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What's with young business owners and their phone etiquette?

Smartphones and other mobile devices are increasingly important for businesses. a new survey shows just how important this form of technology is becoming, especially with younger business owners.

Personal mobile devices at work increase cyber-risks

A new report finds that the blurring of the use of personable devices at work. as companies encourage people to use their own smartphones, is creating a more challenging level of cyber-risk.

Major Android bug discovered targeting banking apps Special

A dangerous Android vulnerability known as StrandHogg has been discovered by Promon, affecting all Android devices. Sam Bakken of OneSpan looks at the new risk to smartphone users.

iPhone flaw shows ongoing concerns with mobile devices Special

Researchers working at Google’s Project Zero have discovered several hacked websites which used cybersecurity flaws to indiscriminately attack any iPhone that visited them. This is the biggest attack yet reported against iPhone users.

Are mobile phones bad for your health?

Are mobile devices good or bad for our health? To what extent are mobile devices changing the way we interact with technology? These are important, open ended, questions, and subject to different studies which are sometimes reaching different conclusions.

Spiking tool improves artificial intelligence devices

A new type of spiking tool has been shown to improve artificially intelligent devices. The new method could benefit smartphones, self-driving cars, and other systems reliant upon automated image interpretation.

Fast 5G and foldable mobiles feature at Mobile World Congress

Barcelona - New multimedia applications, 5G records broken, and foldable smartphones were among the highlights so far on display at the annual 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Behind the scenes, the battle between U.S. and Huawei continues.

Google launches Android device enterprise certification program

Google's announced a program to make Android devices more enterprise-friendly. It will label certified enterprise-ready phones as "Android Enterprise Recommended," signalling they meet the typical requirements of IT teams overseeing corporate deployments.

Qualcomm's next 5G chipsets to use Samsung's 7nm process

Qualcomm and Samsung have announced their next 5G mobile chipsets will be built on Samsung's 7nm technology. The new process will improve performance and have a smaller chip footprint. This leaves more room to add new internal components.

Android Pay and Google Wallet get unified as 'Google Pay'

Google's announced a revamp of its mobile payment services which unifies its apps under a single roof. It's merging Android Pay and Google Wallet together to create the new Google Pay platform, which includes a redesigned app that's launching today.

Retailers struggle to manage mobile tech deployments

Retailers using mobile devices in their digital transformations are experiencing device deployment problems. According to a new report, adoption of in-store tech is growing but employees are unable to take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

Microsoft, Qualcomm launch ARM-based 'Always Connected' PCs

Microsoft's launched Windows 10 on ARM, a project that brings its desktop operating system to a new category of hardware. The company has partnered with Qualcomm to build Windows devices with smartphone processors, offering month-long battery life.

Health apps tune into the personalized medicine initiative

There are many health apps on the market. One of the leading brands – HealhTap – has become more sophisticated through the use of a new algorithm that tailors the content towards individual patients.

Intel Corporation's head of mobile group plans to leave company

After less than a year as the head of Intel's mobile phone division, Aicha Evans recently announced her plans to quit. The semiconductor chip giant is still struggling to gain a foothold in the mobile applications market.

Wearables market growth climbs 200% in a year, led by Fitbit

The market for wearable devices has grown by almost 200 percent in the past year, helped by the launch of new smartwatches from companies including Apple and Xiaomi. They continue to lose out to established favourite Fitbit though.

Op-Ed: Early results of banning mobile devices at school coming in

In a disturbing statement back in February, a pediatric occupational therapist Cris Rowan called for parents to ban the use of handheld devices for children under the age of 12. A few months later, a new study proves that she may have had a point.

Making cellphone batteries last longer

As mobile and wearable tech becomes more commonplace and sophisticated, one of the frustrations that consumers face is a lack of battery power. But now physicists have come up with a new way to make more powerful cellphone batteries.

Advisory panel to recommend FAA ease Wi-Fi restrictions

The FAA may finally be catching up with the times. That is, of course, if it accepts recommendations from one of its advisory panels.

Report: Mobile commerce has doubled since 2012

Sales transactions through mobile have doubled since 2012, resulting in mobile commerce sales now accounting for almost a quarter of total sales via the Internet.

New study points to consumer preference for mobile payments

On Tuesday, customer engagement analytics firm Symphony EYC published the results of a fascinating new food-centric survey.

Costly 'Bill Shocker' malware targets Android users

Security experts from NQ Mobile’s Security Research Center have discovered a virus targeting Android phones, and it may prove to be one of the most costly viruses ever discovered.

Op-Ed: iPad gets serious — 128GB model unveiled, rather meekly

Sydney - After what feels like a few million years of “cute” status and feelgood commercials, Apple have apparently decided to turn the iPad into a much more credible machine. The new 128GB version is more expensive, but it’s also more believable.

Study: Canadians reportedly spending less time on mobile devices

Toronto - Canadians are technology enthusiasts, but as they continue their love affair with all things smartphones, tablets and e-readers, the amount of time using these devices is less frequent than compared to a year ago, a new study says.

Do mobile devices control the future of news media and business?

Research shows the massive rise in mobile device ownership and usage promotes news reading. Evidence also suggests that technology companies are the ones benefiting financially. The annual State of the News Media report by Pew Research Center reveals all.

NBA Introduces Live Games for U.S. Mobile Phone Market

Starting this season, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is introducing complete live games for mobile phones in the U.S. in a bid to grab a significant portion of the lucrative U.S. mobile phone market.

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