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Microsoft launches 'AI for Earth' project

There's plenty of predictions (not to mention dystopian literature) about the threat of intelligent machines. Microsoft have taken a different tract and put forward how artificial intelligence can save the planet.

Microsoft announces preview of AI-powered health chatbot system

Microsoft's launched a private preview of a new AI-powered health chatbot system. The company said intelligent healthcare assistants could "empower" users to access medical info from their smartphone, cutting the time and cost of obtaining healthcare.

Customer engagement has completely transformed: Microsoft CMO

“Digital transformation has totally reframed the way customers are engaging,” said Katia Houbiguian, CMO of Microsoft Canada at Microsoft’s recent Connected Sales and Marketing event.

Microsoft helping telecom companies to transform

To deliver faster and more effective telecommunication services, companies needs to upgrade their systems. Microsoft has been working with companies in the engineering sector to develop improved global services.

Microsoft launches preview of its quantum development toolkit

Microsoft's launched a preview of its quantum development kit. The set tools include a quantum programming language designed to help developers get started with quantum models. It includes everything needed to run quantum programs on a regular computer.

Microsoft adds another $50m to AI for Earth at One Planet Summit

Microsoft's announced it's investing another $50m in its "AI for Earth" initiative to help organisations use AI to protect the environment. The company committed the additional funding on the eve of the One Planet Summit in Paris tomorrow.

Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook launch new deep learning toolkit

Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook have announced the release of a neural network platform that allows deep learning frameworks to interoperate. It's designed to make machine learning more accessible by letting developers mix and match different models.

Microsoft launches new collaborative Whiteboard app

Microsoft's launched a preview of its new Whiteboard app, a digital canvas aimed to facilitate creativity inside businesses. Aimed at team users, it's part of a growing collection of Microsoft tools that help collaborators create and collect their ideas.

Microsoft, Qualcomm launch ARM-based 'Always Connected' PCs

Microsoft's launched Windows 10 on ARM, a project that brings its desktop operating system to a new category of hardware. The company has partnered with Qualcomm to build Windows devices with smartphone processors, offering month-long battery life.

Experimental Windows 10 feature adds a whole new way to work

Microsoft's announced an experimental Windows 10 feature that adds a tabbed interface to every app. First rumoured earlier in the year, "Sets" offers a structured way to work with different desktop activities by grouping app instances together in tabs.

Microsoft Edge launches on iPhone and Android

Microsoft has announced its Edge browser is now publicly available on iOS and Android. It's the first time Edge has ventured away from Windows since its launch two years ago. It's meant to let Edge users on Windows 10 sync their browsing to their phone.

Microsoft Office launches on Google Chromebooks

Microsoft's launched its suite of Office apps on Google Chromebooks. It will help make Chrome OS a viable platform for people attracted to its cloud-first concept but reliant on Microsoft productivity apps. They were previously limited to some devices.

Microsoft AI simulator includes autonomous car research

Microsoft’s artificial intelligence simulator has been expanded to include autonomous car research. The company has announced that its AirSim system will be used for testing the safety of vehicle artificial intelligence systems.

Windows 10's search could soon look a lot like macOS Spotlight

Microsoft's testing a major redesign of Windows 10's search that introduces a new design similar to Spotlight in macOS. It's abandoning search's current home inside Cortana in favour of a floating search box that appears in the middle of your display.

Microsoft calls for more companies to start using AI

More companies have to deploy AI if it's to be broadly utilised in society, Microsoft has said. Although the tech is now receiving attention, the company warned it has to be applied to new fields if it's to avoid being controlled by a handful of firms.

Microsoft patents reveal conceptual mind control tech

Microsoft has published a series of patents that explore how neurological activity could be used to control a computer. The technology could be used to create a future mind-control system where you use your thoughts to interact with the device.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff bashes Microsoft

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff slammed Microsoft at an analyst event, hitting the rival company on executive turnover and market share.

Microsoft uses 'neural fuzzing' technique to find software bugs

Microsoft has announced a method for uncovering bugs and vulnerabilities in software using machine learning capabilities. Called neural fuzzing, the technique uses neural networks to complement regular fuzz testing, a common quality assurance practice.

Microsoft adding LinkedIn-powered 'Resume Assistant' to Word

Microsoft has announced a new feature for Word that helps you craft your resume using examples from LinkedIn. It's one of the first integrations between Office and LinkedIn since Microsoft acquired the company for over $26 billion.

Microsoft uses AI to help Indian farmers maximise crop yields

Microsoft has developed an AI app to assist Indian farmers in maximising crop yields from their land. The company's services can predict the optimal date to sow crops and send automated voice calls that alert landowners to weather and pest attack risks.

