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Windows 10 to get new 'adaptive' shell that works on every device

Microsoft is developing a new "adaptive" shell for Windows 10 that will unify interface experiences and remove the divide between PCs, phones and other kinds of device. The company plans to build a "universal" shell for a single Windows 10.

Microsoft to add e-books to the Windows Store this spring

Microsoft is planning to open its own bookstore, according to leaked screenshots of an upcoming Windows Store update published this week. Launching with the Windows 10 Creators Update, you'll be able to purchase e-books directly from Windows.

Microsoft's CEO thinks AI should help people, not replace them

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has spoken out on how artificial intelligence should not be seen as a way of replacing humans. The leader made the comments as Microsoft enters new fields of AI research and prepares to 'democratise' the technology.

Microsoft waves an 'early goodbye' to Windows 7

Microsoft has suggested Windows 7 is no longer a secure or supported operating system in a blog post today. The company said it's waving an "early goodbye" to the much-loved platform, even though support actually ends in 2020.

Microsoft patents folding phone that transforms into a tablet

A Microsoft patent filing describing a foldable smartphone that can turn itself into a tablet has been uncovered. Although the company may not intend to build the device, it could provide hints into the future of Microsoft's mobile ambitions.

Ex-Microsoft employees claim jobs caused them to suffer from PTSD

Seattle - Two former employees of Microsoft launched a negligence lawsuit against the company claiming being required to view child pornography and violent images as part of their jobs caused them to suffer from PTSD. Microsoft denies the company was negligent.

Microsoft's Project NEON Windows 10 overhaul leaks to the world

The first screenshots of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10 UI overhaul, Project NEON, have been published online. The interface looks very different to the current release version, although it's meant to be an "incremental" upgrade that adds polish.

Microsoft Edge prepares to block Flash content by default

Microsoft Edge's next public release will disable all Flash media on webpages by default. You'll need to explicitly allow Flash content to play by clicking on a prompt before it starts running. Microsoft said it'll improve security and performance.

Microsoft previews the first Cortana-powered Amazon Echo rival

Microsoft has announced a new Amazon Echo rival based on its Cortana digital assistant. As part of an expansion of Cortana's capabilities, Microsoft has partnered with audio company Harman Kardon to create a smart speaker with the assistant built-in.

Windows computers knocked offline by broken update

Computer users have been left unable to connect to the Internet after an automatic Windows update broke a critical networking component. Microsoft confirmed some people have experienced "difficulties" since the routine patch was released.

'Disappointing' MacBook sees 'more and more' switch to Surface

Microsoft has claimed that "more and more" people are switching from Apple's MacBook to a Surface device. Surface has just had its most successful year yet on the back of new devices and strong appeal. Microsoft said sales are breaking records.

Microsoft hints at the Surface Phone with new Windows 10 for ARM

Microsoft has announced that the Windows 10 desktop can now run on the ARM-based processors used in mobile devices. The development hints at the emergence of a new class of devices capable of powering smartphone and desktop experiences.

Microsoft and Intel create a smarter Cortana and enhanced PCs

Microsoft has announced a partnership with Intel that will see the two companies collaborate to improve digital assistants, security, AI and mixed reality on Windows 10 PCs. Project Evo will create more capable future devices with enhanced functionality.

Microsoft thinks search boxes will disappear within ten years

Microsoft has published a list of major tech changes its researchers expect to see in the next ten years. They range from improved language translators and advances in deep learning to the prediction that traditional app search boxes will become obsolete.

Microsoft Home Hub uses your PC as a centre for the entire family

The success of Amazon's Echo and rival smart speakers and home automation hubs has created rumours that Microsoft is planning something similar. According to a new report, the company's actually creating something more ambitious, based on your current PC.

Nokia brand ready for smartphone comeback in 2017

Helsinki - Nokia, once the world's top mobile phone maker, will make a comeback on the smartphone market in the first half of 2017, the company and its licensee said Thursday.

Windows 10 getting a much-needed UI overhaul with Project NEON

Microsoft is planning a major visual overhaul of Windows 10 for launch in 2017, according to recent reports. The new design language will clean up Windows 10's current inconsistencies and introduce a more refined look based on animations and transitions.

Microsoft's Cortana now comes preinstalled on more Android phones

Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant is now preinstalled on some new phones from Xiaomi, expanding its availability on new Android handsets. Cortana is available as an app for all phones. The partnership with Xiaomi will help increase user adoption.

Xbox One game streaming to Oculus Rift lets you play games in VR

Microsoft has announced it will enable Xbox One game streaming to the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset in early December. Coming just in time for the holidays, it will let gamers experience console titles in a special virtual reality environment.

