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Misinformation News

Facebook corrects post under Singapore disinformation law

Fpo - Facebook published a correction on a user's post Saturday following a demand from Singapore, the first time a tech giant has complied with the city-state's law against misinformation.

Looking into the truth about perception and misinformation

New research assesses why it is often challenging for consumers to internalize the types of retracted information that are issued by enterprises or from media organizations. This is symptomatic of the digital age.

Addressing 'fake news' through sound science

For any person used to a reasoned and balanced interpretation of facts, the 'fake news' era is of great concern. To combat misinformation, researchers have proposed a new international non-governmental organization.

Facebook cutting down on spam 'engagement bait'

Facebook's announced a set of measures to combat "engagement bait" in its News Feed. The company is targeting spammy posts that ask users to like, comment or share them. The measure targets ads and sponsored posts that try to game Facebook's algorithms.

Facebook reveals suspected $100k Russian misinformation campaign

Facebook says it has found evidence that Russian-funded groups spent over $100,000 on ads over the past two years. The ads posted views on controversial issues, such as immigration and equality. The activity continued into the 2016 presidential campaign.

Twitter talks about its bot problem and fake news

Twitter has elaborated on how it's approaching the spread of fake news and misinformation on its platform. After facing heavy criticism for allowing giant "botnets" of fake users to proliferate, the company said it's "doubling down" on the bot problem.

Real Republicans campaign launched by Sierra Club

Manchester - The Sierra Club, one of the leading environmental groups in North America, has launched a major effort in fighting back against GOP officials who issue a “stream of misinformation” against clean air, clean water, and public health agencies.

Daiichi operator missed safety checks for 10 years

Tokyo - New documents centered on the crippled Daiichi nuclear plant near Fukushima reveal technicians repeatedly ignored mandatory safety checks over a 10-year time frame including up to two weeks before the March 11 disaster began.

The Cost of Misinformation

A video, of a ferry heaving at sea, currently posted on YouTube is causing problems for Marine Atlantic. The video is falsely labelled as being one of their vessels.

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Global risk.
Global risk.
Fake OBL and the real deal. The CIA  masters at misinformation
Fake OBL and the real deal. The CIA, masters at misinformation

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