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Methane News

Thousands of underground gas bubbles set to explode in Siberia

As many as 7,000 massive underground methane bubbles, formed by thawing permafrost are set to explode in Siberia. Such explosions, while releasing greenhouse gases, can create massive craters and poses a major safety risk to the local people.

NASA begins testing of greenhouse gases over eastern U.S.

Hampton - NASA wants to improve on our scientists understanding of the sources of two very powerful greenhouse gases and how they interact in the atmosphere.

How beavers are affecting the global climate

A new study has demonstrated the effect that the growing beaver population, in certain regions, is having on both habitat and methane gas emissions.

Australian river near fracking site bursts into flames

Chinchilla - In a protest against coal seam gas leaking into South West Queensland's Condamine River, NSW Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham headed to the river and hopped on a boat. Then he sparked a lighter a few inches above the water and the river burst into flames.

Is this a trick? Feds say pumpkins contribute to global warming

Did you know that those scary-looking jack-o-lanterns on people's front stoops are dangerous? The Energy Department says those carved pumpkins will come back to haunt us as they lay rotting on some landfill after they are thrown out after the holiday.

Op-Ed: Are you ready to choose the last generation?

All parents love their children. And every grandparent falls in love with their grandkids. Which generation are you willing to kill?

Changing temperatures could lead to awakening permafrost

Scientists are worried that as the Arctic warms through global warming, then the considerable quantity of carbon locked away in Arctic tundra will be transformed into greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and methane).

NASA aims to send submarine to explore seas on Titan

In one of the most awe-inspiring and audacious plans ever conceived by NASA, the space agency has unveiled a project to send a submarine to Saturn's moon, Titan, to explore its mysterious seas.

You and whose army? Beavers are changing the world

Saskatoon - Major conservation efforts have helped save beavers from extinction. Interestingly, this action has had consequences: an increase in the generation of methane gas.

NASA now says vast methane cloud over U.S. southwest is for real

A cloud of methane gas about the size of Delaware was detected over the Four Corners area of the American southwest years ago. The readings were so unusually high that NASA scientists dismissed them. A new study confirms the methane hotspot is real.

Clean hydrogen energy can allegedly be produced from methane

Rio De Janeiro - Researcher Fabio B. Noronha claims that he and his team with the National Institute of Technology may have found a way to convert methane into hydrogen energy.

Methane levels from Deepwater Horizon 'remain high'

Microbial activities in the Gulf of Mexico suggests that gas-rich deepwater plumes following the Deepwater Horizon oil well blowout overwhelmed methane-oxidizing bacterial species, leading to high concentrations of methane lasting for a very long time.

Fracking: Methane levels 1000 higher than EPA stats at some wells

West Lafayette - The furor over fracking took a further twist this week as levels of the greenhouse gas methane were found above drilling wells, in some cases, 1,000 times greater than previous Environmental Protection Agency estimates.

Low-methane kangaroo gas may be key to bovine emissions problem

Kangaroos and cows share a similar diet – mostly grasses and other vegetation. Yet, kangaroos give off a relatively low-methane gas whereas cows and other livestock are a major source of the greenhouse gas.

Breeding low methane emitting cattle

A new study is examining the possibilities of adapting cattle husbandry and the selection processes for cow breeding, to lower the greenhouse gas emissions produced when cows beak wind.

Making methane with bacteria

Scientists have looked at how bacteria work together to anaerobically digest biomass to produce methane gas, which is important in bioenergy and could be linked to the new generation of biofuels.

Op-Ed: Yoko Ono & 'Artists Against Fracking' visit Pennsylvania

Yoko Ono and her son, Sean Lennon, started a petition against fracking in New York. They were then invited to visit communities in Pennsylvania to see the actual impacts and effects of fracking, up close and personal.

The Big Thaw: Permafrost thaw to cause significant Global Warming

Thawing of permafrost is expected to cause significant additional global warming, not yet accounted for in climate predictions, warn scientists attached to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in a report released this week..

