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Microchips News

Photonic microchips will process information like the human brain

Exeter - University of Exeter scientists have made an important step towards unlocking a mystery of computing: constructing microchips that can mimic the way the human brain works to store and process information.

U.S. Company offers to implant microchips in employees hands

The future is finally here — At least for one Wisconsin tech company. The company is offering to implant a rice-sized microchip in employees' hands that can be used to access the building, their computers and snacks in the employee break room.

Microchips designed to slow-release drugs over years

Medical technologists have developed an implantable device that can be placed at a specific body site to allow for the slow release of targeted medications.

Sonic microchips could monitor the body’s health

Scientists have an idea that involves planting tiny electronic devices deep inside the body in order to monitor health and deliver selective therapies to treat specific illnesses.

Op-Ed: Advance biometrics technology will change the world

The flexible microcircuit patch, designed by John Rogers and Todd Coleman, will replace electrodes and large monitors for measuring body and brain functions. This biological and electrical engineering combination will transform biometric capabilities.

Op-Ed: Computer chips could potentially cure physical paralysis

The scientific community has developed new ion-based electronic chip designed to control muscles. This new technology could potentially cure paralysis in the 21st century.

Op-Ed: Would you barcode your baby?

Another topic has arisen which has become the object of serious debate: microchip implants for human beings or ‘human barcoding’ as some would call it.

100 processors on a single chip? MIT genius says yes

Westborough - Anant Agarwal, the director of MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), has announced that he has successfully mounted 100 microprocessors on one chip.

Tennessee man finds lost dog in Michigan weeks after wife's death

Erin - Petey, a four-year-old Jack Russell terrier, is to be reunited with his owner today after disappearing from his home in Tennessee only to be found wandering in a suburban backyard in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Microchips mulled for HIV carriers in Indonesia's Papua

Lawmakers in Indonesia are thinking about use of chip implants in HIV carriers to monitor their behavior and keep them from infecting others. They think that extreme measures are needed to combat the virus.

Semiconductors to give BMW split personality

Sweet!... I wouldn't might having this convenience if I could afford one of the cars that is.. hehe

From the heater to the fridge: Chips to revolutionize the household

MUNICH (dpa) - Long before computers ever did, electronic chips and microprocessors marched slowly, almost imperceptibly, into households everywhere. Televisions, heaters, washing machines: there's hardly a device made nowadays which doesn't have them....

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