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Minerals News

Report looks at not so environmentally-friendly impacts of EVs

Sales of electric vehicles around the world rose by 54 percent in 2017, taking global stock across the three-million threshold. And as EV sales continue to rise, you may be surprised to learn there are economic and environmental consequences to consider.

Essential Science: World's oldest colors discovered

Geologists have discovered the world's oldest colors, by examining some of the oldest rocks on Earth. The rocks were isolated from North Africa, and pigments were then extracted.

Minerals in e-waste discarded in 2016 were worth $65 billion

E-waste, which includes anything with a plug or a battery is the topic of a new United Nations-backed study published Wednesday. A staggering 44.7 million metric tons (Mt) was generated globally in 2016 — up 3.3 Mt or eight percent from 2014.

Network Theory applied to search for minerals, oil and gas

Finding oil, gas, and mineral deposits, such as gold or copper is time-consuming and costly. But scientists are adopting some techniques used by Netflix and Amazon to sort through vast amounts of data.

'Cat litter' method for storing dangerous gases invented

University of Western Australia researchers have developed a so-called 'kitty litter' method of storing gas. The aim is to do away with high-pressured, sometimes dangerous gas tanks.

Curiosity rover finds unusual mineral on Mars

Houston - The Mars rover Curiosity has made a surprising discovery on the Martian surface. The rock sample offers tantalizing clues as to how the planet evolved.

Greenland government calls election amid PM expenses scandal

Copenhagen - Greenland's government has called an election for November 28 after an expenses scandal prompted Prime Minister Aleqa Hammond to step down as leader of her party.

Russia's leading role in the Indonesian mining revolution

Russia's two metal giants have emerged as big winners from Indonesia's new mining law, after leading a drive to get Jakarta to stick to its controversial mineral ore export ban in the fac...

Intel lead on conflict minerals helps, challenges other firms

By Stella Dawson March 13 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Intel Corp has spent more than five years figuring out how to rid its supply chain of minerals that finance violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo region, and now it is offerin...

Zinc helps reduce bacterial infection

Zinc can 'starve' one of the world's most deadly bacteria by preventing its uptake of an essential metal, as indicated by a new medical study.

Multi-billion dollar plans unveiled for mining asteroids

A company known as Planetary Resources, which is being backed by multiple billionaires including James Cameron, is hoping to find asteroids in space and mine them for materials which are running low on earth.

China accused of halting rare earth minerals to U.S. and Europe

After stopping exports of rare earth metals and minerals to Japan, China is now accused of halting exports of the same critical products to markets in the United States and Europe.

Propaganda campaign in Afghanistan after minerals find?

The announcement of a big mineral find in Afghanistan this week turns out to be old news. It was revealed in 2007, but its recent repeat revelation appears to be politically motivated.

US discovers a trillion dollars worth of minerals in Afghanistan

It's a find that geologists must dream about. And it just might change the tide in Afghanistan, now discovered to be a very rich mineral owner.

Op-Ed: More Regulation of Our Lives Coming Up

Are you a more or less healthy individual making personal choices about the substances you eat or drink? No problem, the Codex Alimentarius will make an end to that!

Op-Ed: The Case For Vitamins in Our Times - Nutrition and Bad Economics

The world is moving in an unstable manner and its economies orbit with a fragility that is universally unsettling. Let's get a Big Mac and figure it out later.

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