Microsoft now sharing Windows 10 telemetry data with third party

Microsoft has begun to share telemetry data collected from computers running Windows 10 with a third-party company, according to reports today. Security firm FireEye will have access to data from "every" Windows 10 device as part of a new partnership.

Satya Nadella: Microsoft building the 'ultimate mobile device'

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has again reaffirmed the company's commitment to developing smartphones. Unfazed by its market share dropping beneath 1 percent, Nadella said Microsoft is planning a revolutionary "ultimate mobile device."

Microsoft ready to start building scalable quantum computers

Microsoft has announced it is progressing from simply researching quantum computing to actually building machines that run on "qubits." Quantum computing could open up new avenues of scientific research by offering vastly greater performance.

Cortana now integrates with Wunderlist to manage your to-dos

Microsoft has announced its Cortana digital assistant can now create to-do lists. Coming in time for the busy holiday season, the feature also syncs with Wunderlist. It's the first time Microsoft has integrated the company's app into its products.

Microsoft quietly launches preview of Windows 10 'Office Hub'

Microsoft has launched a Windows Insider version of its new Office Hub feature coming with next year's Windows 10 Creators Update. The app provides a single place to view recent documents, monitor Office installs and check your subscription status.

Microsoft says Linux is no longer 'cancer,' joining Foundation

Microsoft has seemingly completed its transition to being a company that cares about open-source by joining the Linux Foundation as a Platinum member. The move would have been unthinkable for the famously closed company only a few years ago.

Users can now Skype without an account

Using Skype is going to be easier because you don't need a full account. Microsoft is now allowing people to use Skype's audio and video call features without an account.

Microsoft's Cheyenne data center to be powered by wind energy

Microsoft announced on Monday two new contracts for 237 megawatts of wind energy capacity, capable of running its Cheyenne, Wyoming data center entirely on wind power.

Smartphones 'strained' Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer's friendship

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discussed his decision to turn Microsoft into a hardware company in a recent interview. Ballmer said his smartphone push "strained" his relationship with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, causing them to "drift apart."

Xbox Holiday Update available now, brings new social features

Microsoft has announced the Xbox Holiday Update is available today across supported platforms. The social-themed release includes significant updates to the Xbox One and Xbox apps, including support for Clubs and improvements to Xbox's achievements.

Russia targets Microsoft in latest anti-trust probe

Moscow - Russia's antitrust authority on Thursday said it had opened an investigation into Microsoft for allegedly abusing its dominance in the antivirus software market.
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Microsoft s 84-inch Surface Hub
Microsoft's 84-inch Surface Hub
Windows 10 launch event in Japan.
Windows 10 launch event in Japan.
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Lenovo advertisement at the Consumer Electronics Show  2012.
Lenovo advertisement at the Consumer Electronics Show, 2012.
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Surface Pro 4 image from Microsoft s October 2015 Live Event.
Surface Pro 4 image from Microsoft's October 2015 Live Event.
Alcatel IDOL 4S
Alcatel IDOL 4S
More websites choose to drop support for Internet Explorer.
More websites choose to drop support for Internet Explorer.
Microsoft HoloLens demonstration at Build 2015
Microsoft HoloLens demonstration at Build 2015
Windows has integrated SkyDrive into its operating system.
Windows has integrated SkyDrive into its operating system.
Surface Pro 4 image from Microsoft s October 2015 Live Event.
Surface Pro 4 image from Microsoft's October 2015 Live Event.
Corporate Vice President  Windows Planning  Mike Angiulo demonstrates some of the hardware at the Wi...
Corporate Vice President, Windows Planning, Mike Angiulo demonstrates some of the hardware at the Windows 8 Consumer Preview event in Barcelona, Spain, February 29, 2012
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Screenshot of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316
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The  Get Windows 10  dialog is appearing in the system tray of Windows computers  prompting users to...
The "Get Windows 10" dialog is appearing in the system tray of Windows computers, prompting users to reserve their free upgrade
Surface Book at Microsoft s October 2015 #Windows10 devices event.
Surface Book at Microsoft's October 2015 #Windows10 devices event.
Microsoft October 2015 Live Event
Surface Pro 4 at Microsoft s October 2015 live event
Surface Pro 4 at Microsoft's October 2015 live event
A KYE employee in China working on a technology product
A KYE employee in China working on a technology product
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Microsoft Edge blocked Flash content override prompt
Microsoft Edge blocked Flash content override prompt
Skype for Linux
Skype for Linux
Microsoft Research  in collaboration with researchers at the University of Rochester  New York  and ...
Microsoft Research, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Rochester, New York, and the University of Southampton in the UK. developed a smart bra and an app to help prevent ‘emotional eating'
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