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Metal News

Lawmakers push to block Chinese takeover of US aluminum firm

Washington - A group of US senators called on the government to block the Chinese metals giant Zhongwang's takeover of a US aluminum processor for the auto and aerospace industries.

Review: Black Sabbath farewell tour show at Jones Beach is a celebration Special

Wantagh - On Aug. 17, iconic heavy metal band Black Sabbath performed at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater on Long Island, as part of their farewell tour, for a venue that was completely sold out.

Review: The Soft Shades explore different moods on 'Keeper of the Groove'

Formed in 2011, The Soft Shades is an ambitious prog rock/metal instrumental project - the brainchild of Ukrainian musician Dmitry Gubsky. 'Keeper of the Grove' is their debut album.

Metallica sells out Minneapolis stadium in less than 10 minutes

Minneapolis - Acclaimed band Metallica announced its headlining concert at Minneapolis' brand new U.S. Bank Stadium, and it is already sold out.

Acquittals over Hungary toxic spill spark outrage

Veszpr - Victims of Hungary's worst ever toxic spill, which killed 10 people and injured 150 in 2010, voiced outrage after the boss of the alumina plant that caused the disaster was cleared of any wrongdoing on Thursday.

Nanotechnology creates new, super strong magnesium

Scientists have invented a new, super-strong and structurally light metal that possess extremely high specific strength.

Review: Dumb but sometimes amusing ‘Rock & Roll Christmas’ opens in T.O. Special

Toronto - “Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale” sounds like an absurd parody TV special from “The Simpsons” or “SCTV”. In fact, it kept reminding me of the old “KISS Saves Santa” bit from “Family Guy.” In 2015, life imitates silly art.

Watch what you take home, warning about kids and lead risks

Washington - These days greater controls are in place about the risks of lead exposure, especially with children, but risks still exist — especially with items brought home from the workplace and when kids get hold of them.

iPhone 7 may ditch the plastic antenna strips

A new patent granted to Apple suggests that it may have solved the issue of the plastic antenna strips on the iPhone 6, making the unsightly bands across the metal chassis a thing of the past on the upcoming iPhone 7 while maintaining signal strength.

Unused mobile phones are wasting £100 million of gold says report

A study has found that over £100 million worth of gold is being wasted inside unused or broken mobile phones in the UK alone. It suggests that mobile operators should be doing much more to encourage the recycling of old devices.

Shifting through sewage to get valuable metals

Sewage, one of the most unpleasant waste products, may contain valuable metals. While not exactly worth its weight in gold, scientists are looking at ways of extracting key elements from the sludge.

Review: Intocircuit Power Bank Pcastle 26,000

The Intocircuit Power Bank Pcastle 26,000 is a massive portable power bank that can charge pretty much anything including phones, tablets and even laptops. With USB and DC out in various voltages, the Pcastle is the power bank for the heaviest of users.

Husband ordered out of house by wife finds huge gold nugget

An Australian man who was ordered to "get out of the house" by his wife after becoming grumpy and stroppy has found a large nugget of gold hidden a few centimetres into the earth.

Chocolate candies found to have unsafe levels of metal

San Fransisco - Independent testing has found 62 percent of chocolate products contain levels of lead or cadmium at a level that violates California’s proposition 65 law.

Legendary metal of Atlantis found in Sicilian shipwreck

The legendary metal of Atlantis, orichalcum, has been found in a 2,600-year-old shipwreck off the coast of Sicily. Discovered near the shore in shallow water, it appears that the boat sank in a storm before it could dock at the ancient port of Gela.

Review: Black Veil Brides release fourth studio album

L.A. metal rockers, Black Veil Brides released their much anticipated fourth studio album today. Self-titled, 'Black Veil Brides' wears the Lava/Repbublic label and is produced by Bob Rock (Metallica, Motley Crue).

Black Veil Brides release new single

With their fourth studio album dropping on October 28, Black Veil Brides released its first single this week, "Hearts Of Fire". The music video premiered on Vevo, October 6.

Protecting plants from toxins

Lisbon - Zinc is essential for plant growth and development, but if too much of the metal are present in the soil, it can become toxic to the plant. Researchers have discovered a novel genetic mechanism that protects plants from toxic zinc levels.

Alcoa reports loss as it shutters capacity

New York - Aluminum giant Alcoa Tuesday reported a quarterly loss due to heavy restructuring expenses after it shut smelters and rolling mills in response to low aluminum prices.

Copper hits near 4-year bottom over China slowdown fears

London - Copper prices hit Tuesday their lowest in nearly four years on the London Metals Exchange over fears of a slowdown in growth in China, the world's top consumer of industrial metals.The price of a tonne of copper hit $6,469.75 at 1700 GMT, its lowest le...

