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Minnesota News

Op-Ed: DNA could help historical documents last millions of years

A team of researchers in Switzerland may have found a way to preserve the world's greatest historical documents for millions of years to come.

Op-Ed: Americans see lack of compassion in cannabis prosecution

Madison - On September 29th, protesters in Minnesota showed support for Angela Brown, a mother who hasn't been charged with rape, murder, or any severe crime. She gave cannabis oil to a son with a severe brain injury, and now district attorney punishing her for it.

Visitors to Minnesota State Fair warned to wash hands regularly

Visitors to this year's Minnesota State Fair are being warned by organisers to wash their hands regularly to prevent outbreaks of disease, contracted from the abundance of farm animals at the event.

High speed police chase plows through busy Minnesota golf course

It's definitely not the usual golf drive you will see in the fairway. A high speed police chase took place in the middle of the week that caught golfers by surprise in Moorhead Golf Course in Minnesota.

Minnesota governor passes restrictive medical marijuana law

Joining ranks with 21 other states, Minnesota last Thursday legally passed the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes with a law that is one of most restrictive in the nation.

The Minnesota 'unsession' initiative

Minneapolis - It is no longer a crime in Minnesota to carry fruit in an illegally sized container. The state's telegraph regulations are no more. And it's now legal to drive a car in neutral... if you can figure out how to do it. Thank goodness!

Teen wins settlement after school takes Facebook password

A Minnesota school district has agreed to pay a $70,000 settlement from a lawsuit which claimed school officials violated a student's constitutional rights by viewing her Facebook and email accounts without permission.

Move over St. Paddy, here comes St. Urho

It's not just the Irish that throw a parade and a party this time of year. For the past 50 or so years, small towns across northern Minnesota in the U.S. have been celebrating St. Urho's Day, interestingly enough, on the day before St. Patrick's Day.

Couple charged with stealing nearly 2,000 trees

Meadowlands - Quick action from a Minnesota conservation officer prevented a couple from stealing 1,970 trees from Meadowvale county-managed forest land.

Charles Foley, Twister inventor, dies at 82

Minneapolis - Right foot red. Left foot blue. If Twister comes to mind then you’re a late stage baby boomer. Patented in 1966, Twister quickly became the entertainment of choice for kid — as well as adult — parties.

Watch dolphins race US Navy nuclear submarine USS Minnesota

Watch this enchanting video showing dolphins, playful as ever, racing alongside the US Navy USS Minnesota (SSN 783) Nuclear Submarine at its first sea trials.

Op-Ed: The Same Sex Marriage Debate in New Jersey

The Same Sex Marriage debate from the view of a native New Jersian who's just a little embarrassed by their lack of progression. What does the future hold for New Jersey and the gay marriage debate?

Ice splintering phenomenon caught on video at Minnesota Lake

Minnesota resident Nadalie Thomas managed to videotape an ice splintering phenomenon, which is rarely seen, that occurred at a Minnesota Lake.

Minnesota grocer gives company to employees

Bemidji - In what is being hailed as a real-life "It's a Wonderful Life" story, a retiring Minnesota grocer has decided to give away his three-store company to his 400 employees.

Marijuana, same-sex marriage initiatives pass in several states

Although the media has focused mainly on the Presidential election, several state initiatives regarding same-sex marriage and the legalization of marijuana are also making news.

Romney turns Blue Minnesota orange in poll

Minneapolis - Romney turned a blue state orange in a Sunday poll just nine days ahead of the election. Minnesota was supposed to be a safe bet for Obama, in the bag, so to speak, for the President.

Minnesota bans free online education courses

Saint Paul - Slate has given the grand prize for creative use of government to stifle innovation to the state of Minnesota. Minnesota has seen fit to crack down on free online education. The state claims that some free courses being offered are illegal.

Video: Occupy Minnesota protesters given drugs by police?

Minnesota City - The publication of a video on YouTube stating that Occupy protesters in Minnesota have been given drugs by police officers has caused authorities to open a criminal investigation.

Best Buy confirms closure of 42 stores by May 12, CEO search

Minneapolis - Best Buy announced this weekend the remaining 42 stores that it will be closing across the United States by May 12. A total of 19 stores will be shut down in three states. It also announced that it has begun the search for a new CEO.

Waitress treated to $12,000 tip, but almost didn't get the money

Moorhead - A waitress in Minnesota just received an unexpected gift, but it was a bequest that was almost denied to her by local police.

Steve Jobs black mock turtleneck linked to Minnesota company Special

Winona - Minnesota private company is the exclusive manufacturer of St. Croix Collections. The company was founded by current CEO and President Bernard Brenner.

