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Microsoft's Cortana is now your personal DJ and cooking assistant

As Windows 10's Anniversary Update begins to draw near, Microsoft is still adding new features to the Insider Preview builds. In the latest update, it added new interactions with Cortana, including the ability to turn Cortana into your own personal DJ.

Rumors say smaller Xbox One coming in 2016; more powerful model in 2017

Sources have told Kotaku that Microsoft is developing two new Xbox One models — a compact version to be released later this year and a more powerful model coming in 2017.

Microsoft resorts to 'dirty trick' to upgrade PCs to Windows 10

Microsoft has been accused of adopting a "dirty trick" to force unsuspecting consumers to upgrade to Windows 10. As the free upgrade period comes to an end, Microsoft has updated its upgrade assistant app to install Windows 10 even if you close it.

Microsoft decimating mobile workforce in 'streamlining' of jobs

One week after selling its Nokia-branded feature phone business to Foxconn, Microsoft has announced it will be cutting 1,850 jobs from its smartphone hardware division in a "streamlining" of the struggling business.

Windows 10 preview now syncs Android notifications to your PC

Microsoft has added a new feature to the latest Windows 10 preview build for Insiders. It lets you get notifications from your Android phone on your Windows PC. You can view new messages in Action Center and respond to them with your keyboard.

Nokia smartphones are about to reappear, now running Android

Finnish technology company Nokia has confirmed it is to return to building smartphones and tablets after being sold to Microsoft in 2014. The company will license its name to open the way to a new generation of Nokia-branded Android devices.

Microsoft going after Google Photos with 'digital memories' app

Since launching only a year ago, Google Photos has grown to be a huge and much loved service that is a firm favourite with Android users. Although Microsoft has its own Photos app, it looks like the company is now building a proper Google Photos rival.

Microsoft axes Windows 10's controversial Wi-Fi password sharing

Microsoft has removed a controversial Windows 10 feature that automatically shared your Wi-Fi password with your Facebook friends and Outlook contacts. The company confirmed it has been axed going forward, citing a lack of use as the reason.

Microsoft: AI 'is the most important technology on the planet'

A Microsoft executive has claimed artificial intelligence is "the most important technology on the planet" while talking to business leaders at a conference in the UK. Microsoft is investing heavily in AI, viewed as the next frontier of computing.

Microsoft prepares to banish nagging 'Get Windows 10' adware

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that its free upgrade offer to Windows 10 will end on July 29. It has since confirmed that its "Get Windows 10" app for Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs will be removed after that date, ending a year of nagging upgrade reminders.

Microsoft warns Windows 10 free upgrades are ending soon

Microsoft has announced it is to end the Windows 10 free upgrade offer in the near future, preventing current Windows users from installing the new OS for free. Purchasing a license will cost $119 as Windows 10 approaches its first anniversary.

Microsoft combats nausea in virtual reality with some cheap LEDs

Early adopters of virtual reality headsets have frequently commented on the feeling of nausea that VR experiences can induce. Microsoft has developed a quick and low-cost fix for the problem, involving nothing more than some strips of LED lights.

Watch Windows 10 upgrade prompt ruin a live weather broadcast

Microsoft's "Upgrade to Windows 10" nagware has been annoying users for months with its insistence that you should install the new OS immediately. Recently, it interrupted a live weather broadcast by deciding an upgrade was required while on air.

Forza Motorsport racing onto Windows 10 for free next month

Microsoft has announced that PC gamers will be able to get their first taste of the hit Xbox racing title Forza Motorsport from early May. The company announced Forza Motorsport 6: Apex for Windows 10 earlier this year, an exclusive PC Forza experience.

Why Microsoft is buying DNA molecules from an SF startup

Microsoft is buying 10 million strands of long oligonucleotides — laboratory-made molecules of DNA — from San Francisco startup Twist Bioscience, the companies announced today.

Microsoft adamant it is 'committed' to struggling Windows Mobile

Microsoft has reiterated its commitment to Windows 10 Mobile, saying it intends to support the platform for "many years." The OS has failed to make an impact on Microsoft's negligible mobile market share, leading some to suggest it should abandon it now.

Microsoft's popular Word Flow keyboard now available on iOS

Microsoft has publicly released its Word Flow keyboard for the iPhone, taking it out of beta and making it available to everyone. The keyboard is widely considered one of the best around and now includes more features than the Windows Phone original.

Dropbox to withdraw app from Windows XP

Popular cloud storage provider Dropbox has announced it will discontinue support for Microsoft's aging Windows XP this summer. Users will not be able to login to their accounts to access their files and will be automatically signed out in a few months.

Microsoft to end production of Xbox 360 after 10 years of gaming

Microsoft has announced it is to end production of its Xbox 360 games console over 10 years since the launch of the iconic gaming platform. Current owners will be able to use their consoles as normal as supplies begin to dwindle around the world.

Microsoft's flexible E-ink display makes your phone case smarter

Microsoft Research has developed a flexible E-ink display that could make smart smartphone covers a reality. The display can detect the way you flex it, letting you perform different actions on your phone right from the exterior case.

