only space amid male-only village councils

New Delhi - While international news sources begin following the rise of women-only options in India, village-based male councils continue to blame Western influences like clothing and mobile phone usage for violence against women.

5 billion people will use cellphones by 2017

In 2017, 5.1 billion people from all around the globe will be using cell phones, which is almost 1 billion more users who are using them now.

Smartphones outsell standard mobile phones for the first time

Smartphone sales have exceeded standard mobile phone sales for the first time in the April-to-June period, according to information technology research firm Gartner.

Google cuts an additional 1,200 jobs in its Motorola division

Google's Motorola Mobility unit is to shed another 1,200 jobs or 10 percent of its workforce as the smartphone maker tries to return to profitability, Google said on Friday.

Why Mobiado's luxurious mobile phones are art

Vancouver - Mobiado is a Canadian company based in Vancouver which specializes in high concept and very expensive mobile phones which the fashion conscious and very rich lineup to purchase around the globe.

Costly 'Bill Shocker' malware targets Android users

Security experts from NQ Mobile’s Security Research Center have discovered a virus targeting Android phones, and it may prove to be one of the most costly viruses ever discovered.

Video: iPhone sleeve, an ongoing work in progress

Aspiring inventor Shota Mori is taking it upon himself to create and continuously perfect a special iPhone sleeve that allows your phone to pop up from your sleeve.

Canadians pressure CRTC to end three-year phone contracts

In a bid against long-term financial commitment and outdated technology, Canadians are urging the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to shorten three-year mobile phone contracts.

FCC unveils plans for text-to-911 feature by 2014

Emergency services will soon be just a few button taps away with plans to develop a new text-to-911 feature, the FCC reported Thursday.

Adult cellphone users treat their gadget as a body appendage

The 85 percent of American adults who own cellphones are using them for much more than just calling people. Phones are turning out to be the device needed for a rising number of activities and the volume of use of each of these activities is growing.

Op-Ed: How to stop people using their mobile phones while driving

Driving while using a mobile phone is one of the most irresponsible and dangerous acts otherwise law abiding people do. Now there is a sure fire way to stop them.
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Two girls try new devices at a smartphone store.
Two girls try new devices at a smartphone store.
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Talking on cell phone.
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It s easy to sell your phone with the Orchard app.
It's easy to sell your phone with the Orchard app.
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France is imposing a nationwide ban on mobile phones in schools to try to reduce distractions
France is imposing a nationwide ban on mobile phones in schools to try to reduce distractions

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