Microsoft enters race to find cancer cure

Microsoft’s diversification strategy includes utilizing some of its resources to help improve the diagnosis of cancer to find cures for certain cancers. The research is based at Microsoft’s ‘biological computation’ labs in Cambridge, U.K.

Microsoft starts to support clinical trials

Technology leader Microsoft has entered into a partnership with the life sciences consulting firm Parexel. This is to develop software capable of accelerating drug development for clinical trials.

Microsoft to triple cloud capacity in China as demand grows

Microsoft has announced it's to triple the capacity of its Azure cloud network in China after observing "rapid momentum" in the service's growth. Azure launched in China three years ago and now has over 80,000 enterprise customers.

Microsoft says ‘don’t fear digital transformation’

London - A new study by Microsoft has found many businesses are still reluctant to start or complete the digital transformation process due to concerns about failure. This is despite the considerable benefits of ‘going digital’.

Microsoft explains how mixed reality will transform the workplace

Microsoft's announced a new strategy to bring mixed reality to every modern workplace. The company said it believes the tech could lead to significant productivity and efficiency improvements by allowing employees to blend the real and digital worlds.

Microsoft's Premium gets folded into Office 365

Microsoft has quietly announced the end of its Premium email service less than nine months after it launched. The subscription gave customers their own domain and an ad-free inbox. Some features are now being added to the regular

Skype's 'personal' update lands on Windows and Mac

Microsoft has announced Skype's controversial update is now available on Windows and Mac desktops. Built upon the new design language introduced on mobile earlier this year, the update refocuses Skype around informal communications between friends.

Chevron and Microsoft create 'digital core' for fuel business

Chevron has announced a partnership with Microsoft that will see the company use cloud tech and the Internet of Things to streamline its business. The company intends to digitize oilfields around a cloud-based core, giving it more data insights.

Apple's appeal 'eclipsed' by companies building for the future

According to a recent survey, Amazon is now the most trusted tech company, beating rivals Apple, Google and Facebook to win over customers. Facebook and Twitter rank particularly poorly with web users saying they wouldn't mind if social media disappeared.

Microsoft pushes on with Healthcare NeXT

Microsoft's strategy of adding more to its portfolio to create a gap away from the consumer market includes moving into healthcare technology. The latest initiative is Healthcare NeXT.
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Microsoft Image

Satya Nadella wants to take the company in a new direction. What this means we have only seen a few ...
Satya Nadella wants to take the company in a new direction. What this means we have only seen a few hints of but it is definitely going to be on mobile devices and in a cloud.
Microsoft Seeing AI  an app which uses AI to help blind people  see  by describing the world around ...
Microsoft Seeing AI, an app which uses AI to help blind people "see" by describing the world around them
New context menus in Windows 10 Build 10565
New context menus in Windows 10 Build 10565
Microsoft Surface Pro [2017]
Microsoft Surface Pro [2017]
Microsoft Surface Book 2
Microsoft Surface Book 2
The  Get Windows 10  dialog is appearing in the system tray of Windows computers  prompting users to...
The "Get Windows 10" dialog is appearing in the system tray of Windows computers, prompting users to reserve their free upgrade
The Microsoft Lumia 430  launched 19/03/2015
The Microsoft Lumia 430, launched 19/03/2015
Alcatel IDOL 4S
Alcatel IDOL 4S
Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10061.
Image courtesy of Softpedia.
Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10061. Image courtesy of Softpedia.
Windows XP logo
Windows XP logo
Groove Music Project NEON concept artwork [Image via MSPoweruser]
Groove Music Project NEON concept artwork [Image via MSPoweruser]
Microsoft / Steelcase Creative Spaces
Microsoft / Steelcase Creative Spaces
Bill Gates
Bill Gates in his Microsoft office in Bellevue, WA in 1980. Gates was 25 years old at the time.
Photo courtesy Microsoft
Xbox at PAX East 2015
Xbox at PAX East 2015
Cathy Smith
Microsoft s new  launched 17/02/2016
Microsoft's new, launched 17/02/2016
 Looking for Group  in the Windows 10 Xbox app - Xbox One Holiday Update
"Looking for Group" in the Windows 10 Xbox app - Xbox One Holiday Update
Katia Houbiguian  Microsoft Canada CMO  speaking at Microsoft s Connected Sales and Marketing event.
Katia Houbiguian, Microsoft Canada CMO, speaking at Microsoft's Connected Sales and Marketing event.
Microsoft s Word Flow keyboard for iOS
Microsoft's Word Flow keyboard for iOS
Manu Cornet

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