'Blue Screen of Death' gets friendlier with new helpful QR codes

The 'Blue Screen of Death' is a famed component of Windows that indicates a critical error has occurred, forcing a system restart. Microsoft has recently updated the screen, adding QR codes to let you easily research the cause of a fatal error.

Microsoft Edge joins Google Chrome, to block Flash automatically

Microsoft has announced that a future version of its Edge web browser will disable non-essential Flash content by default. The move will speed up web browsing and increase security. Flash is regularly hit by critical exploits, including one this week.

Latest Windows 10 Preview brings smarter Cortana, adds dark mode

Microsoft has rolled out a major update to the Windows 10 Insider Preview that includes a first look at the new features coming to the Anniversary Update later this year. It includes a more intelligent Cortana that talks to your phone from your PC.

Toyota, Microsoft teaming up to beef up connected car technology

In an attempt to "humanize" the driving experience beyond levels already implemented today, Microsoft has teamed up with Toyota to offer their Azure cloud technology for a deeper look into the data science of motor vehicle operation.

Microsoft says there is no 'Xbox neXt' to rival PlayStation '4.5'

Rumours of Microsoft planning an upgraded "Xbox One and a half" have recently stepped up amid widespread reports of Sony intending to launch a high-performance "PlayStation 4K" later in the year. Microsoft's Xbox chief has denied the rumours though.

Chrome to dethrone Internet Explorer as most popular browser

Google Chrome is now very close to becoming the world's most popular web browser. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are about to swap places in the charts as Microsoft's aging browser continues to quickly fall out of favour with many consumers.

Microsoft admits Windows 10 Mobile isn't moving, 'not our focus'

Microsoft has explained its plans for Windows 10 Mobile for the year ahead, revealing that smartphones currently aren't its focus and the company won't be concentrating on the platform in 2016. The news may dishearten Windows Phone fans.

Microsoft has an app that lets blind people 'see' again

Microsoft has unveiled an app that helps blind people "see" the world. Using artificial intelligence, the app can work out what is happening in the environment around it and provide detailed descriptions to the user, letting them visualize the world.

Microsoft announces Windows 10 'anniversary update'

Microsoft has officially announced a major update coming to Windows 10 later this summer. Dubbed the "Anniversary Update," the release will bring increased security, a new emphasis on the pen as an input method and a "more helpful" Cortana.

Microsoft has 'surprises' coming for Windows 10's Live Tiles

Microsoft's next Windows 10 update may include some substantial improvements to Start menu Live Tiles. The company has hinted at "surprises" on the way for the unique widgets, potentially incorporating interactive buttons within the tiles.
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Microsoft Image

The Photos app in Windows 10
The Photos app in Windows 10
Microsoft HoloLens
Microsoft HoloLens
Surface Pro 4 at Microsoft s October 2015 live event
Surface Pro 4 at Microsoft's October 2015 live event
Microsoft October 2015 Live Event
Robert Scolbe
Windows 10 for small tablets
Windows 10 for small tablets
Surface Book at Microsoft s October 2015 #Windows10 devices event.
Surface Book at Microsoft's October 2015 #Windows10 devices event.
Microsoft October 2015 Live Event
The Microsoft Lumia 650  launched 15/02/2016
The Microsoft Lumia 650, launched 15/02/2016
Urban air quality -- the concentration of PM2.5 -- is of great importance in protecting human health...
Urban air quality -- the concentration of PM2.5 -- is of great importance in protecting human health. While there are limited air-quality-monitor-stations in a city, air quality varies by location significantly and is influenced by multiple complex factors, such as traffic flow and land use.
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Microsoft s cancelled  Mercury  tablet  acquired from Nokia
Microsoft's cancelled 'Mercury' tablet, acquired from Nokia
An Xbox 360 controller
An Xbox 360 controller
Photo by Steve Petrucelli
Capture of Microsoft s  Introducing OneDrive  video after the rebranding of SkyDrive
Capture of Microsoft's "Introducing OneDrive" video after the rebranding of SkyDrive
The new search feature with the redesigned menu
The new search feature with the redesigned menu
Screenshots of closing video from Microsoft s October 2015 live event
Screenshots of closing video from Microsoft's October 2015 live event
Microsoft October 2015 Live Event
Xbox One
Xbox One
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Surface Pro 4 images from Microsoft s October 2015 Live Event
Surface Pro 4 images from Microsoft's October 2015 Live Event
Microsoft October 2015 Live Event
Surface Pro 4 images from Microsoft s October 2015 Live Event
Surface Pro 4 images from Microsoft's October 2015 Live Event
Microsoft October 2015 Live Event
Virtual desktops in Windows 10
Virtual desktops in Windows 10
Microsoft Hololens
Microsoft Hololens
Microsoft PowerApps lets businesses create native iOS  Android and Windows apps without learning cod...
Microsoft PowerApps lets businesses create native iOS, Android and Windows apps without learning code
New features coming to Windows 10 in  Anniversary Update
New features coming to Windows 10 in 'Anniversary Update'

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