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Mobile phone News

Mobile phone radiation and memory performance concerns

A new study has found that mobile phone radiation could affect memory performance in adolescents, as evidenced through new tests. This adds weight to other research concerned with radiation emissions from connected technology.

Ever wondered how many times you touch your smartphone?

For most people smartphones are part and parcel of their lives, almost becoming an extension of their arms. We use smartphones a lot, with the typical person touching their device 2,617 each day.

World's first Braille phone goes on sale

London - A U.K. company called OwnFone has launched what is said to be the world's first Braille phone. The front and back of the phone has been constructed using 3D printing techniques.

Apple and Google end patent battle

Apple and Google agree to end their patent battle for a time. The patents relating to mobile phone technology has been at the center of competition between two tech giants and has drawn lines between mobile phone patents.

Why Swedish schools allow cellphones in classrooms

According to Sweden's National Education Agency, there is no general rule prohibiting Swedish school children from using their cellphones during lessons. That is, as long as it doesn't actually disturb the lesson.

Op-Ed: FAA isn't making airplane seats home offices

The most essential ingredient in making a home office work is communication with the outside world. By that definition allowing mobile phones on airplanes doesn’t make a passenger seat an office.

Mobile phone saves life of Florida man in botched robbery attempt

Orlando - An Orlando gas station worker had a lucky escape when his mobile phone blocked a bullet fired at him by a robber. The attempted robbery took place last Monday morning at a Hess station in Winter Garden, Orlando.

Another Craigslist murder

Los Angeles - Buying something off Craigslist has proved deadly again. A Los Angeles man was shot dead by teens when he met them to pay for the mobile phone in south Los Angeles.

Video: Haydn killed by a cell phone in Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg - German concert pianist, Christian Zacharias was beautifully performing Haydn's Piano Concerto in Gothenburg, Sweden, when suddenly a cell phone starts to ring. A lesson should be learned here by all.

Mobile phone users make up 60% of the global population

Technology has changed the world in drastic ways. One of the strongest influences in our digital age is the mobile phone. How powerful a tool has it become?

Video: Bus driver on mobile phone causes passenger outrage

Marbella - An inquiry has been launched in Spain after a passenger captured on video a bus driver, talking on his mobile phone while driving, on a busy Costa del Sol highway between Marbella and Fuengirola.

Video: ION glasses 'link your moments', made in Spain

Elche - Two Spanish entrepreneurs have come up with a Google Glass-style technology, with a "hipster fashion sensibility." The Bluetooth-driven ION glasses will interact with your smartphone or tablet and keep you up to date, wherever you are.

iPhone 5C to feature a cheap price tag and scratch resistant back

The iPhone 5C, suspected to be a low-budget color-customizable smartphone, is scheduled for release on September 10, 2013. While Apple did not confirm this release date, a source in contact with AllThingsDigital claims so.

HTC8XT becomes Sprint's first Windows Phone 8 device

While HTC is best known for their Android One line, they have not forgotten about Windows Phone 8 users. The HTC 8X line, or more specifically, the 8XT model can now be found on mobile carrier Sprint's website.

ListenApp launches news application in UK

The popular news application, ListenApp, has been launched in the UK. The news application allows people to catch up with the headlines with a daily audio and text summary.

A Spaniard built the first 'mobile phone' 100 years ago

Piedrabuena - A new book tells the story of how Mónico Sánchez emigrated from Madrid to New York in 1903. He then built an x-ray machine which saved many lives, before starting work on the world's very first mobile phone.

Op-Ed: Americans tend to spend more money on cellphones than necessities

Studies tend to show people are interested in staying attached to the outside world more so than paying other bills like power, water and mortgages.

VOTO: Charging your cellphone without electricity (video)

For those living in underdeveloped parts of the world, or even those who enjoy camping in isolated areas, charging your cell phone can be a nightmare. VOTO has come up with the solution.

NASA’s PhoneSat mission using smartphones as low cost satellites

Wallops Island - Last Sunday NASA launched into Earth orbit three satellites in the shape of three smartphones likely to be the lowest cost satellites ever as part of NASA’s PhoneSat mission.

Happy 40th birthday, mobile phone

Forty years ago today the first mobile phone call was made. They have come a long way since then. Just how far? You can't conceive if you grew up in a world without these now ubiquitous implements.

Canadian dad slammed with $22,000 bill for roaming charges

A Canadian man is accusing his carrier of gouging data charges after he was billed over $20,000 during a recent trip to Mexico. His son had been watching YouTube videos on his dad's iPhone.

Accidental 911 call, talk of drug sale, lands Florida man in jail

Orange City - A 19-year-old Florida tow truck driver has been arrested after his cellular phone accidently dialed 911 while he and two other men discussed selling drugs.

Women in Bihar penalised for using mobile phones

Patna - A village panchayat in Bihar has banned women from using mobile phones and imposed heavy charges if they violate the diktat.

Best and worst effects of mobile phone connectivity on our lives

How do cell phones affect our lives? A new study shows mobile users assessment of the best and worst aspects of owning a cell phone. Do we feel obliged to be connected and available? Do our mobiles save or waste time? Do they make life easier?

Op-Ed: How to stop people using their mobile phones while driving

Driving while using a mobile phone is one of the most irresponsible and dangerous acts otherwise law abiding people do. Now there is a sure fire way to stop them.

Apple v Samsung: no copyright infringement but dispute continues

Apple’s claim that Samsung had heavily borrowed its design concept for the iPad have been rejected by a Dutch appeals court. However, the long-running dispute between the two technoloogy giants looks set to continue.

Fecal bacteria found on cell phones could upset the stomach

Now researchers have found E.coli on cell phones – the bacteria found in feces. The bacteria can lead to an upset stomach just from the thought of putting intestinal bacteria next to your ear.

Did cellphone use by hockey player cause Russian air crash?

Yaroslavl - One of the hockey players on board the tragic Yak-42, had been speaking to his wife on his cell phone, just as the aircraft was preparing for take-off. The cause of the crash has yet to be determined.

Op-Ed: Tennis: Alizé Cornet's phone interrupts match at Swedish Open

In the words of John McEnroe: “You cannot be serious!” Well, at least Alizé Cornet can’t be serious after an incident which occurred in the first round of the Swedish Open.

UK Vodafone network disrupted by break-in at exchange centre

Vodafone's mobile phone network has been disrupted after a technical facility was broken into last night causing some customers to lose internet access and text messaging services.
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A Buddhist monk talks on his smartphone as he sits on the grassland of the Tibetan Plateau in Yushu ...
A Buddhist monk talks on his smartphone as he sits on the grassland of the Tibetan Plateau in Yushu County
Nicolas Asfouri, AFP
Vodafone mobile phone
Vodafone mobile phone
Flickr Dan Taylor
A bus driver  driving a packed bus on the route from Marbella to Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol  wa...
A bus driver, driving a packed bus on the route from Marbella to Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol, was caught on video talking on a mobile phone.
Daniel Bader
Mobile phones have invaded into the lives of tribal people. In the photo  a Reang woman dressed in e...
Mobile phones have invaded into the lives of tribal people. In the photo, a Reang woman dressed in ethnic attire is seen using a mobile phone. Reang community is one of the 19 Tribal communities living in Tripura, India. Most of these people are still educationally, economically backward though they have a rich ethnic cultural heritage.

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