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Meteor News

Scientists mine 'star scar' to unlock space secrets

Rochechouart - Since early September, the denizens of this normally hushed burg in central France have been serenaded by an industrial drill poking holes around town and pulling up cylinders of rock.

U.S. Navy admits bright light over California was missile test

Santa Ana - That unexplained moving object that lit up the sky Saturday from Southern California to Northern California was no UFO — U.S. Navy officials have identified it as Trident missile test-fired by a submarine off the coast.

NASA cameras catch fireball

NASA cameras caught a massive fireball that erupted over Pittsburgh at 4:45 a.m. on Tuesday, February 17, 2015. The fireball could be clearly seen from areas of New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Mysterious lights in West Coast sky likely from meteor

Oakland - Mysterious lights streaking across the sky in Northern and Southern California early Friday were most likely caused by a meteor burning up in the atmosphere.

We may see a meteor shower this week

We may have a new meteor shower this week. It will be something that we have never seen before if we get to see it at all. Scientists do not even know if it will occur at all.

Space rock craze hits South Korea after meteor shower

Seoul - A corner of South Korea is in the grip of a frenzied hunt for valuable space souvenirs, following a rare meteor shower there last week.Hundreds of people have been scouring hills and rice paddies for meteorites near the southeastern city of Jinju after...

Southern California sky lights up with reported fireball

What was that light? From San Diego to Santa Barbara Southern Californians have reported a fireball. Forecasters believe what they saw was probably a meteor that streaked across the sky.

Possible meteorite lights up the sky in the Canary Islands, Spain

Twitter went a little wild at 10:35pm local time on Sunday in the north of the Canary Islands, as witnesses reported a light streaking across the sky, "as bright as if it was daytime."

Fireball lights the sky over concert in Salta, Argentina (video)

Salta - As the folk music band "Los Tekis" performed at an outdoor venue, a suspected meteor lit up the night sky early on Sunday in Salta, Argentina. Just as they finished their song, the sky lit up like day.

Watch out, the sky is falling, the sky is falling

An asteroid barely missed Earth as it passed by Saturday afternoon. NASA admits they did not see this one headed straight towards Earth.

Space Agency officials plan to slam a spaceship into an asteroid

It was announced in a joint effort U.S. and European Space Agencies are planning to slam a spaceship into the asteroid Didymos.

Another massive green meteor fireball blazes over California

Hundreds of Californians reported seeing a bright light streak across the sky late Thursday. Authorities believe the sighting was a meteor. The incident comes a week after a sighting over the Bay Area , California releases footage of Russian Meteor from Space

Footage and actual tracking of the meteorite that impacted earth on February 15, 2013 is released. Click the link at the bottom of the page.

Op-Ed: The sky is falling! The sky is falling?

San Francisco - A whirlwind of chaos spawned by the Russian Meteor hit causes conspiracy theories and rumors to spread worldwide.. One thing is for sure, the sky is falling.

UPDATE: Fireball seen streaking across northern California sky

San Francisco - Less than 24 hours after meteorites crashed into two cities in northern Russia, residents of several northern California communities reported a "fireball" streaking across the sky.

UPDATE: 1200 injured as meteors hit parts of Russia (Video)

Chelyabinsk - Massive meteor fragments began raining out of the sky over parts of northeast Russia, damaging infrastructure in one city and injuring hundreds.

Meteorite crashed across Chelyabinsk region of Russia (videos)

Chelyabinsk - Witnesses in Russia's Urals region panicked when a series of explosions and bright flashes hit the sky. Initial reports said a meteorite may have been blown to pieces by a missile, but this is not the case. More than 1,000 people have been injured.

Watch live streaming video of Leonid meteor shower

If you enjoy gazing into the night sky, you are in for a special treat as the the Leonid meteor shower reached its peak tonight and into Saturday morning.

Suspected meteor shower spotted across UK skies

A suspected meteor shower was spotted in the skies of the United Kingdom. People from all over the UK said that they witnessed what they believed to be a meteor shower.

Meteor fireball causes explosion in California and Nevada

Parts of Nevada and California experienced an explosion on Sunday morning associated with a meteor. The explosion occurred around 8 a.m., rattling windows and shaking houses from Reno to Winnemucca in Nevada, Sacremento to Bakersfield in California.

Moonlit meteor shower visible this week, stargazer enthused Special

Charleston - A spectacular stream of meteors believed to be leftovers from Halley's Comet is expected to streak across the skies this week, but a full harvest moon will compete for attention and may obstruct some of the view. Be sure to take in this light show.

Perseid meteor shower to put on spectacular show this week

Nature will be putting on a spectacular show this month, when the Perseid meteor shower takes place. This year’s show could be especially impressive because of almost perfect viewing conditions.

View meteors, fireballs now through Thursday

Astronomists are gearing up for the annual Perseid meteor show. Be sure to stay up and look up! This year is expected to be especially exciting as early (June) reports indicated as many as one every two minutes.

Russia: Meteor that struck Peru may be an American Spy Satellite

Russian military intelligence analysts are claiming the meteor that struck Peru recently may not be a meteor but rather an US Spy Satellite, KH-13. The nuclear radiation leak after the crash may have caused illness to nearby villagers.

Giant Meteor Heading Toward Earth Covered in Germs

Giant planet-splitting meteor hurtling toward Earth may be covered in germs just like your cell phone...that's scary stuff!

Big meteor shower Wednesday night

The Geminid event is known for producing one or two meteors every minute during the peak for viewers with dark skies willing to brave chilly nights.

Fiery green intruder from space alarms Australians

Residents of the states of South Australia and Victoria Monday night deluged police and media with accounts of a green-coloured fireball hurtling westward through the evening sky.

The 2006 Leonid Meteor Shower: A Viewer's Guide

Go outside tonight and see the best meteor show of the year!

Tiny shooting stars to brighten the sky tonight

Step away from your computer and go outside!

More Than a Meteor Likely Killed Dinosaurs 65 Million Years Ago

I'm sure if Fred Flintstone was still around he'd be glad to hear what actually happened to his best friend "Dino"...

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Meteor Image

Meteor streaks over California  21 February
Meteor streaks over California, 21 February
Photo shows trees felled by the Tunguska meteor
Photo shows trees felled by the Tunguska meteor
Leonid Kulik Expedition
1955 Meteor Montcalm
1955 Meteor Montcalm
A Geminid meteor streaks over a Joshua Tree: Scientists are discovering that genetic building blocks...
A Geminid meteor streaks over a Joshua Tree: Scientists are discovering that genetic building blocks rode to earth on meteorites, pieces of meteors that survived the fiery tumble.
Henry Lee (evosia)/
A flash in the sky over a concert in Salta  Argentina could be a meteorite.
A flash in the sky over a concert in Salta, Argentina could be a meteorite.
Meteor shower
Meteor shower
NASA/Wikimedia Commons
A real meteor breaking up
A real meteor breaking up
A Meteor fragment crashes into a Russian city.
A Meteor fragment crashes into a Russian city.
Screen Capture
UFO crashes over southern California
UFO crashes over southern California

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