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Skype's unpopular design overhaul makes its way to the desktop

Microsoft has launched a preview version of its new Skype app for Windows desktop PCs. It includes the new design, focus and features of the recently overhauled Skype mobile app. The revised look and feel has been met with a decidedly frosty reception.

Over half of Windows 7 PCs have no antivirus installed

Microsoft's latest security report contains several interesting statistics on Windows antivirus usage. Over half of all PCs running Windows 7 have no antivirus software installed or have it turned off. The situation's not much better on newer versions.

Microsoft creates gliders that fly themselves using AI

Microsoft has created an AI that allows a glider to fly itself. The artificial intelligence mimics how animals find thermal air currents to allow the glider to fly without a motor. It stays aloft by using complex algorithms to head to rising air.

Does Microsoft's massive Office 365 spell the end for startups?

Microsoft's efforts to make Office 365 the only cloud solution businesses could mean it's "curtains" for rival startups. The CEO and co-founder of data transfer company Egress said startups are being threatened by Microsoft's rapid cloud expansion.

Microsoft aims to recapture power users with new Windows version

Microsoft has launched a new version of Windows 10 designed specifically for users of high-end workstation PCs. The company said it had listened to feedback from customers asking for a desktop operating system tailored to server-grade hardware.

Microsoft forced to damage control as Surface problems exposed

Microsoft has responded to Consumer Reports' finding that Surface devices have a 25 percent failure rate. While it publicly denied the report, a leaked memo reveals Microsoft is aware of reliability issues. The company said it's "proud" of Surface.

Real-time power plant emissions data using Microsoft Cloud

Even though it has become easier for corporate energy buyers to source clean, renewable energy based on emissions data, the process is still not simple. Microsoft has come up with a demonstration service using the company's Azure Cloud resources.

Microsoft: Windows 10 users 'positive' about privacy changes

Windows 10 users have been "positive" about privacy improvements made with the recent Creators Update. Microsoft said that feedback suggests its customers are now pleased with the options available but it recognised there's "still work to do."

Microsoft sees cyberattacks as part of the 'fabric of society'

Microsoft has warned that artificial intelligence could "reset" cybercrime and the techniques used to combat it. AI is being used to tackle emerging threats but is also powering a new generation of malware created by elite attackers.

Microsoft removes mobile from its mission as it focuses on AI

Microsoft has made a highly significant change to its corporate mission statement. The company has replaced its former "mobile-first" strategy with a vision that’s focused entirely on AI. It reflects the altered reality of Microsoft's business.

Microsoft's new mission is all about digital transformation

Microsoft is reinventing itself around sales to industry sectors in a move that sees it shift towards bringing about revolutionary societal changes. The company has doubled down on digitally transforming industries ranging from healthcare to finance.

Microsoft reacts to 'incredible outpouring' of Paint nostalgia

Microsoft has responded to the massive community reaction that followed its deprecation of its classic Paint app yesterday. The company acknowledged there was "incredible" nostalgia for the 32-year-old program and promised it would remain available.

Microsoft advances second-gen HoloLens by adding special AI chip

Microsoft has announced that the second-generation version of the unique processor used in its HoloLens augmented reality headset will include AI capabilities. The company has incorporated the technology to reduce latency and improve compute performance.

Microsoft officially deprecates Paint after 32 years

Microsoft Paint, the company's fan-favourite Windows drawing app, is being deprecated 32 years after its release. Microsoft confirmed the next Windows 10 update will see support for Paint come to an end. It will however remain available.

LinkedIn launches new app that integrates with Windows 10

LinkedIn has announced it is rolling out a new Windows app that lets you get notifications on your PC when people connect with you on the network. The Microsoft-owned platform is now better integrated with Windows, improving your productivity.

Microsoft admits users think the new Skype is 'exceptionally bad'

Last month, Microsoft unveiled a completely reimagined Skype experience on iOS and Android that refocuses the app as a Snapchat clone. Users have been far from impressed and after facing plummeting ratings Microsoft has finally responded to the criticism.

Microsoft announces partnership with BMW to put Skype in your car

Microsoft has commenced another partnership with BMW that will see the technology giant and automotive leader work together on new connected car solutions. Microsoft, a longstanding BMW partner, will integrate its Skype app into BMW's products.

Microsoft launches app that uses AI to help blind people 'see'

Microsoft has publicly launched an app that narrates the environment around its user to help blind people "see." Using artificial intelligence, it identifies people, documents and images in the surroundings and narrates their details, empowering the user.

Microsoft 'AI for Earth' initiative uses tech to help the planet

Microsoft has announced a new program that will see the company use the power of artificial intelligence to tackle environmental issues facing the planet. Microsoft is focusing on four of the biggest problems that are experienced across the world.

Microsoft brings Linux to the Windows Store as it embraces devs

Microsoft has announced that the Ubuntu Linux distribution is now available within the Windows Store. It lets you access Linux terminal features from your Windows PC, without dual-booting. It's a reflection of Microsoft's changing attitude to developers.

Microsoft uses TV signals to beam the web into rural America

Microsoft has announced an initiative that aims to connect rural America to high-speed Internet. Unlike the wireless Internet efforts being pursued at companies including Facebook and Google, Microsoft plans to employ unused areas of the TV spectrum.

Microsoft's new business apps make customer management easier

Microsoft has announced three new apps to help small businesses find and engage with customers. The products are part of its Office 365 cloud subscription service. They let you advertise your firm online, manage email campaigns and send invoices.

'Microsoft 365' combines Windows and Office into a single service

Microsoft has unveiled a new headline cloud subscription offering, "Microsoft 365." It brings together the company's existing Office 365 cloud productivity software with Windows 10 Enterprise edition. It's an all-in-one approach to software licensing.

Microsoft launches program to drive mixed reality transformation

Microsoft has announced a new program that will accelerate the spread of mixed reality devices across the world. The company intends to partner with digital agencies to demonstrate the power of its HoloLens headset and create new experiences.

Drive towards the cloud leads Microsoft to layoff thousands

Microsoft is poised to layoff thousands of employees as it embarks on a restructuring of its global sales team. According to several reports published in the past week, the layoffs are connected to Microsoft's intent to double down on cloud software.

Microsoft cuts Windows 10 'Timeline' feature from upcoming update

Microsoft has confirmed that one of the big new features announced as part of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update won't be ready in time for its launch this year. Timeline is meant to simplify switching between devices and visualising how you spend time.

Left and right like Canada, Mexican food (and not much else) Special

Brooklyn - Americans are increasingly distrustful of brands and the companies that produce them. But to restore consumer confidence companies may need to take politics into account – and that’s tricky.

'Ransomware' wave seemed aimed at old flaw and Ukraine

San Francisco - A global wave of cyberattacks exploited an already patched vulnerability in Windows software and appeared to have Ukraine as a primary target, according to computer security specialists.

US tech giants join forces against terror content

San Francisco - Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube announced Monday the launch of an anti-terror partnership aimed at thwarting the spread of extremist content online.

Microsoft unveils new YouTube rival for business customers

Microsoft has launched a video streaming service for enterprise customers of its Office 365 cloud platform. Microsoft Stream is described as an "intelligent enterprise video service" that's built to give companies a robust online video platform.
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Microsoft s clever Wedge Keyboard
Microsoft's clever Wedge Keyboard
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Lenovo advertisement at the Consumer Electronics Show, 2012.
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Microsoft Edge features in the Windows 10 Creators Update
Microsoft Edge features in the Windows 10 Creators Update
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