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Report: Microsoft's Surface Book 2 will be a regular laptop

Microsoft is said to have commenced production of its awaited Surface Book 2, the successor to its popular premium laptop with a detachable display. The company will reportedly adopt a conventional design for the new device which could launch this month.

Row over 'very limited' Linux PCs escalates in Munich

Munich - A dispute has erupted in Munich over the city's plans to revert back to Microsoft Windows-based computers after years of using Linux. The city's head of IT has now said there's no need to switch, insisting the unpopular Linux machines are working fine.

Bill Gates 'optimistic' about the future — but Trump worries him

Bill Gates hasn't kept quiet about his thoughts on President Donald Trump and the future of the United States. In December, Gates told CNBC that "there can be a very upbeat message" about a Trump administration.

Microsoft's ambitious Slack competitor now available worldwide

Microsoft has officially launched Teams, its enterprise messaging service designed to rival highly-popular app Slack. Teams is now available to every Office 365 subscriber on all devices, giving it an immediate potential audience of millions of people.

Microsoft shuts down the social network you didn't know existed

Microsoft has announced it is shutting down its long-forgotten social network launched back in 2011. The site was created by the company's FUSE Labs research division and hasn’t been updated in years. It never attained widespread attention.

Microsoft's new AI writes its own code by copying other programs

Microsoft has teamed up with the University of Cambridge to create an artificial intelligence system capable of writing its own code to solve new problems. The technology could be used to power autonomous vehicles or let non-programmers create apps.

Microsoft's office of the future puts Surface in the foreground

Microsoft has collaborated with office designer Steelcase to take a look at the office of the future. The resulting designs show how offices could evolve in the coming years, integrating devices into the room to build a new kind of working environment.

Future Windows updates will be smaller and faster to install

Microsoft has announced changes coming to the way in which future Windows updates install that will make the process faster, easier and more controllable. Update downloads will be around 35% smaller, reducing download times and saving data.

Microsoft is making a big change to how Windows 10 does updates

Since the launch of Windows 10, one of the biggest user complaints has been around how it handles updates to the operating system — namely, how it sometimes will download new upgrades on its own, requiring a restart.

Xbox Game Pass lets you play over 100 games for $10 per month

Microsoft has taken the wraps off a new $10 monthly subscription service that brings a Netflix-style business model to console gaming. For a fixed price each month, buyers will be able to play any game from a rotating library of over 100 titles.

Microsoft confirms another big Windows update for this year

Microsoft has confirmed it will launch a second major update for Windows 10 this year after the Creators Update in April. Currently in development as "Redstone 3," the update is expected to usher in Windows' new "Project NEON" design language.

Microsoft's new app strips Skype back to basics for India

Microsoft has launched a new Skype app aimed at users who struggle with limited data plans and patchy network connectivity. Skype Lite is a basic version of the popular messaging app that's smaller to install and uses less data.

Samsung phones will soon unlock your Windows PC for you

Samsung is preparing an update to its Samsung Flow app that will let you unlock your Windows computer using the fingerprint scanner on your phone. The long-awaited functionality considerably expands the app's usefulness, opening it to millions of people.

Satya Nadella thinks AI is the 'ultimate breakthrough'

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has described the advent of advanced artificial intelligence as the "ultimate breakthrough" in the development of technology. Microsoft is already actively working on new AI systems that manifest across its products.

Microsoft's next Xbox to feature new 'Motion' design language

Microsoft's next-generation Xbox console, Project Scorpio, will feature a new visual design language called "Motion." It is designed to make the most of Scorpio's record-breaking processing power, although what it will look like is currently unknown.

Microsoft cancels second-generation HoloLens headset

Microsoft has reportedly cancelled the upcoming second-generation version of its HoloLens mixed reality headset. The company will now skip directly to HoloLens v3, set to be released in two years' time as a substantial upgrade of the current prototype.

