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Mideast News

Violence creating 'lost generation' of Middle East men: study

Miami - Suicide and murder are rising fast in the Middle East and nearby regions that are already grappling with war and conflict, creating a "lost generation," particularly among men, researchers said Monday.

Macron chides Netanyahu on settlements, urges new Mideast talks

Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron told Israel's visiting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday that Paris opposes Israel's expansion of settlements in occupied Palestinian territory as he urged fresh Middle East peace talks.

Trump takes perilous first steps on world stage

Washington - From Riyadh to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Rome, Brussels and Sicily, Donald Trump left a swirl of domestic woes behind Friday as he embarked on a first foreign trip that will be closely watched in capitals the world over.

Trump takes perilous first steps on world stage

Washington - From Riyadh to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Rome, Brussels and Sicily, Donald Trump leaves a swirl of domestic woes behind Friday to embark on a first foreign trip that will be closely watched in capitals the world over.

Mideast conflicts leave millions unsure of next meal: UN

Cairo - The devastating conflicts gripping the Middle East and North Africa have left 30 million people unsure of their next meal, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation said.

Across Middle East, final goodbyes to Istanbul dead

Birut - Funerals were being held across the Middle East Tuesday for victims of the Istanbul nightclub shooting, many of them young party-goers whose lives were cut tragically short by the attack.

Uncertainty across Middle East after Trump victory

Birut - Uncertainty spread across the Middle East following Donald Trump's US election win, with questions hanging over the war against the Islamic State group, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Iran's nuclear deal.

Turkey Mideast allies rally behind strongman Erdogan

Doha - Turkey's regional allies on Saturday condemned a deadly but foiled coup attempt by a faction of the army against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's rule.

Resentment over 1916 deal still drives Turkey foreign policy

Istanbul - Resentment over the Sykes-Picot Agreement between Britain and France that carved up the Middle East from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire remains, 100 years later, a major factor in Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's foreign policy.

Perceived corruption worsens in Arab states: Transparency

Berlin - Ordinary people feel that corruption has worsened in nine Arab countries and territories over the last year, especially crisis-hit Lebanon and war-torn Yemen, a study by graft watchdog Transparency International said Tuesday.

Middle East sandstorm kills eight

Birut - A dense sandstorm engulfing parts of the Middle East left at least eight people dead and hundreds suffering from respiratory problems on Tuesday, as officials warned residents to stay indoors.

13 million children denied education by Mideast wars: UN

Amman - More than 13 million children are being denied an education by Middle East conflicts, the UN said Thursday, warning "the hopes of a generation" would be dashed if they cannot return to classrooms.

Pentagon chief tries to calm Mideast jitters over Iran deal

Amman - US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter sought to reassure anxious Middle East allies Tuesday over the Iran nuclear deal during a regional tour that includes stops in Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry out of hospital following surgery

Boston - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry pledged Friday to be "fully engaged" in nuclear talks with Iran when he returns to Geneva after surgery on his fractured leg.

Millions of Middle East children out of school, UN warns

Birut - Poverty, gender discrimination and violence are keeping more than 12 million children in the Middle East out of school, despite efforts to expand education, the UN children's agency warned Wednesday.

EU urges more Mediterranean cooperation to tackle terrorism

Barcelona - EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini called Monday for stepped up cooperation and dialogue between Europe and its Mediterranean neighbours in North Africa and the Middle East to fight terrorism.

Middle East political rivalries stoke dangerous sectarianism

Birut - Across the Middle East, fierce rivalry between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran is heightening sectarian tensions, even in conflicts that analysts say are primarily political.

US won't take eye off Iran, Kerry assures Gulf allies

Riyadh - The United States will not take its eye off Iran's "destabilising" acts in the Middle East, Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday after talks with Gulf allies wary of an emerging nuclear deal with Tehran.

Warnings after blizzards sweep across Middle East

Jerusalem - Snow blanketed much of Israel, Jordan and Lebanon early on Friday, with many residents urged to stay in their homes because of blocked or icy roads.

Middle East Muslims protest prophet cartoon

Amman - Muslims marched Friday in Middle Eastern cities against a new cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed published by French magazine Charlie Hebdo, as Gulf states warned the drawing could fuel hatred.

Kerry, Lavrov to meet Thursday on Ukraine, Mideast

Brussels - US Secretary of State John Kerry will hold talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov at an OSCE meeting on Thursday in Basel, Switzerland, a US official said, with topics set to include Ukraine and the Middle East.

Australia probes report of nine-year-old bride

Sydney - The Australian government is investigating claims a nine-year-old girl from Sydney has been taken out of the country to be married in the Middle East, officials said Tuesday.

Palestinians say ceasefire with Israel extended for five days

Cairo - Palestinian negotiators in Cairo say a new ceasefire agreement has been reached with Israel to allow further negotiations on a longer-term deal.

Europe's busiest airports boost screening over U.S. fears

Paris - France on Friday said it is boosting passenger screening at its airports, responding to a request from Washington for extra security for U.S.-bound flights over fears Islamist radicals could be plotting new attacks using hard-to-detect bombs.

Spotlight on Qaeda master bombmaker over flight security

Paris - As fears rise over warnings of new explosives able to slip by standard airport security checks, eyes are turning to southern Yemen and one man in particular: master Al-Qaeda bombmaker Ibrahim al-Asiri.

Airport security ramped up over U.S. bomb fears

London - U.S.-bound travellers from Europe and the Middle East faced tighter airport security Thursday over fears that Al-Qaeda-linked militants are developing new explosives that could be slipped onto planes undetected.

Washington to tighten security for US-bound flights

Washington - US authorities plan to bolster security at some airports in Europe and the Middle East with direct flights to the United States, officials said.

Fears of extremism rise in Muslim nations

Washington - Fears about Islamic extremism are rising in nations with large Muslim populations from the Middle East to South Asia and support for radical groups is on the slide, according to a poll released Tuesday.

Mideast leaders arrive at Vatican for prayers, talks

Well, why not? When armed conflict and diplomacy fail to change people's minds, maybe prayer is the next best option after all.

Mideast talks postponed after West Bank slaying, Jerusalem unrest

Jerusalem - A planned meeting between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators has been postponed for one day after violence in the West Bank and in Jerusalem, the Palestinian Authority acknowledged Wednesday.
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S Secretary of State John Kerry announces a 72-hour halt of fighting between Israel and Hamas on Aug...
S Secretary of State John Kerry announces a 72-hour halt of fighting between Israel and Hamas on Aug. 1 at an early morning news conference in New Delhi, India
State Department photo/Wikimedia Commons