Minnesota wildfire smoke spreads hundreds of miles away

A fire that started on August 18 in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness on the Minnesota/Canadian border has spread quickly this week. The smoke is causing problems in other states hundreds of miles away.

Pawlenty wades into Minnesota shutdown morass

As the Minnesota government remained shutdown on Tuesday and a new coalition formed to intervene, former Minnesota governor and Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty made his positions known on the matter.

Weather interrupts Fox 9's Champions League coverage

Soccer fanatics in the Twin Cities were treated to a little surprise during yesterday's UEFA Champion's League final, after a series of severe thunderstorms passed through Minnesota.

Garrison Keillor to retire from 'A Prairie Home Companion'

Minneapolis - The iconic host of A Prairie Home Companion has announced he will retire from the show in the spring of 2013, taking with him one of the most well-liked radio personalities, but not before a replacement is found during his dealings with “denial.”

Minnesota 'Cheeseburger bill' calls for personal responsibility Special

Saint Paul - A unique legislative bill in the Minnesota House, nicknamed the 'Cheeseburger Bill', would provide for civil immunity against claims based on weight gain, obesity and health related issued caused by the long-term consumption of foods.

Lawmakers want to make human cloning a felony

Saint Paul - A bipartisan bill introduced in the Minnesota House this week would make human cloning and assisting or participating in cloning research a felony under state law.

Legislators want medical marijuana farming legalized in Minnesota

Saint Paul - House Representatives in the Minnesota Legislature have proposed a bill that will open the door for resident farmers to grow medical marijuana for resale to dispensaries in states which have legalized the use and sale of marijuana for medical conditions.

Debate heats up over English-only bills introduced in Minnesota

Saint Paul - A group of Minnesota Republican State Senators and Representatives have introduced similar legislative bills in the House and the Senate that would make English the official state language. The bills have been called racist and an attack on immigration.

NBA: Griffin and Love battle it out before All-Star break

Minneapolis - The two first time All-Stars Griffin and Love meet for the final time this season before they team up this weekend on the West All-Star team. The Clippers have led the series 2-1 and with the win last night the Clippers have won the series 3-1.
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Minnesota Image

St. Urho Day Parade  Menagha  Minn. Mar. 16  2013. This lady must be the Queen of the Grapes.
St. Urho Day Parade, Menagha, Minn. Mar. 16, 2013. This lady must be the Queen of the Grapes.
Cows at Nelson s Organic Dairy farm.
Cows at Nelson's Organic Dairy farm.
Video screen capture
Mug shots of four of the  Zombie 7   arrested in 2006 in downtown Minnesota and held for two days in...
Mug shots of four of the 'Zombie 7,' arrested in 2006 in downtown Minnesota and held for two days in jail without cause. The group, which had put on a street art performance protesting mindless consumption, was awarded $165,000 by the City of Minneapolis in an out-of-court settlement of the lawsuit the group brought against the City.
Minnesota Police
Minnesota Highway 610 on February 21  2014.
Minnesota Highway 610 on February 21, 2014.
Menagha  Minnesota welcomes visitors with totem with a big mouth.
Menagha, Minnesota welcomes visitors with totem with a big mouth.
Michele Bachmann  speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington  D.C.
Michele Bachmann, speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C.
Greg Skidmore
Protesters got a small raise after rallying against the current payment situation in Minnesota  now ...
Protesters got a small raise after rallying against the current payment situation in Minnesota, now business owners are reacting to it.
Fibonacci Blue
Nelson s Organic Dairy Farm in southeastern Minnesota
Nelson's Organic Dairy Farm in southeastern Minnesota
Video screen capture
Joe Mauer waits for his turn to hit
Joe Mauer waits for his turn to hit
A view of downtown Minneapolis  Minnesota
A view of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota
President Obama addressing an audience in Cannon Falls  Minnesota
President Obama addressing an audience in Cannon Falls, Minnesota
White House photo by Pete Souza
Inside the dome at the Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda in Saint Paul.
Inside the dome at the Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda in Saint Paul.
William Wesen- Wikipedia
Help! Grasshoppers are destroying our grapes!
Help! Grasshoppers are destroying our grapes!
A view of the tornado that formed a funnel cloud and touched down in the Northfield  Minnesota area.
A view of the tornado that formed a funnel cloud and touched down in the Northfield, Minnesota area.
Minnesota is the nation s top turkey producing state.
Minnesota is the nation's top turkey producing state.
Minnesota Turkey
A Tea Party rally in Minnesota  where some protesters carry signs such as  Kill the Bill
A Tea Party rally in Minnesota, where some protesters carry signs such as "Kill the Bill"
Fibonacci Blue
The Tea Party Express rally in St. Paul  Minn.
The Tea Party Express rally in St. Paul, Minn.
Fibonacci Blue