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Milk News

Algorithm predicts milk allergic outcomes to immunotherapy

A new technique enables medics to predict if a milk-allergic patient will respond to milk oral immunotherapy (Milk-OIT), with a significant accuracy and detail. This should provide greater comfort to those will milk allergies.

Spain's Catalonia in raw milk controversy

Madrid - Catalonia is in the eye of the storm again, but not for its independence drive. This time, the controversy is all about... raw milk.

'Accident' caused global baby milk scare, says French company

Paris - The head of the French company at the centre of an international baby milk scandal denied Thursday that it was responsible for the contamination that triggered a recall of formula in over 80 countries, calling it "an accident".

One bull gave rise to two million great-grandaughters

One bull, called Pawnee Farm Arlinda Chief, had more than two million great-granddaughters, making him the most successful bovine in history. However, it also appears he had a genetic defect and this has spread through Holstein populations.

Milk from Tasmanian devils helps fight superbugs

It seems one of the strange science stories of the week, but Australian scientists have discovered that the milk from Tasmanian Devils has antimicrobial properties, including activity against antibiotic resistant organisms.

Dispute in Canadian court over raw milk

Toronto - In Canada a group of farmers are locked in a legal dispute with officials over the right to produce and sell raw (unpasteurized) milk.

Milk price rise fails to placate French users

Paris - Europe's biggest dairy group Lactalis told French farmers Friday it would raise milk prices in a bid to repair relations, but agricultural unions said the move fell short of their demands.

Milk tea or 'lai cha': the fuel for Hong Kong's engine

Hong Kong - Some cities are fuelled by coffee. In Hong Kong, it's milk tea that keeps things running - a potent nostalgia-infused caffeine hit, with fierce competition to brew the best in town.

Potentially hazardous particles in powdered baby formula

Nanoparticles with potential health risks have been detected in popular powdered baby formula products. This is based on new research conducted on behalf of Friends of the Earth.

Concern over Indian food quality and imports

This week has seen several alarming reports about the quality standards relating to food produced in India. These relates to salt content and import bans.

Britain's remaining milkmen keeping tradition afloat

Saint Albans - Once a daily sight on every British street, a dwindling but resilient band of milkmen still go out at the crack of dawn to deliver bottles of fresh milk to the nation's doorsteps.

Walmart is going to make its own milk for 600 stores

Walmart announced plans to build and operate its own dairy processing plan. The goal is to supply its own line of milk to hundreds of stores in 2017.

Lab-grown milk, eggs and meat could hit store shelves in 5 years

Meat, eggs and milk could be produced in lab without killing or harming animals thanks to microbe cultures. The future of food as we know it may be forever changed, allowing even vegetarians and vegans to eat hamburgers and milkshakes again.

3D printing for detecting off-milk in cartons

Researchers have used 3D printing to develop a sensor that can be placed inside a carton of milk to detect if the milk is fit for drinking and to alert if the milk has "gone off."

Probiotics are more effective in conjunction with dairy

Probiotics are more effective when used in conjunction with dairy products compared with other foodstuffs or beverages, according to a new study. The study does have some limitations.

Raw milk safety decision expected in July

London - Raw milk has its detractors and advocates. Some argue it tastes better, others that it contains pathogenic bacteria and poses a health risk. In July, the U.K. government will make a decision.

New call for healthy eating in schools

Politicians in Europe are calling for a new scheme to be introduced to promote healthy eating in schools throughout the European Union.

Most milk in India fails quality standards

Mumbai - A report from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India indicates that over 68 percent of milk sold to consumers is substandard. In some cases milk has been adulterated with sugar, glucose powder and edible oil.

Breastfeeding prepares a baby for solid food

New research has discovered that a baby’s diet during the first few months of life influences the microbes in the baby’s gut. In turn, this influences baby’s ability to move from milk to solid foods and it could also affect health in later life.

Fermented milk improves the skin of young women

Tsukuba - Bizarre as it may seem, one team of scientists have declared that fermented milk, produced using a probiotic, can benefit the skin of young women.

Excess milk drinking may increase female mortality

Uppsala - A new study suggests that a high consumption of milk by women is associated with an increased risk of cancer and bone damage.

Staff gets distracted by thief after she squirts her breast milk

Darmstadt - On Monday a mother in central Germany decided to come up with a different kind of method to allegedly steal from a pharmacy.

First Europeans were lactose intolerant

New research reveals that 5,000 years after agricultural practices spread across Neolithic Europe, human populations remained unable to digest sugars from the milk of mammals.

Saputo rejects milk from abused cattle

The food conglomerate Saputo has turned down milk from Chilliwack Cattle Sales. This comes after a video detailing horrific animal abuse by those involved with the cattle company.

Antibody rich milk protects piglets

Antibodies against parasites are transferred via the sow’s very first milk to the piglets immediately after birth. Based on this, researchers are looking at ways to increase the level of these antibodies in sows to boost the health of piglets.

Ability to digest milk is linked to a history of cattle rearing

A new study into lactose tolerance investigated the genetic origins of this ability. The findings reveal that the ability to digest milk was a powerful selective force in a variety of populations which raised cattle and consumed the animals' fresh milk.

When R.E.M. plays, cows make more milk

When cows are stressed out, they produce less milk. The solution to this problem is to turn on R.E.M.'s song "Everybody Hurts," according to a study conducted by the University of Leicester.

Making infant formula safer

After several health warnings, and several years of lab study, the U.S. FDA has announced a set of rules designed to make infant formula safer.

Cow's milk extract kills cancerous cells

A peptide fragment derived from cow's milk has exhibited potent anticancer capability against human stomach cancer cell cultures. The research was undertaken at the University of Taiwan.

Drinking milk may make us taller but may not stop hip fractures

New research findings show that drinking milk during teenage years does not necessarily lower the risk of hip fractures in older adults possibly because milk also helps make us grow taller.
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Milk Image

Here  an atomic resolution (1.2 Å) crystal structure is reported of heterogeneous milk proteins g...
Here, an atomic resolution (1.2 Å) crystal structure is reported of heterogeneous milk proteins grown inside a living organism (the cockroach) in their functional niche.
International Union of Crystallography
Make milk  not war
Make milk, not war
By selling more than milk and embracing the Internet  the few thousand remaining milkmen  including ...
By selling more than milk and embracing the Internet, the few thousand remaining milkmen, including Neil Garner, have breathed new life into the cherished tradition
Leon Neal, AFP
Camels can be milked standing up  as shown here.
Camels can be milked standing up, as shown here.
The overwhelming majority of milk used to be delivered to the front door at the crack of dawn until ...
The overwhelming majority of milk used to be delivered to the front door at the crack of dawn until the supermarket revolution all but wiped out this very British institution
Leon Neal, AFP
Dairy cows (Holsteins) being cooled by sprayers during hot summer to maintain milk production.
Dairy cows (Holsteins) being cooled by sprayers during hot summer to maintain milk production.
Bob Nichols, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.
French baby-milk maker Lactalis announces a second recall in two weeks of formula and other products...
French baby-milk maker Lactalis announces a second recall in two weeks of formula and other products over salmonella fears.
Brick of SMA Baby Milk Stage 2. February 18  2012. Photo by (c) Marine Le Nestour.
Brick of SMA Baby Milk Stage 2. February 18, 2012. Photo by (c) Marine Le Nestour.

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