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Huawei reveals how it's convincing people to buy its phones

Huawei still has only a small presence in markets outside of its native Asia. The company is rapidly growing though, spreading its smartphones across the world to reach new audiences. Today it revealed how it's converting customers to its brand.

Nokia McLaren's innovative gesture display revealed in full

Two years since it was cancelled, Nokia's innovative 'McLaren' smartphone has been fully revealed and reviewed. The device would have implemented a form of "3D Touch" technology — a year before Apple — using a revolutionary gesture-based display.

Corning unveils Gorilla Glass 5, survives up to 80% of drops

Corning has unveiled Gorilla Glass 5, the next-generation version of its flagship smartphone cover glass used by the top handsets from the world's leading manufacturers. The new glass can resist drops and scratches better than ever before.

Mobile network flaw puts millions of phones at risk of hijacking

A flaw in code used by essential components of the world's telecoms infrastructure could allow cybercriminals to gain complete control of mobile networks and millions of smartphones. The bug is present across the industry and will never be fully patched.

Android Nougat will lock down your phone when malware's detected

Google is debuting a new feature with Android 7.0 Nougat that prevents phones booting if modified software components are detected. Designed to prevent malware infecting the operating system's core, the company has admitted it could throw false positives.

Facebook Messenger reaches one billion monthly active users

Facebook Messenger has crossed the one billion user mark, becoming one of few online services to gain such a following. The standalone messaging app is rapidly expanding to include new features that are proving to be popular and attractive to new users.

ZTE ZMax Pro offers a 6-inch display for less than $100

ZTE has unveiled the ZMax Pro, a 6-inch phablet with a competent camera and processor that retails for less than $100. The phone is the latest budget-oriented but relatively high-end device to be launched by ZTE and is currently available on MetroPCS.

Google announces new emoji to represent women equally

The Unicode Emoji Subcommittee has approved the addition of several new emoji that endorse gender equality between men and women. The committee has added several new emoji after Google highlighted how women's careers aren't well represented.

Hexagonal smartphone unveiled for 'the small hands of women'

A Chinese smartphone startup company has unveiled a unique handset design targeted specifically at "the small hands of women." The Android-powered Keecoo K1 is shaped into a hexagon, supposedly making it easier for women to hold.

Qualcomm unveils new processor to power summer's top phones

Qualcomm has unveiled an upgraded version of its popular Snapdragon 820 flagship mobile processor. The new chip will find a home in smartphones set to be launched over the next six months, iterating over the original and boosting performance.

Forget microSD — Something far better has finally arrived

Samsung has announced the world's first UFS removable memory cards for mobile devices, available in capacities up to 256 gigabytes. UFS is the replacement for the ubiquitous microSD used by current smartphones and offers huge performance improvements.

Nintendo now wants to build game controllers for smartphones

Struggling video game company Nintendo has announced another new idea that could turn its business around. Expanding on its recent entry into smartphone gaming, the company sees value in creating physical game controllers for mobile devices.

Uber, accused of illegal background checks, opts to pay fine

The U.S. giant of ride-sharing applications is in the eye of the storm again. This time several of its drivers filed a lawsuit claiming they got their accounts terminated illegally. The company opted out for a cash settlement.

Facebook thinks its site will be 'all video' within five years

A Facebook executive has made some bold predictions for the future of the social network. The site expects to be "all video" within the next five years as people reduce their reliance on text and move towards more visual ways of expressing themselves.

Ad blocking threatens the open web, 90 percent increase in 2015

There are now more people using ad blockers on smartphones than desktop PCs, according to a new report. The use of ad blockers on mobile devices rose 90 percent last year, representing a serious threat to the revenues of content publishers worldwide.

Microsoft decimating mobile workforce in 'streamlining' of jobs

One week after selling its Nokia-branded feature phone business to Foxconn, Microsoft has announced it will be cutting 1,850 jobs from its smartphone hardware division in a "streamlining" of the struggling business.

Google says Android N will reach a new level of 'excellence'

At its I/O developer conference this week, Google said it wants the next major Android release to achieve a "new level of product excellence." Android N will include greater performance and security, reworked multitasking and support for virtual reality.

This flexible smartphone has a holographic 3D display

Researchers have built a smartphone that features a holographic display capable of showing 3D images without wearing glasses. The phone has a flexible body that can be curved and bent into different positions. Different commands are triggered by flexing.

Op-Ed: How will the Google 2016 algorithm change affect our content?

At the beginning of 2016, Google announced a core update of its famous Truth Algorithm. Since most of the real changes of the ranking metrics are still a secret, what the factual effects we experienced so far are, and how is this affecting our content?

Instagram rolls out longer videos to the public

Roughly two years after launching the video feature to the public, Instagram has made another big step, 60 second videos.

Digital video’s growth shows demand for specialists

As digital video consumption shows more growth into 2016, novel agency models begin to take shape to address the challenges and potential of the landscape.

Sony to bring PlayStation games to smartphones for the first time

Sony has announced it is going to bring several of its major PlayStation game franchises to iOS and Android smartphones. The company has formed a new business unit to perform the work, following in the footsteps of Nintendo's recent smartphone launch.

Nintendo's debut mobile game played by 1m in first three days

The first smartphone title released by declining gaming giant Nintendo has been received positively by early players. Over 1 million people have downloaded Miitomo in its first three days of availability, boosting Nintendo's share value.

Warden, guard injured in Alabama prison riot posted on Facebook

Atmore - A prison in Alabama was placed on lockdown Saturday when a riot involving about 100 inmates erupted, according to the state Corrections Department. The warden and a guard were stabbed in the melee at the William C. Holman Correctional Facility.

Tablet sales to fall as Windows 'detachables' rise in popularity

Sales of tablet computers are expected to fall almost 6 percent this year as other more versatile products rise in popularity. Hybrids are expected to see particular success, driven by Windows-based laptops that convert into tablets.

Top 10 smartphone features that could be about to change

Smartphones are one of the most quickly evolving areas of technology. With launches every year that make existing flagships obsolete overnight, it can be hard to keep track of the industry. Here's a list of the top 10 ways that smartphones are changing.

Triada Trojan 'almost impossible' to detect, very sophisticated

A new Trojan malware has been discovered that is capable of making in-app purchases and gaining root access to phones. It could affect as many as 60 percent of all Android devices, is very sophisticated and almost impossible to remove.

'I'll pay with Google': Pay with your voice with new Google app

Google has announced a limited trial of a new mobile payments app that lets you pay for something in a store with nothing more than your voice. The system requires your phone to be present but doesn’t force you to pick it up.

Facebook to open source wireless tech to help build new networks

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has announced a new project that will see the company head a body of telecoms firms tasked with designing networks and open-sourcing the results. It hopes to accelerate the rollout of 5G and other wireless technologies.

Canonical and Meizu launch the most powerful Ubuntu phone ever

Pre-orders are now open on the Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition, the most powerful smartphone ever to run the mobile version of the popular Linux operating system. Ubuntu may hold a tiny share of the smartphone market but has strong fan support.
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Located just off of the Mobile Bay  in Mobile Alabama is the USS Alabama Battleship Park.
Located just off of the Mobile Bay, in Mobile Alabama is the USS Alabama Battleship Park.
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mobile devices
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Located just off of the Mobile Bay  in Mobile Alabama is the USS Alabama Battleship Park.
Located just off of the Mobile Bay, in Mobile Alabama is the USS Alabama Battleship Park.
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