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Mind control News

Technology links the minds of two people together to aid another

Is it possible for you and your friends can play a video game together using only your minds? Perhaps. New technology has led to a method enabling two people to collaborate to help a third person solve a task, via their minds.

Think about it: Mind-controlled hearing aid developed

New York City - A new advancement with digital hearing aid technology, where the hearing device can be tuned in by thought, has been unveiled. The aim is to enable the hearing impaired to cope better with environments with high-levels and fluctuating background noise.

Brain controlled movie created

Nottingham - A motion picture where the plot alters depending on the viewer’s brain activity has been produced by the University of Nottingham, led by Richard Ramchurn.

Microsoft patents reveal conceptual mind control tech

Microsoft has published a series of patents that explore how neurological activity could be used to control a computer. The technology could be used to create a future mind-control system where you use your thoughts to interact with the device.

Developments in mind control computing

Advances are continuing with controlling computers by speech, including popular consumer products like Alexa and Google Home. But what about controlling computers through brain waves?

Food poisoning bacteria exerts mind control over mice

A common food bacterium has been found to alter the brains of mice, exerting a form of mind control over the rodents. The observations could actually lead to a medical innovation to assist cancer patients.

Brain waves used to control the flight of drones

It is possible, through the use of computers, to control an object with thought. This has been extended to drones, thanks to a University of Florida in Gainesville student project.

Mouse mind control achieved

Taking mind control to its fullest, scientists have used a cocktail of different chemicals to the control the minds and responses of laboratory mice.

Amazing video shows the power of thought control

In an exciting new TED Talk, Greg Gage shows how you can take away the free will of another person with an inexpensive do-it-yourself kit. The aim is to make brain science more accessible.

Meditators better at 'mind control' with computers, study says

Biomedical engineers at the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota say that practitioners of meditation are better at using systems that use the brain to control technology.

The strange case of the Brixton ‘slaves’

Brixton - One of the big stories in the UK this week is that of three women said to have been held as slaves for up to 30 years in the capital.

Mind control achieved in experiment

Though often a cliché in horror and science fiction, University of Washington researchers have managed to send brain signals from one subject to another in an experiment.

Artificial telepathy to create Pentagon’s telepathic soldiers

As voice-activated technologies have become reality, including the recent use by Google Glass’ software, what about telling machines to do what we want simply by telepathically thinking about it?

Derren Brown — The experiments: 'The Guilt Trip' (video)

Derren Brown has run a number of experiments, dabbling in illusion, magic and suggestion. In this episode he gets a really nice, very well-liked man to confess to a murder he did not commit.

Science Supports Hypnotherapy for Cancer Use Faith Groups Deny

While certain religious groups assail hypnosis as mind control, therapists find it useful. In fact in some new research studies it has been shown beneficial for cancer patents.

Study Examines How Mass Mind Control Works

Have you ever wondered how Adolph Hitler was able to persuade so many people to follow him; what methods, if any, did he use?

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Mind control Image

Jody  victim in an experiment on guilt and mind-control.
Jody, victim in an experiment on guilt and mind-control.
Video screen capture
Researcher Rajesh Rao has a thought recorded on an EEG while rsearcher Dev Sarma monitors the experi...
Researcher Rajesh Rao has a thought recorded on an EEG while rsearcher Dev Sarma monitors the experiment
Bryan Djunaedi

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