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Ethiopia's Tigray conflict revives bitter disputes over land

Woldia - As rifle-toting militiamen fired celebratory rounds into the air, young men marched through the streets denouncing the former ruling party of Ethiopia's Tigray region as "thieves.

Colombian village offers hope for indigenous gay men

Leticia - Growing up in an indigenous village in the Colombian Amazon, Junior Sangama long hid his sexuality -- before clashing with his family and choosing to leave.

Baghdad booze bombings: Islamic vice squads or turf war?

Baghdad - Escalating attacks on the Iraqi capital's few liquor stores have terrified shop-owners who fear hardline Islamists are flexing their muscle against alcohol consumption.

Drones, wars, genocide: Tainted legacy of Nobel Peace laureates

Oslo - A "champion of peace" doesn't normally threaten to show no mercy before carrying out an attack that sparks a humanitarian crisis. Yet Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is not the first Nobel Peace Prize laureate to go to war.

Egypt's Berber speakers cling to language in isolated oasis

Siwa - Youssef Diab drives his truck through the Egyptian oasis of Siwa, singing catchy songs in a local Berber dialect that clings to life despite the dominance of Arabic.

Far-rightwinger's bid to run Israel Holocaust memorial stirs protest

Jerusalem - Israel's nomination of a far-right nationalist with a history of anti-Arab rhetoric to lead Yad Vashem has triggered outrage among Holocaust experts who say his leadership would "disgrace" the revered memorial.

Turkey's Armenians 'cannot breathe' as Karabakh rhetoric rages

Istanbul - Turkey's support of Azerbaijan in its conflict with Armenian separatists in Nagorno-Karabakh is loud and intensely partisan, and the tiny Armenian community in Turkey is feeling under pressure.

Twitter suspends fake Black pro-Trump accounts

San Francisco - Twitter said Tuesday it had suspended several fake accounts purporting to be African Americans who support President Donald Trump and which had succeeded in garnering several thousand followers in just a few days.

Lawyer named as first Black woman to lead national party in Canada

Ottawa - Toronto lawyer Annamie Paul was Saturday named head of the Green Party, becoming the first Black woman to lead a national political party in Canada.

Mexico's forgotten Afro-descendants celebrate roots

Cuajinicuilapa - With dancing devils, fireworks and traditional musical instruments like the donkey jawbone, Afro-Mexicans proudly celebrate a heritage that is often forgotten in the Latin American country despite a centuries-old presence.

China running hundreds of detention centres in Xinjiang, say researchers

Sydney - China is running hundreds of detention centres in northwest Xinjiang across a network that is much bigger than previously thought, according to research presented Thursday by an Australian think tank.

China's labour programme in Tibet has echoes of Xinjiang - report

Bejing - China is forcing Tibetan farmers and herders into labour programmes similar to those used in troubled Xinjiang, a US research institute alleged Tuesday.

Ethnic Mongolians in China protest switch to Mandarin schooling

Bejing - Tens of thousands of people in an ethnic Mongolian region of northern China have joined rare protests and school boycotts against a new curriculum they fear will wipe out their minority culture, residents said Tuesday.

EU chief marks Roma Holocaust Memorial Day with call for solidarity

Apo - European Union chief Ursula von der Leyen marked Roma Holocaust Memorial Day on Sunday with an appeal to EU member states to protect today's minorities from discrimination and racism.

US sanctions 11 Chinese firms over Uighur rights violations

Washington - The US Commerce Department on Monday announced it has blacklisted 11 Chinese businesses for involvement in human rights violations against the Uighur minority, cutting off the firms' access to American goods.

'Don't call me Kalar': BLM-inspired message reaches Myanmar

Myanmar activists inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement have launched their own anti-racism campaign in a country where many Muslims and people of Indian heritage are made to feel like outsiders.

Last redoubt: Pygmies return to forest to isolate against coronavirus

- Dzanga-Sangha, a wildlife sanctuary in southwest Central African Republic, is a remote place, linked to the rest of the world by a narrow trail that becomes impassable in heavy rain.

Sudan's bloody tribal clashes threaten fragile transition

Khartoum - An upsurge in bloody tribal clashes in Sudan has killed at least 59 people and wounded over 100 this month, heaping more pressure on the country's fragile transitional government.

UK virus toll rises 739 as stats show disadvantaged worst hit

London - Britain's overall death toll from the coronavirus outbreak rose by 739 to 27,510 on Friday, as new data indicated that people in disadvantaged areas were worse hit.

For Balkan Roma, hunger is the first curse of coronavirus

Tirana - Inside a dark shack outside Albania's capital, 18-year-old Mirela tries to soothe her newborn with the only food she has: a can of powdered milk scrounged from a rubbish bin. "But what to do after that?

Science and shamanism: Medicine meets Myanmar's far-flung Naga tribes

- With Malaria and tuberculosis screening out front and sacrifices to jungle gods out back, health worker Htan Pi and her shaman mother are an unlikely double-act in their isolated Myanmar village.

Myanmar's last generation of tattooed headhunters

- Ngon Pok remembers his father and grandfather returning triumphantly to his tribal village in Myanmar's far north with a human head -- and the agony of the tattoo he was given to celebrate their victory.

Ethiopian-Israeli lawmaker says seeking equality, Netanyahu's ouster

Hadera - The first Ethiopian-born Jewish woman elected to Israel's parliament, who said she is fighting for racial equality, has become a key player in the effort to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Myanmar's most isolated pray for harvest

- A haunting refrain pierces the night as the tribeswomen of the Gongwang Bonyo, among the most isolated people in Myanmar, dance around a campfire to bless the harvest ahead.

Kazakh violence makes Chinese Muslim minority ponder future

As Khusei Daurov lay dazed after being caught up in inter-ethnic clashes near his home in southern Kazakhstan, he felt the cold steel of a pistol against his forehead.

Tamil-language anthem dropped from Sri Lanka independence party

Colombo - A Tamil-language version of Sri Lanka's national anthem was dropped from independence day celebrations Tuesday, with critics saying the move was a setback to reconciliation after years of ethnic civil war.

Rohingya refugee writers dial into Myanmar poetry slam

Divided by hatred but united over the written word, Rohingya Muslim poets in Bangladeshi refugee camps joined Buddhist bards in Myanmar by video link as part of a groundbreaking poetry festival in a country reeling from genocide allegations.

Sami association wins historic hunting rights case against Sweden

Stockholm - Sweden's top court on Thursday granted a Sami association in the far north the right to regulate local hunting and fishing activities, scoring a legal precedent in favour of the country's indigenous community.

Sami association wins hunting rights battle in Sweden

Stockholm - Sweden's top court on Thursday granted a Sami association in the far north the right to regulate local hunting and fishing activities, scoring a legal precedent in favour of the country's indigenous community.

Far-right targets Austria's first refugee minister

Vienna - Less than a week after Austria's new conservative-Green coalition took power, it has already become a target for far-right supporters, who have railed against the country's first minister with a refugee background.
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