Activists criticise EU 'blood metals' initiative

Brussels - Human rights activists on Wednesday said European efforts to stop the trade in so-called "blood metals" were a "step backwards" that would not prevent profits from minerals being used to fund conflicts.

Apple watches for conflict metal in supply chain

San Francisco - Apple on Thursday said it has verified that an essential metal used in its mobile devices is not coming from sources that help finance violent groups in Africa.The California-based maker of iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Macintosh computers said it confirm...

Mining giant Glencore Xstrata says copper output rises 26%

Z - Mining giant Glencore Xstrata said on Tuesday that its copper production rose by 26 percent in 2013 from output the previous year, reaching 1.5 million tonnes.Copper is a key measure of the health of the commodities sector, and the Swiss-based group sa...

Glencore Xstrata 'to pull out' of Philippine mining project

Manila - Swiss mining giant Glencore Xstrata is expected to pull out of a $5.9 billion gold-copper mining project in the Philippines, its Australian partner Indophil said.

Montenegro launches tender for bankrupt aluminium plant

Podgorica - Montenegro on Saturday launched a tender to sell the partially state-owned KAP aluminium plant, its biggest industrial employer, which has been declared bankrupt, an official said.

Indonesia mineral row heightens business uncertainty

Jakarta - A drawn-out row between the Indonesian government and the mining industry over a mineral export ban has added to growing uncertainty in Southeast Asia's top economy ahead of elections, observers warn.

Indonesia eases mineral export ban after opposition

Bogor - Indonesia's president signed off on a controversial mineral ore export ban Saturday after an 11th-hour easing of the policy following opposition from miners and warnings it would hit state coffers, cabinet ministers said.

High tungsten levels double stroke risk

High levels of tungsten in the body could double the risk of suffering a stroke, a new study suggests. The concern is with tungsten released into the environment.

Bacteria can reveal ‘rare earth’ metals

Certain bacteria require rare earth metals to grow. Detecting these bacteria can offer clues as to where rare earth metals are located.

Op-Ed: Nature versus stone — Break on through to the other side

While I'm aware that today's world can no longer function without the infrastructure made of concrete, stone, metal - there's always a tiny leap of joy that makes me reach for the camera when I see nature breaking through stone -- against all odds.
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Metal Image

 Peak   2010. Tin and copper wire. Three sections  113 of 140 sheets (each sheet measures 62 x 112 i...
"Peak", 2010. Tin and copper wire. Three sections, 113 of 140 sheets (each sheet measures 62 x 112 in.) Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, NY.
A new quest for a Holy Grail?
A new quest for a Holy Grail?
The band Avenged Sevenfold
The band Avenged Sevenfold
 Debris de Nuit   by Anne Elizabeth Calabrese  was created with oil pastels on scrap metal.
"Debris de Nuit", by Anne Elizabeth Calabrese, was created with oil pastels on scrap metal.
El Anatsui   Gravity and Grace   2010. Aluminum and copper wire  145 5/8 x 441 in. (369.9 x 1120.1 c...
El Anatsui, "Gravity and Grace", 2010. Aluminum and copper wire, 145 5/8 x 441 in. (369.9 x 1120.1 cm). Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York. Photograph by Andrew McAllister, courtesy of the Akron Art Museum.
Andrew McAllister
Gallium metal melts in your hand
Gallium metal melts in your hand
Heavy metal band Megadeth
Heavy metal band Megadeth
Megadeth's official Facebook page
Detail from  Amemo (Mask of Humankind)   2010. Aluminum and copper wire  208 5/8 x 161 3/8 in. (vari...
Detail from "Amemo (Mask of Humankind)", 2010. Aluminum and copper wire, 208 5/8 x 161 3/8 in. (variable) Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, NY.
 Motley Crowd   1998/2010. Wooden relief with metal 24 3/8 x 24 3⁄4 x 2 3/8 in. Twelve pieces. Cou...
"Motley Crowd", 1998/2010. Wooden relief with metal 24 3/8 x 24 3⁄4 x 2 3/8 in. Twelve pieces. Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, NY.
Detail from  Peak   2010. Tin and copper wire. Three sections  113 of 140 sheets (each sheet measure...
Detail from "Peak", 2010. Tin and copper wire. Three sections, 113 of 140 sheets (each sheet measures 62 x 112 in.) Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, NY.
Twisted metal from Cincinnati tornado blown 30 miles where it landed in Bentonville  Ark.
Twisted metal from Cincinnati tornado blown 30 miles where it landed in Bentonville, Ark.
Courtesy of Brenda Crabtree Wyatt
Copper metal  used as an antimicrobial substance
Copper metal, used as an antimicrobial substance
Tim Sandle

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