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US pharmacist who destroyed vaccines was 'conspiracy theorist': police

Washington - An American pharmacist who allegedly destroyed hundreds of coronavirus vaccine doses last month was an "admitted conspiracy theorist" and believed in a baseless rumor about their safety, authorities have said.

Facebook bans Australian celebrity chef over virus misinformation

Sydney - Facebook has banned Australian celebrity chef and conspiracy theorist Pete Evans for repeatedly spreading misinformation about the coronavirus.

How the Arab uprisings were weakened by online fakes

Tunis - The Arab uprisings a decade ago were supercharged by online calls to join the protests -- but the internet was soon flooded with misinformation, weakening the region's cyber-activists.

Trump's preferred YouTube channel is suspended

Google has removed the One America News Network (OANN) channel from YouTube. The sanction has been imposed in response to some of the content providing misinformation about supposed COVID-19 "cure".

Vaccine reluctance linked to belief in virus hoaxes: study

Paris - Up to a third of people in certain countries may believe coronavirus misinformation and in turn be less open to immunisation, scientists said Wednesday, warning that development of a vaccine "might not be enough".

QAnon sows panic with child trafficking misinformation

Paris - A surge in child trafficking misinformation pushed by QAnon conspiracy theorists is stirring public panic, generating violence and interfering with official efforts to protect minors, experts warn.

Australian wellness celeb fuels 'infodemic'

Sydney - One minute Australian "wellness" personality Pete Evans is posting a barbecued prawn recipe to 1.5 million Facebook followers, the next he's claiming the coronavirus pandemic is an elaborate global hoax.

Anti-vaxxer misinformation goes viral in the Philippines

Manila - Online misinformation is leaching out from cheap mobile phones and free Facebook plans used by millions in the Philippines, convincing many to reject vaccinations for polio and other deadly diseases.

How did QAnon conspiracies spread so fast in 2020?

Fpo - The increasingly visible and vocal followers of QAnon promote a bewildering blend of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, worrying everyone from Facebook to the FBI.

Donald Trump biggest driver of Covid-19 misinformation: study

Washington - US President Donald Trump has been the world's biggest driver of Covid-19 misinformation during the pandemic, a study from Cornell University said Thursday.

Polio vaccine in the crossfire of misinformation

Libreville - As scientists around the world rush to find a vaccine to stem the spread of Covid-19, another deadly disease, polio, has become the latest target of misinformation campaigns online.

Distorted Chinese, Russian virus news takes root in West: study

London - Coronavirus misinformation spread by Russian and Chinese journalists is finding a bigger audience on social media in France and Germany than content from the European nations' own premier news outlets, according to new research.

Virus misinformation fuels panic in Asia

Fpo - False alerts about a man shot dead at a coronavirus checkpoint, old footage of a supermarket stampede in reports of panic buying, and a 2015 video of a police raid on a brothel recirculated with a misleading claim.

Bill Gates conspiracy theories echo through Africa

Johanesburg - As the novel coronavirus wreaks global havoc, Bill Gates is the new bete noire for conspiracy theorists worldwide including in Africa where a Kenyan politician's false online post has added major fuel to the spread of misinformation.

Scientists fight online virus misinformation war

Paris - With cat photos and sometimes scathing irony, Mathieu Rebeaud, a Swiss-based researcher in biochemistry, has nearly tripled his Twitter following since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Misinformation flood hampers fight for virus vaccine in Africa

Dakar - The task of introducing a vaccine for the coronavirus faces an uphill struggle in Africa, where a flood of online misinformation is feeding on mistrust of Western medical research.

Coronavirus: Building trust through crisis and misinformation

Uncertainty and controversy around the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the spread of misinformation around the world, presenting a potential threat to trust in institutions and governments. A new Canadian survey looks at the issue.

Pandemic pranks off the table on April Fools' Day

Taipei - It may be the global day for pranks but with the world under assault from the deadly coronavirus pandemic many governments on Wednesday were warning against virus-themed April Fools' jokes -- some even threatening jail.

Pandemic pranks off the table on April Fools' Day

Taipei - It may be the global day for pranks but with the world under assault from the deadly coronavirus pandemic many governments on Wednesday were warning against virus-themed April Fools' jokes -- some even threatening jail.

Public distrust hampers Africa fight against virus misinformation

Johanesburg - African nations fighting the novel coronavirus face a foe as stealthy and dangerous as the microbe itself: misinformation and apathy, fuelled by deep distrust of government.

Fake cures, risky rumours: virus misinformation hits home

Fpo - From being duped into taking poisonous "cures", to watching businesses crumble and avoiding life-saving medication, people are suffering devastating real-world impacts of a deluge of online virus misinformation.

Business advice: Fighting misinformation about COVID-19 Special

The spread of misinformation about COVID-19 is creating greater angst than the virus itself. Businesses need to be careful about checking facts before making decisions in relation to the virus pandemic, says Tom Patterson of Unisys.

Prime Minister Trudeau calls COVID-19 a 'very real' challenge

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is calling COVID-19 a "very real" challenge, adding that while the risk in Canada remains low, the federal government is monitoring the situation. Meanwhile, Ontario has updated the number of new cases of coronavirus.

Facebook corrects post under Singapore disinformation law

Fpo - Facebook published a correction on a user's post Saturday following a demand from Singapore, the first time a tech giant has complied with the city-state's law against misinformation.

Looking into the truth about perception and misinformation

New research assesses why it is often challenging for consumers to internalize the types of retracted information that are issued by enterprises or from media organizations. This is symptomatic of the digital age.

Addressing 'fake news' through sound science

For any person used to a reasoned and balanced interpretation of facts, the 'fake news' era is of great concern. To combat misinformation, researchers have proposed a new international non-governmental organization.

Facebook cutting down on spam 'engagement bait'

Facebook's announced a set of measures to combat "engagement bait" in its News Feed. The company is targeting spammy posts that ask users to like, comment or share them. The measure targets ads and sponsored posts that try to game Facebook's algorithms.

Facebook reveals suspected $100k Russian misinformation campaign

Facebook says it has found evidence that Russian-funded groups spent over $100,000 on ads over the past two years. The ads posted views on controversial issues, such as immigration and equality. The activity continued into the 2016 presidential campaign.

Twitter talks about its bot problem and fake news

Twitter has elaborated on how it's approaching the spread of fake news and misinformation on its platform. After facing heavy criticism for allowing giant "botnets" of fake users to proliferate, the company said it's "doubling down" on the bot problem.

Real Republicans campaign launched by Sierra Club

Manchester - The Sierra Club, one of the leading environmental groups in North America, has launched a major effort in fighting back against GOP officials who issue a “stream of misinformation” against clean air, clean water, and public health agencies.
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