Curiosity sniffs the Martian air but no clues yet to life on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover sampled the air on Mars this week. At a teleconference on November 2, NASA announced Curiosity had not found any evidence of methane, which is often a sign of life, in the Martian atmosphere.

Vast stores of greenhouse gas locked within the Antarctic

New research suggests that large volumes of greenhouse gases, like methane, are locked beneath the ice-covered regions of the Antarctic.

Methane from fracking contaminates Pennsylvania water supplies

Dangerous levels of methane have appeared in water supplies in Leroy Township, Pennsylvania. The appearance of the gas appears to be the result of fracking activities, leading to a fine being levelled on the well operator Chesapeake Energy.

Dino flatulence may have had effect on climate, study suggests

A study conducted by the journal Current Biology suggests that dinosaur flatulence may have been a source of global warming.

Dino flatulence may have had effect on climate, study suggests

A study conducted by the journal Current Biology suggests that dinosaur flatulence may have been a source of global warming.

Study shows frack wells cause methane-contaminated drinking water

Durham - A new scientific study has, for the first time, found a pattern linking hydraulic fracturing and natural gas drilling with methane contamination of drinking water, with some contamination levels so high that faucet taps can be set on fire.

Upper Big Branch Mine coal disaster rescuers were ‘expendable’

Charleston - Last year's Upper Big Branch coal mine disaster, claiming the lives of 29 workers, also put at risk federal rescue teams who began their search for potential survivors hours after the blast without backup rescue teams in place, pressured by Massey Energy.

Study: Shale gas by fracking more dangerous than conventional gas

Ithaca - A new study released this week reveals that shale gas, the product of a highly controversial extraction method called hydraulic fracturing, brings with it a greater greenhouse gas impact than conventional oil, gas, and coal over a 20-year period.

Saturn transitions into spring weather; Titan rains methane

Pasadena - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Cassini spacecraft garnered photos of Saturn's largest satellite, Titan, changing seasons. The images captured darkened clouds raining methane on its equatorial deserts.

Freshwater bodies are a larger source of methane than expected

According to a recent international study, lakes, rivers and other freshwater bodies emit unexpected amounts of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Indirectly, this could impact the expected effects of reforestation programs to fight climate change.

Spicing up bovine diet could reduce greenhouse gases

Adding a touch of curry to the feed of cows and sheep may cut their methane emissions by as much as 40 percent, according to a new study from the UK.

Permafrost and Methane Could Be A Force In Climate Change

Each time a bubble breaks through are we at a greater risk? Those bubbles are coming from the the Arctic Circle and the risk is methane. Methane at a rate that could speed up climate change across the globe.
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Methane Image

Methane can also be trapped in other forms  as with the bubbles here.
Methane can also be trapped in other forms, as with the bubbles here.
U.S. Geological Survey
Warming permafrost softens coastlines  making it more vulnerable to wave action and promoting erosio...
Warming permafrost softens coastlines, making it more vulnerable to wave action and promoting erosion along the Arctic coast of Alaska. A large block of ice-rich permafrost has detached from the mainland and will quickly disintegrate (photo: Christopher Arp).
United Nations Environment Programme
Loss of the polar ice  the Earth s shield in protecting the planet from excessive warming is happeni...
Loss of the polar ice, the Earth's shield in protecting the planet from excessive warming is happening now.
Porter Ranch residents don t want to hear that it s going to take several more months to fix a metha...
Porter Ranch residents don't want to hear that it's going to take several more months to fix a methane leak that has already raged on for seven weeks.
CBS Los Angeles
The ExoMars Orbiter will be inserted into an elliptical orbit around Mars and then sweep through the...
The ExoMars Orbiter will be inserted into an elliptical orbit around Mars and then sweep through the atmosphere to finally settle into a circular, approximately 400-km altitude orbit ready to conduct its scientific mission.
ESA/ATG medialab

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