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Militia News

Mexican children take up arms in fight against drug gangs

Los Zacatones - With baseball caps and scarves covering their faces, only their serious eyes are visible as a dozen children stand to attention, rifles by their side.

Iraq PM warns armed groups against stockpiling weapons

Baghdad - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi warned on Saturday he would not allow militias to stockpile arms, two weeks after a weapons depot belonging to an armed group exploded in Baghdad.

Afghanistan mulls plan to arm 20,000 civilians to fight insurgents

Kabul - Afghanistan is considering training and arming 20,000 civilians to defend territories where Islamic militants have been driven out, officials say, sparking fears the local forces could become another thuggish militia.

In America's South, militias prepare for battle

Jackson - Each month, Chris Hill gets together with friends to spend a few days in a remote forest in Georgia, deep in the heart of the American South.

Armed protesters who occupied Oregon refuge acquitted

Los Angeles - A group of armed protesters who led a takeover of a remote wildlife refuge in the western US state of Oregon have been acquitted by a jury of felony charges.

Rough justice in Burkina as vigilantes dole out lashes

Ouagadougou - Francois Kabore, a village militia chief in central Burkina Faso, grins as he watches five men ride up on a motorbike and tricycle and throw two criminal suspects in their clutches to the ground.

Last four holdouts in Oregon standoff surrender

Burns - The last four armed occupiers of a wildlife refuge in Oregon surrendered to authorities Thursday, ending a tense 41-day standoff over grazing rights on federal land that left one dead.

FBI surrounds last four protesters in Oregon standoff

Los Angeles - The FBI surrounded the last protesters holed up at a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon amid reports they will surrender on Thursday, suggesting the weeks-long armed siege is approaching a climax.

Armored vehicles roll into Oregon refuge

Los Angeles - A convoy of armored vehicles rolled Thursday into a wildlife refuge in Oregon where a handful of armed protesters are holed up in a drawn-out standoff with the federal government that turned deadly this week.

Arrested Oregon protest leader tells holdouts to go home

Burns - The leader of an anti-government siege at a US wildlife refuge until his arrest in an operation that left one protester dead urged the remaining armed occupiers to go home.

US authorities urge end to 'illegal occupation' at wildlife reserve

Burns - Authorities called Wednesday on anti-government protesters refusing to leave a US federal wildlife reserve in Oregon to "move on," after a member of the group was killed as police tried to arrest him.

Occupy Bundy: Camping couple hopes to annoy militia into leaving

For over two weeks now, the extremists who took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge have frustrated authorities and Oregon residents alike. Now, this couple hopes to annoy the militia until they can't take any more of it and leave.

Armed activists dig in at U.S. wildlife refuge

Burns - A small group of armed activists remained holed up at a remote US federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, vowing to leave only if asked by local residents.

Oregon standoff reflects decades-long fight on land rights

Washington - The occupation of a wildlife refuge by armed protesters in Oregon reflects a decades-old dispute over land rights in the United States, where local communities have increasingly sought to take back federal land.

As Oregon standoff continues, Q+A on U.S. militia

Burns - Dozens of armed men occupying a wildlife reserve in Oregon since the weekend reflect a long tradition of anti-federal government fervor in America, stirred up recently by western ranchers.

US militia spend second night in standoff at Oregon wildlife reserve

Burns - Scores of anti-government militiamen occupied a wildlife reserve in the US state of Oregon for a second night, warning that their protest against the jailing of two ranchers, which has divided Americans, could last months.

Ukraine far-right leader made army advisor in move to control militias

Kiev - The controversial leader of Ukraine's ultra-nationalist Pravy Sektor paramilitary group, which is fighting pro-Russian rebels alongside government troops, was made an army advisor Monday as Kiev seeks to tighten its control over volunteer fighters.

Op-Ed: Lessons learned from the Bundy Ranch Special

Bunkerville - Regardless of any personal opinions one may have about the validity of Mr. Bundy’s claims, the incident provides a case study of what is likely to be many future armed confrontations between activist groups and agents of the federal government.

Live updates of militia conference call about Bundy Ranch Special

Las Vegas - As tensions diminish and the standoff between militias supporting Cliven Bundy and federal agents winds down, various militias and supporters conduct a conference call to discuss events and strategy.

31 killed after anti-militia protest turns deadly in Libya

Tripoli - An anti-militia protest in the Libyan capital city of Tripoli turned deadly when militiamen began to fire into the group of protesters, killing 31, and leaving over 200 wounded.

Protesters end a day-long siege of Libyan PM's office

Tripoli - Almost two hundred militia and protesters demanding the resignation of Prime Minister of Libya, Ali Zidan, ended a day-long siege of his office, after Zidan managed to sneak out of the building through a back door.

Outrage over CNN’s story depicting Kenya as preparing for war

Nairobi - Online users in Kenya have reacted heatedly to a CNN story on an unarmed militia group alleged to be ready to wreak havoc in parts of the country during the country's general elections scheduled for March 4.

Florida militia trains 9-year-olds to handle AK-47 assault rifles

Old Town - A group of survivalists in Florida trains children to use AK-47s "in order to protect and defend our Constitution against all enemy threats."

Forsyth Park fountain among domestic terrorists' targets

Savannah - During a murder case, a plot by Army soldiers to commit a number of anti-government attacks was uncovered and Savannah's Forsyth Park fountain was among the targets.

Op-Ed: Words used by DHS to target citizens

The Dept. of Homeland Security was the focus of a Freedom of Information Act request; the yield was a list of words used to troll the internet for the "bad guys", and folks discussing clouds in the sky, exercisers, or even those who discuss tornadoes.

Hutaree Group Acquitted

In March of 2010 Digital Journal covered the FBI raid and subsequent arrest of nine members of the militia group Hutaree. Yesterday, the conspiracy charges against the group were dismissed.

Christian militia aimed to start new American civil war

Eight men and one woman were arrested, mainly in Michigan, on charges of seditious conspiracy, attempted use of weapons of mass destruction and possessing a firearm during a crime of violence.

Controversial Oath Keepers' Conference in Las Vegas this Weekend

Founded in March the Oath Keepers claim to be dedicated defenders of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Others, however, see them as heirs to the militia tradition that spawned the Oklahoma bombing that killed 168 on April 19, 1995.

Congo's Mai Mai Militia Has 48 Hours To Disarm

The pro-government Mai Mai militia l has been given forty-eight hours by the Democratic Republic of Congo’s army to disarm themselves. The Mai-Mai has been involved in fighting against General Nkunda's forces.

Briton Leads UN Mission To Train Fatah Militia

A former Royal Marine is leading a highly sensitive United Nations operation to train the Palestinian Presidential Guard.
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The minutemen  shown in a war reenactment are locked and loaded as Sarah Palin reminded her follower...
The minutemen, shown in a war reenactment are locked and loaded as Sarah Palin reminded her followers to be, but in Lexington just reminding the nation of its war with England.
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Hamad militia
TAKEOVER: The headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeast Oregon is shown.
TAKEOVER: The headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeast Oregon is shown.
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