Microsoft: We 'fully expect' to keep building Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has again stressed its commitment to supporting its almost non-existent mobile platform, Windows 10 Mobile. The company said it "expects" to keep doing so indefinitely. The statement comes as analysts announce market share has fallen to 0.3%.

Microsoft postpones release of critical Windows bug fix to March

Microsoft has announced it's delaying its regular Patch Tuesday Windows security updates by an entire month. The unprecedented decision will leave customers at risk of attack for longer. The update includes a fix for a critical zero-day file sharing flaw.

Microsoft's president pushes for a digital Geneva Convention

At the RSA security conference in San Francisco, Microsoft’s President brought up an intriguing idea: what about a digital Geneva Convention?

Microsoft's 'premium' subscription email service launches in U.S.

Microsoft has officially launched its Premium subscription-based email service. It offers an enhanced version of Outlook's online experience, including an ad-free inbox, improved sharing and the option of using a personalised domain.

Microsoft's new camera rig lets you make holographic videos

Microsoft has unveiled a new camera system that can be used to take videos of HoloLens holograms. It solves one of HoloLens' biggest problems by making it possible for spectators to watch people interact with the virtual world.

Windows 10 lets you pop video into a picture-in-picture player

Microsoft has announced a new Windows 10 feature likely to be an instant hit with multitaskers. You can pop video out into a small picture-in-picture window that floats above other apps, keeping the content in view. It also works with messaging clients.

Microsoft planning new Windows 10 desktop called 'Andromeda'

Microsoft is said to be working on a new Windows 10 desktop experience that will form part of its efforts to create a "composable shell." Detailed this week, the new desktop is meant to unify different device families, including PCs and smartphones.

Microsoft could bring Xbox 360 games to Windows PCs

Microsoft's Head of Xbox has suggested the company could bring Xbox 360 games to Windows computers in the future. Xbox 360 backwards compatibility is a core feature of the Xbox One, making its extension to Windows 10 a potential future possibility.

Microsoft Edge tries to be the cutting edge with new features

Microsoft Edge is getting several new features with the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update designed to enhance productivity and entertainment. Microsoft is aiming to attract new users to the browser in a bid to reverse its falling market share.

Read Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's response to Trump's travel ban

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who came to the United States from India, offered his personal take on President Donald Trump's controversial immigration ban at an employee Q&A session, as shared in a Microsoft blog.

Microsoft developing new 'Cloud Shell' to 'modernize Windows'

Microsoft is said to be building a new Windows shell dubbed Cloud Shell. It's meant to be a lightweight version of Windows that modernises the platform but its exact purpose is unknown. It may be related to its recently-leaked CSHELL work.

Windows 10's new Game Mode optimises your PC to boost performance

Microsoft has introduced Game Mode, a new feature coming to Windows 10 with the upcoming Creators Update that will improve gaming performance. Part of a wider upgrade of Windows 10's gaming capabilities, it's designed to make the most of your hardware.

Vivaldi calls on Microsoft to 'do the right thing' about Edge

The creators of Vivaldi, the new browser that's a spiritual successor to Opera, have called on Microsoft to "do the right thing" over its aggressive promotion of Windows 10's Edge. The company's CEO said it's too complicated to change the default browser.

Microsoft, Google battle it out in the playground over school PCs

Microsoft and Google have each announced new rival laptops aimed at classroom customers. Education is increasingly becoming a new frontier of technology and Google's Chromebooks have rapidly developed into a credible threat to Windows machines.
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The new Nokia 105  launched by Microsoft 03/06/2015
The new Nokia 105, launched by Microsoft 03/06/2015
Surface Book at Microsoft s October 2015 #Windows10devices event
Surface Book at Microsoft's October 2015 #Windows10devices event
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Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard
Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard
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The Microsoft Edge web browser, formerly Project Spartan, at Microsoft Build 2015
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Satya Nadella at Microsoft s October 2015 live event
Satya Nadella at Microsoft's October 2015 live event
Microsoft October 2015 Live Event
Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard
Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard
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Leaked renders of the Microsoft Band 2.
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Cortana on an Android phone
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