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Q&A: Focus on digital now and transformation later Special

Businesses need to focus on going digital and adopting the basics, whether that be foolproof curbside pickup or seamless delivery options, before worrying about features that will disrupt the industry.

2020 Predictions: Mobile app dev, 5G, No-code and DevSecOps Special

From 5G to bringing your own device to work; and from no-code solutions to increased privacy concerns, there are several key technology and security trends for businesses, according to experts at Blue Cedar.

Banks 'two APIs away' from losing customers to mobile apps

Consumers are increasingly interested in mobile payments technology and are attracted to the idea of a centralised digital wallet. A new study by Accenture found smartphone users are "desperate" for a modern approach to banking that works around them.

Vine's co-founders launch new livestreaming app called HYPE

The creators of video looping app Vine have announced HYPE, a "live and interactive video service" for smartphones. The company is entering the crowded livestreaming space, competing with Facebook and Twitter. Vine announced it's closing down last week.

Capital One teams up with booking app HotelTonight

In keeping up with its tech initiatives, Capital One has teamed up with HotelTonight to give new offers to travelers. HotelTonight is a last-minute booking app that gives travelers discounted rates at thousands of hotels.

Satisfying the craving for data by giving it away Special

New York - Nathan Eagle found his calling in Kenya thanks to a combination of blood and money (not what you think). The result is an Internet platform that gives millions access to the Internet without making them poorer.

Op-Ed: The continued rise of the smartphone

In 2015 we spend more of our time than ever before staring at our smartphones, thumbs scrolling and tapping away, because they’re not just phones any more.

Facebook unveils video calls for Messenger app

In the midst of increasing competition from rival apps, Facebook announces the introduction of video calls to its Messenger service.

New app seeks to personalize your motivation

A new app from two professors at the Canterbury Christ Church University has been developed to offer personalized motivation and goal settings for individuals.

Popular messaging app WhatsApp now on desktops

Popular mobile app, WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is now also available for use on your desktop, WhatsApp announced yesterday.

Missouri ACLU introduces police accountability smartphone app

Saint Louis - The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri has launched a new smartphone app meant to empower people to record encounters with law enforcement officers in which civil rights violations may be occurring.

Op-Ed: Business networking apps and advice for young professionals

Mobile apps are transforming the way business is done around the world. Millennials are particularly well suited to benefit from their use.

Op-Ed: With Facebook policies in mind, mobile messaging privacy matters

The mobile messaging market made headlines this week after Facebook agreed to acquire WhatsApp for a staggering $19 billion - however, there may be considerable privacy and security issues at stake.

Is the Facebook WhatsApp buy about defense in emerging markets?

Facebook's $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp appears to be a defensive move among teen users and the broader mobile environment, but is it really about international and emerging markets?

A smartphone device could potentially prevent DUIs and save lives

Imagine having a couple of drinks and taking a breathalyzer test without a police officer's involvement. Gadgets like Bactrak and AlcoHAWK have made that possible for several years. But accuracy claims of these devices are often questioned.

Op-Ed: Mobile shopping replacing desktops and laptops

These days, a small business that has no Internet presence won’t get far with savvy online shoppers. But what if you’ve got a great website that doesn’t convert well to mobile devices?

New expectations for Samsung Galaxy S5

A Samsung representative told the Korean Herald that biometric security is currently not on the company's to-do list. Many have speculated that Samsung will follow suit to Apple and introduce a fingerprint security scanner of their own.

Op-Ed: Digital tools, advertising target expectant parents

When Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge finally made his long-anticipated debut in July, there was no mistaking this was a royal arriving in the age of social media. The good news quickly spread across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

Op-Ed: Why new moms should avoid sleeping pills

As millions of Americans struggle with what the CDC calls a national epidemic of sleep deprivation, the latest research shows that prescriptions for sleep medications continue to grow at record pace.

Mobile payments bring taxi cabs into the 21st century

Taxi cabs have been cruising the United States helping passengers traverse the landscape for close to a century. And for most of that 100 year period, cash and coin have been the only compensation taxi drivers could accept.

Op-Ed: 4 Ways technology is changing the treatment of mental illness

Mental health problems are mounting on a global scale and technology is rising to meet the challenge of helping to treat them.

New app for dance studios improves efficiency, increases profits

Livermore - Recently, announced the release of Virtual Dance Boutique™, a new mobile app and service for dance studio owners.

The battle of HTML5 vs. Native Apps – who's the winner?

Dublin - The debate of HTML5 versus native apps has been ongoing for quite some time now and until a solution can be formed then it could transpire for a long period of time.

Review: Social networks revamp their mobile apps for the better

Minneapolis - Social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube redesign their mobile apps to enhance the user experience. Features change how content is viewed and manipulated.

Who cares about private and secure smart or cellphone activity? Special

Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has released a research report on mobile privacy. In particular, this report includes Pew’s first-ever investigation into how cell owners deal with privacy concerns in the context of mobile apps

Mobile apps debut in U.S. presidential election campaigns

Mobile apps have been steadily integrated into daily activities for some time now, so it's not surprising apps are now becoming a part of election campaigns.

App may help NYC consumers save money on air conditioning costs

New York - Smartphone apps have emerged that allow people to control their use of air conditioning remotely. One New York energy company is promoting the use of mobile to allow customers to control their units.

KANA Software and City of Minneapolis launch Minneapolis 311 app Special

Minneapolis - The Minneapolis 311 mobile app allows residents to report potholes, graffiti, and broken street lights to the City of Minneapolis different departments to better process service requests.

Facebook announces App Center – App searching becomes easier

A new Facebook App Center was announced yesterday by Aaron Brady on the Facebook Developer’s Blog . Facebook users will be able to access the database in order to find both mobile and web apps.

New research: The future of the Internet — Will the web die out?

New research published by Pew Research Center and Elon University focuses on how the popularity of apps, tablets and smartphones could alter the way people access and consume information in the future and question whether the web can survive the upsurge.
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Uber and Taxis in São Paulo
Uber and Taxis in São Paulo
Núcleo Editorial
Pew Internet
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Curious Playground is now live in the iTunes App Store.
Curious Playground is now live in the iTunes App Store.
Image Courtesy of Curious Hat
Curious Playground offers a wide variety of educational interactive options for parents and children...
Curious Playground offers a wide variety of educational interactive options for parents and children.
Image Courtesy of Curious Hat
Pew Internet
DoApp is a mobile development company.
DoApp is a mobile development company.
Doapp, Inc.
Major brokerage firm apps may not be as secure as many believe.
Major brokerage firm apps may not be as secure as many believe.

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