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Missing children News

Facebook users warned about sharing missing children posts

Kindersley - When missing children’s posts appear on Facebook, a lot of people share them hoping to increase the chances of the child being found. But an RCMP detachment pointed out sharing these posts may put children who are not really “missing" in danger.

Facebook adds Amber alerts to news feeds

Menlo Park - Social media giant Facebook announced Tuesday that it will begin including missing child advisories, known in the United States as Amber Alerts, in users' news feeds.

CFSI: The non-profit that finds America's lost children Special

Lockhart - It is a type of heartache no parent wants to experience. When a child goes missing a giant hole develops in the souls of those who lives were improved with the birth of a child. That heartache motivates one organization to find our missing children.

Canada to give grants to parents of murdered, missing children

Ottawa - On Sunday it was announced that parents of missing and murdered children will be able to apply for income support, allowing them to take time from work. The program begins on Jan. 1.

Mystery continues to surround two missing Tennessee children

Unionville - Authorities continue the search for two children initially thought to have died in a house fire that claimed the lives of their grandparents.

Op-Ed: Will missing kids be discussed when Polish PM comes to Ottawa? Special

On May 12 Polish Prime Minister, Mr. Donald Tusk will arrive in Canada for the first time. Families with missing children located in Poland are hoping that Prime Minister Stephen Harper will work on their behalf with Tusk while he's in Ottawa.

Singer Lee Safar hopes 'Missing Sweet Angels' brings a child home Special

Project Missing Sweet Angels is a project close to singer Lee Safar's heart. A new video featuring six missing children from around the world is hoping that social media will bring these kids home.

Op-Ed: Missing children need you to be the hero

Every day a child walks out of their home never to be seen again. In different areas of the world children are used for different horrid act by people who have no regard for human life.

Countdown to Christmas focuses on 12 UK missing children

Christmas is a time for families rejoicing together but for homes where a child has gone missing the season is even more difficult to get through.

'Watkins Missing Children' in the 4th Annual Mashable Awards Special

Toronto - Toronto father Stephen Watkins has entered the video "Watkins Missing Children" into the 4th Annual Mashable Awards in an effort to help find International Missing Children.

Help Find My Child launches UK site Special

Imagine your child went out to play and never returned. Where would you turn after talking to the police? How would you bring your baby back home? Help Find My Child is a group dedicated to bringing missing children home.

Mike Bradbury talks about his daughter’s kidnapping Special

Father's Day just passed, honoring fatherhood around the world. One man that I honor in this month for his spirit of fatherhood and courage is Mike Bradbury, who is still looking for his daughter Laura, kidnapped 25 years ago.

Family pleads for help in locating missing 17-year-old girl Special

Just a few days ago, 17-year-old Stephanie Burke was on vacation with her family in Oregon. Today she is missing, believed to have run away with a boyfriend even her friends did not know.

Another black eye for Myspace?

It seems that can't get any good press these days; underage girls meet men who molest them, paedophiles troll the site for pictures of children or bullies use it as a platform to harrass others.

The EU plans missing children hotline

The EU will set up a single hotline for parents to report missing children.

No child lost yet with Arizona Amber Alert System

“So far, they are 49 for 49 in Arizona, they have not lost one child,”

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Countdown to Christmas focusing on 12 missing UK children
Countdown to Christmas focusing on 12 missing UK children
Help Find My Child