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Mites News

New viral threat to bees discovered

A newly discovered virus called Moku poses a threat to bee colonies. The virus is spread by an invasive species of wasp and the potential is for the virus to threaten bee colonies worldwide.

Lifting the lid on arthropods found in U.S. homes

Scientists have been poking around in representative homes in the U.S. to review the number and diversity of arthropods. To aid the categorization advanced DNA techniques have been deployed.

Deformed wing virus: Major risk to bee colony collapse

Bee populations are in decline globally. There are several reasons: pesticides, habitat loss, mite infestation and viruses. New research has focused on a pathogen called deformed wing virus, and offers some hope.

Long-term study of honeybees reveals troubling trends

U.S. researchers have completed a five year study of honeybees and parasitic infections. The results are alarming for the future health of bee populations.

Lessons from bee-killing parasites

Around the world bees are at risk from pesticides, environmental conditions and parasite infestations. New research into bee mites suggests we can learn a lot about parasites in general and find ways to protect bee colonies.

Pollution may be good for trees

Washington - Bizarre as it may seem, trees growing in soils known to have a high level of environmental pollutants appear better equipped to fight pests than trees growing in soils with a lower level of pollutants.

Mites, not pesticides, killing the bees?

A Mississippi State University Extension Service apiculture specialist has challenged the assumption that the indiscriminate use of pesticides is responsible for the decline in bee populations. This theory is mites.

Mexican bees at risk

Bees in Mexico have become susceptible to parasite - the Varroa acari – which is leading to a reduction in bee populations in the country.

U.S. military ingenuity applied to epidemic destroying honey bees

A group of Montana researchers working with the United States military has proposed a new, unique answer to the ongoing global epidemic destroying honey bee colonies: A fungus and virus working in tandem, aided by mites, may be the cause.

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