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Breastfeeding prepares a baby for solid food

New research has discovered that a baby’s diet during the first few months of life influences the microbes in the baby’s gut. In turn, this influences baby’s ability to move from milk to solid foods and it could also affect health in later life.

Fermented milk improves the skin of young women

Tsukuba - Bizarre as it may seem, one team of scientists have declared that fermented milk, produced using a probiotic, can benefit the skin of young women.

Excess milk drinking may increase female mortality

Uppsala - A new study suggests that a high consumption of milk by women is associated with an increased risk of cancer and bone damage.

Staff gets distracted by thief after she squirts her breast milk

Darmstadt - On Monday a mother in central Germany decided to come up with a different kind of method to allegedly steal from a pharmacy.

First Europeans were lactose intolerant

New research reveals that 5,000 years after agricultural practices spread across Neolithic Europe, human populations remained unable to digest sugars from the milk of mammals.

Saputo rejects milk from abused cattle

The food conglomerate Saputo has turned down milk from Chilliwack Cattle Sales. This comes after a video detailing horrific animal abuse by those involved with the cattle company.

Antibody rich milk protects piglets

Antibodies against parasites are transferred via the sow’s very first milk to the piglets immediately after birth. Based on this, researchers are looking at ways to increase the level of these antibodies in sows to boost the health of piglets.

Ability to digest milk is linked to a history of cattle rearing

A new study into lactose tolerance investigated the genetic origins of this ability. The findings reveal that the ability to digest milk was a powerful selective force in a variety of populations which raised cattle and consumed the animals' fresh milk.

When R.E.M. plays, cows make more milk

When cows are stressed out, they produce less milk. The solution to this problem is to turn on R.E.M.'s song "Everybody Hurts," according to a study conducted by the University of Leicester.

Making infant formula safer

After several health warnings, and several years of lab study, the U.S. FDA has announced a set of rules designed to make infant formula safer.

Cow's milk extract kills cancerous cells

A peptide fragment derived from cow's milk has exhibited potent anticancer capability against human stomach cancer cell cultures. The research was undertaken at the University of Taiwan.

Drinking milk may make us taller but may not stop hip fractures

New research findings show that drinking milk during teenage years does not necessarily lower the risk of hip fractures in older adults possibly because milk also helps make us grow taller.

Photo of officer bringing milk to kids during lockdown goes viral

A photo of a police officer bringing milk to a family during Friday's lockdown in Watertown has gone viral on Facebook. The officer has been identified as a member of the Brookline Police Department.

Do supplements in baby formula prevent allergies?

A research review suggests that prebiotic supplements in infant formula may help to prevent eczema and avoid other types of allergies.

Film clips: 'Samsara' — an introduction into food production

The video is a selection of clips from the film "Samsara" (which is a Tibetan word meaning "the wheel of life") which show how our food is mass-produced in automated fashion, from living, breathing, feeling creatures, for our consumption.

Milk therapy results show some success

A gradual and steadily increasing dose of milk proteins appears to have some success in helping some people with allergies to dairy foods, according to a new research study.

U.S. breast feeding rates show an increase

Newly reviewed data shows that breast feeding rates for U.S. mothers has increased over a ten year period. Based on the most recent figures, 75% of mothers choose to breast feed their babies.

Milk prices may double soon

Come January 1, milk prices could rise to $6 to $8 gallon if the US Congress does not pass a new farm bill that amends farm policy datingall the way back to the Truman presidency.

Video: Angry dairy farmers spray milk on EU headquarters

Brussels - On Monday, furious dairy farmers sprayed milk on the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels, along with a whole crowd of riot police, over high quotas and low prices.

Denmark to abolish world's first fat tax

Copenhagen - Denmark intends to abolish the world's first fat tax which was introduced just over a year ago. It also intends to scrap plans to introduce a sugar tax.

SNL spoof: Mitt Romney drowns post-election sorrows in milk

A post-election photo showing Romney with his family, drinking from a carton of chocolate milk, inspires a "Saturday Night Live" spoof that imagines how Romney might have spent the election night, alone with his family and gallons of milk.

New study on cancer-protective properties of milk

A group of scientists in Sweden found that a milk protein with known health effects, reduces the growth rate of colon cancer cells over time.

Op-Ed: Genetically modified cow milk for your babies

Scientists have produced genetically modified cows that can produce milk that is similar to human breast milk with little lactose, giving people with lactose intolerance an opportunity to digest cow's milk.

Study: Hidden ingredient in milk protects against obesity

A natural ingredient found in milk helped to prevent weight gain even while on diets high in fat, which could add up to slimmer waistlines, researchers say.

Does milk work as a slimming aid?

Some surprising new research has demonstrated that a natural ingredient found in milk can protect against obesity. This could lead to a new design of "diet pill".

Rickets on the increase amongst British children

The increase of rickets amongst British children is an alarming trend. The disease was eradicated in Britain during Victorian times, but is reemerging due to a lack of exposure to sunlight.

Organic milk as a fashion statement

Hanover - For years, health organizations have touted the the benefits of drinking milk. But if the milk is organic and fails to meet the strict quality standards in Germany, you can wear it instead of drinking it.

New tech to make milk safer

Researchers at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada have developed a new, high-tech device capable of detecting harmful foreign substances in milk and other foodstuffs, the university announced.

Texas daycare caught doping kids to make them fall asleep

Van Alstyne - Texas police were called to a daycare center after concerned employees notified them that the owner was serving the children a 'special milk' which was doped with a flavored antihistamine that was used to induce sleep each day.

Retail giant threatens legal action after 'price-fixing' fine

Supermarket giant Tesco said it will fight a huge fine imposed by a regulator after it was accused of colluding with other retail outlets to fix prices of dairy products.
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Camels can be milked standing up  as shown here.
Camels can be milked standing up, as shown here.
A cow grazing in wild countryside
A cow grazing in wild countryside
A cow grazing in wild countryside
A cow grazing in wild countryside
Make milk  not war
Make milk, not war
Brick of SMA Baby Milk Stage 2. February 18  2012. Photo by (c) Marine Le Nestour.
Brick of SMA Baby Milk Stage 2. February 18, 2012. Photo by (c) Marine Le Nestour.