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Michael Andrew updates swimming fans via vlogs, kicks off 2019

World champion swimmer Michael Andrew has updated his fans and followers about his latest endeavors for 2019 via his YouTube channel.

Storm is now Hurricane Michael — More strengthening expected

Tropical Storm Michael has now been upgraded to a Category 1 Hurricane and is headed toward Florida. The storm is forecast to be a "dangerous major hurricane" when it smacks the US Gulf Coast on Wednesday, the National Hurricane Center said.

Ex-England star Michael Owen to launch own cryptocurrency

Fpo - Former Manchester United and Real Madrid striker Michael Owen is launching a cryptocurrency in his own name, joining other famous sportsmen including Manny Pacquiao in a new venture to connect with fans.

George Michael died of natural causes: British coroner

London - British pop icon George Michael who was found dead at his home on Christmas Day, died of natural causes, a coroner announced on Tuesday.

Post-mortem on pop icon George Michael 'inconclusive'

London - A post-mortem examination on the body of pop icon George Michael, who died on Christmas Day after a chart-topping career and years of drug-taking, has proved "inconclusive", police said on Friday.

2016 begins and ends with music deaths

New York - Pop superstar George Michael's death over the Christmas holidays caps one of the most tragic years in memory for the music world which mourned a steady stream of top names.

Madonna, Elton John lead tributes for George Michael

London - Madonna and Elton John led tributes from around the world for British pop star George Michael, who died at his home near London on Sunday aged 53."Farewell my Friend! Another Great Artist leaves us. Can 2016 Fuck Off NOW?

'Last Christmas': Tributes pour in as George Michael dies at 53

London - Tributes came from around the music world and tearful fans on Monday after British pop superstar George Michael, who rose to fame with a string of smash hits including "Last Christmas", died aged 53.

Op-Ed: Aunt loses suit against nephew, 12, over hug that broke her wrist

A woman who sued her nephew for allegedly breaking her wrist during an exuberant hug got exactly what she deserved. Nothing. It only took the jury 25 minutes to decide against Jennifer Connell, who was asking for $127,000 in damages against her nephew.

Martina McBride and The Bacon Brothers surprise hospital children

Nashville - Team Martina, Martina McBride's charitable organization, threw an impromptu, surprise party to critically ill children at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital in Nashville.

Video: Blog post 'I am Adam Lanza's Mother' goes viral

A blog post by Liza Long (not her real name), a mother of four children from Boise, Idaho, titled "I am Adam Lanza's Mother," in which she opens up, describing the challenges of raising her mentally disturbed son has gone viral online.

1,600 Michael Jackson fans collaborate on new music video

Michael Jackson died a couple years ago, but it is evident that his legacy still lives on and that people have not forgotten about him. Around 1,600 Jackson fans have come together to collaborate on a new music video.

Michael Jackson's kids to appear on Oprah

Chicago - Michael Jackson's parents and his three children will be appearing on an upcoming episode of the Oprah Winfrey show. The talk-show host also did an interview at the Jackson family home.

Michael Vartan is back for more HawthoRNe, but another Alias? Special

There's several changes happening in Michael Vartan's life, professionally and personally. He's back in the revamped Season Two of 'HawthoRNe' with star Jada Pinkett-Smith, and he recently became engaged. But is he ready to adopt his former 'Alias?'

RNC fire staffers over Bondage Club Bar Tab

West Hollywood - RNC Chairman Michael Steele fired RNC finance director Rob Bickhart and deputy finance director Debbie LeHardy, both of whom were tied to embarrassing payments made by the party committee including one FUNraiser at a bondage-themed bar in West Hollywood.

Michael Jackson's doctor charged with manslaughter

Los Angeles - Monday, the King of Pop's doctor, Conrad Murray, was charged with involuntary manslaughter. Murray's charges conclude the investigation into Jackson's death.

NFL: Michael Irvin Files $100 Million Countersuit

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin is being accused of rape in a civil suit filed Thursday and has filed a $100 million countersuit.

MJ's 'Thriller' to be preserved in U.S. film registry

Michael Jackson's iconic "Thriller" graveyard dance will be preserved in world's largest archive of film, TV, and sound.

Remains of U.S. Navy Pilot Found After 18 Years

The U.S. Department of Defense announced on Sunday that the remains of the first American shot down in Persian Gulf War have been positively identified, finally ending over 18 years of speculation regarding his whereabouts.

Idolatry of False Hero Jackson Upsets Family of True Fallen Hero

Michael Jackson gets non-stop media coverage befitting a national hero, while the true heroes; our fallen men and women in uniform, often return home and are laid to rest with little, if any appreciation or notice.

Google claims Michael Jackson died in 2007

Search giant Google displayed results to users in a blunder earlier this morning which claimed Michael Jackson died in 2007 instead of the real date of 25th June 2009.

Op-Ed: What Michael Jackson meant to me

While the media and entertainment worlds struggle to recap Michael Jackson's brilliant life in a blurb, many declaring him a bizarre mystery and choosing to dwell on his trials, his true fans know better.

Lost: Where has Michael been?

The science fiction TV program "Lost" is now in it's fourth season. A program that always leaves you wondering just what is going on. What is the meaning of an incident and most certainly what will happen the next week.

Michael Jackson Is Reportedly Hospitalized

But the Fox News reports were not true, a Jackson spokesperson confirmed.

Michael Douglas Wants to Kills His Wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, in Next Movie

The Fatal Attraction star, Michael Douglas, wants murder his real-life wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, in their next movie together. And forget any love scenes!

Michael to tour with Jackson 5

After meeting with Jermaine,Randy,Marlor,Tito,Jackie,Janet,and Rebbie in Las Vegas Michael agreed to do a comeback tour with Jackson 5

Michael Jordan Top 10 Dunks

Michael Jordan's Top 10 Dunks in NBA.

Michael Jordan 1997: 51pts Vs. Knicks, Van Gundy 'Con' Game

Van Gundy called Jordan a 'con' before the game, Jordan scores 51 points against the Knicks in revenge.

Cab Driver Locks Fare in Cab and Heads Towards Jail

Passenger hails cab for home but locked in cab and driven towards jail.

Michael Devlin Charged With Molesting Boys

Missouri man charged with molesting both boys.
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Michael Dutzer  Baltimore  MD  2010  Federal Hill  Street Beat
Michael Dutzer, Baltimore, MD, 2010, Federal Hill, Street Beat
Michael Dutzer s trip to Provincetown  MA
Michael Dutzer's trip to Provincetown, MA
Michael Dutzer  Baltimore  MD  2010  Federal Hill  Street Beat
Michael Dutzer, Baltimore, MD, 2010, Federal Hill, Street Beat
Michael Dutzer s trip to Provincetown  MA
Michael Dutzer's trip to Provincetown, MA
The impact from Hurricane Michael on Florida s timber industry will be felt for years.
The impact from Hurricane Michael on Florida's timber industry will be felt for years.
Florida Forestry Association
Michael Steele
Michael Steele
By locky267
Michael Dutzer  Baltimore  MD  2010  Federal Hill  Street Beat
Michael Dutzer, Baltimore, MD, 2010, Federal Hill, Street Beat
Michael Dutzer s trip to Provincetown  MA
Michael Dutzer's trip to Provincetown, MA
Michael Dutzer  Baltimore  MD  2010  Federal Hill  Street Beat
Michael Dutzer, Baltimore, MD, 2010, Federal Hill, Street Beat

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