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Microsoft's new app strips Skype back to basics for India

Microsoft has launched a new Skype app aimed at users who struggle with limited data plans and patchy network connectivity. Skype Lite is a basic version of the popular messaging app that's smaller to install and uses less data.

11 U.S. cities will get '5G' service later this year from Verizon

Verizon on Wednesday said that it will start offering “pre-commercial” 5G service to certain customers in 11 U.S. cities sometime in the first half of 2017.

Samsung phones will soon unlock your Windows PC for you

Samsung is preparing an update to its Samsung Flow app that will let you unlock your Windows computer using the fingerprint scanner on your phone. The long-awaited functionality considerably expands the app's usefulness, opening it to millions of people.

Galaxy Note 7 returns: Samsung to sell refurbished phones

Samsung intends to resume sales of its recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone within a matter of months, according to reports today. In a bid to recoup some of its losses, the company will refurbish many of its recovered handsets and install smaller batteries.

ZTE cancels disastrous crowd-funded smartphone

ZTE has cancelled its funding campaign for Project CSX, the company's ill-fated crowd-sourced phone. What began as an effort to engage with the community has ended up a disaster. After apparently ignoring feature requests, just 190 people pledged support.

Microsoft: We 'fully expect' to keep building Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has again stressed its commitment to supporting its almost non-existent mobile platform, Windows 10 Mobile. The company said it "expects" to keep doing so indefinitely. The statement comes as analysts announce market share has fallen to 0.3%.

iPhone 8 to feature divided display with 'function area'

The iPhone 8's display will be separated into two distinct regions, the main screen and a bottom "function area" according to a reliable report. A panel below the primary display will house virtual buttons that can be used to interact with apps and games.

Huawei to take on Siri with its own digital voice assistant

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei is planning to release a rival to Apple's Siri by launching its own voice assistant. The company has assigned over one hundred engineers to the major development effort, described as "extensive" by insider sources.

Nokia to relaunch historic 3310 feature phone this month

Nokia is planning to relaunch its infamous 3310 mobile phone, according to a reliable report today. The 17-year-old 3310 has become a cult icon and gained a legendary status for its durability and unbreakable nature. It's now getting a modern successor.

Tim Cook: Giving away Apple tech for free will sell more iPhones

A short remark by Apple CEO Tim Cook to The Independent reveals a big part of the master plan behind Swift — an Apple-created programming language that's found a large-and-growing group of fans.

Apple orders 160 million Samsung screens for the iPhone 8

Apple and Samsung have reportedly inked a deal that will see the South Korean manufacturer build 160 million OLED displays for the upcoming iPhone 8. The contract is worth over $4 billion and will cover the vast majority of iPhone 8 displays.

BlackBerry's next smartphone is coming this month

BlackBerry has confirmed it will launch a new Android-powered smartphone later this month. The DTEK70, alternately known as the BlackBerry Mercury, will feature a touchscreen and physical QWERTY keyboard, in homage to classic BlackBerry devices.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 battery factory catches fire

The factory that built the explosive batteries inside Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 smartphone has caught fire, according to media reports. Over 100 firefighters were sent to the building after lithium batteries in half-finished products set alight.

LG G6 to feature bezel-less 'Full Vision' display

LG has announced the display of its upcoming G6 flagship smartphone will be dubbed "Full Vision" in another prominent tease for the device. The phone will have a virtually bezel-less screen, forming part of a trend in mobile design this year.

The hyped iPhone 8 'supercycle' may not actually happen

For months, analysts have been claiming this year's iPhone launch will form part of a "supercycle," a surge in demand that will see a vast increase in upgrades over last year. One Apple watcher has now said the supercycle simply won't happen though.

The next iPhone could fold in two

Apple could be planning to unveil a folding iPhone with an OLED screen, patent filings have revealed over the past few months. It could form the basis of a radical new design designed to rival upcoming folding handsets from Samsung and LG.

The 'I'm a Mac' guy now advertises Android phones

Actor Justin Long, known for his role in Apple's "Get a Mac" ad campaign, has signed a new contract with Huawei to film a series of commercials for its Android smartphones. In the videos, Long alludes to his former work for Apple.

Google Pixel 2 could feature an Intel processor

Google could be planning to use an Intel processor in its upcoming Pixel 2 smartphone, according to a new report. The handset will also feature an improved camera and waterproofing, improving on a key weakness of the original.

ZTE's crowd-sourced smartphone ends in dismal failure

ZTE has admitted it made a rather catastrophic mistake in its bid to create a crowd-sourced smartphone. The company invited people to suggest specifications for the phone before seemingly ignoring all the ideas and launching a mid-range device.

Google Voice gets its first major update in five years

Google has announced a total revamp of its popular but neglected Google Voice communications service. After largely abandoning its apps for years, the company has released an all-new interface and several new features.

Op-Ed: iPhone celebrates 10 year anniversary

Today marks the ten year anniversary of Steve Jobs' unveiling of the iPhone. Ten years on, the iPhone is undeniably one of the most important pieces of consumer technology out there.

New BlackBerry is on show at CES 2017 — complete with keyboard

This year’s CES convention in Las Vegas will feature a brand new Blackberry. And yes, the phone will come with a qwerty keyboard.

The first new Nokia handset is a $26 feature phone

Nokia has unveiled its first mobile phone since its devices division was bought by Microsoft. HMD, the company that's been granted exclusive license of the Nokia name, unveiled the Nokia 150, a $26 feature phone with a "familiar" user interface.

Samsung preparing to permanently disable Galaxy Note7

Samsung has announced it is preparing to launch a new software update for its recalled and discontinued Galaxy Note7 smartphone that will prevent remaining devices from charging. The move is intended to convince owners to return their phones.

Microsoft hints at the Surface Phone with new Windows 10 for ARM

Microsoft has announced that the Windows 10 desktop can now run on the ARM-based processors used in mobile devices. The development hints at the emergence of a new class of devices capable of powering smartphone and desktop experiences.

Android app update file sizes slashed by up to 90 percent

Google has announced a new approach to Android app updates that reduces the file size of the update package by up to 90 percent. The company has already observed data savings equivalent to six petabytes a day from an early deployment of the new technique.

Samsung planning to ditch the headphone jack with the Galaxy S8

Samsung is planning to remove the headphone jack from its upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone, according to a report today. The company will follow Apple in making the controversial move, locking out users of "legacy" earphones.

Apple investigating reports of more iPhone 6s battery issues

Apple has admitted it's looking into reports that more iPhone 6s models are abruptly turning off. It recently started a battery replacement scheme for a "very small number" of phones with a manufacturing issue. The problem now seems to be more widespread.

Apple says iPhone 6s battery problems caused by 'air'

Apple has blamed too much air exposure for causing the battery issues and random shutdowns experienced by some iPhone 6s owners. The company has already initiated a replacement program for affected handsets, admitting there's a manufacturing flaw.

Google's Trusted Contacts helps loved ones check you're safe

Google has launched a new app that provides peace of mind to your loved ones during an emergency situation. Trusted Contacts lets people you choose check your location to make sure you're safe. It's meant to be a quick and easy personal safety tool.
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Located just off of the Mobile Bay  in Mobile Alabama is the USS Alabama Battleship Park.
Located just off of the Mobile Bay, in Mobile Alabama is the USS Alabama Battleship Park.
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Mobile Application Gross Sales by Revenue Type
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Located just off of the Mobile Bay  in Mobile Alabama is the USS Alabama Battleship Park.
Located just off of the Mobile Bay, in Mobile Alabama is the USS Alabama Battleship Park.
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